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[Shooting / FPS] Resident Evil 1 Spin off - 4 Player Co op Dungeon

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Aug 11, 2016
Been thinking a lot recently about this map idea.

General Plot:
4 Players co-op where you play as a squad of 4 marines. You can pick your class at the start, as well as specifications like weapon, gear, attributes, etc.

You are on a mission to clear a laboratory that (like in the movie Resident Evil) has been cleared for a purge by the military due to a biological outbreak.

Bit of the opening story: You arrive via truck to the from door of the laboratory top floor (ground floor, it goes down underground) You pick your class during this truck ride and then when the players are ready you start the game. The truck gets a flat tire and you have to walk the rest of the road at night (not too far) nothing attacks you but there are some jump scares and a horror atmosphere. You arrive to the front door and the NPC squad (squad 2 maybe) go inside with you. You enter the ground floor, demolished, no hostiles are on this floor, just bodies of scientists/security/staff littered about from an attempt to leave. You get to an elevator.

Part one - engagement: The NPC team has a computer scientist who is attempting to unlock a door/elevator through its console. This begins a timed firefight where you have to hold out for 2 or so minutes against low level infected hostiles, with maybe one strong infected hostile foreshadowing that something is really wrong down there. You hold off then enter the elevator but with casualties... Most of the NPC team are dead except for the Computer Scientist who is fatally bleeding out once you get in. He hands you the mission objective as well as a letter to his family before bleeding to his death.

Next parts include but are not limited to:
-Clearing floors as you descend into the labs core research and development floor.
-Unique scripted boss fights with mutants. Example like on floor 2 there is an infected beast and the fight involves you distracting the animal in various ways to kite it around or else its raw attacks will take you down with ease. You have to find ways to slow it down while still dealing damage to it. Throwing maybe some kind of body to grab its attention for a few seconds while you get some dps out.
Add: Another boss fight may be an abomination that you fight with fight or have to kite it into traps to defeat it.
In other words - Each boss has a unique way of being defeated by your squad. Some may be invulnerable unless X has happened to it. Some may be fast. You get the idea.
-Lights going out with no vision but you have a small sight radius and you have to work your way through a maze of hallways.
-Objectives like saving civilians and bringing them to places.
-Clearing out certain areas to restore power.
-Sewer/Drainage system level. Who isnt spooked by that stuff.

Some sort of ending would be that you kill the final boss (what ever it may be) and then set charges on your way out while in what seems to be an endless firefight then you blow the lab, followed by a cut scene of one or two infected getting out and maybe spreading (kind of like in the movie).

All in all the basis of this map is a Co-op dungeon horror game with firefights and different difficulty levels to make things interesting.

To Consider:
-save/load ranks?
-different difficulties different bosses/new bosses.

My battle net is "Mar." on all servers but I usually play on Azzeroth.

Please comment and leave your feedback.

I can't do this map on my own, I'm looking for others who would be committed to a project like this. I'm assuming it may take 1-2 months for a polished version, maybe 2 weeks for a beta available to the public.
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