1. BatDominion1996

    [Campaign] Campaign Idea Workshop by BatDominion1996

    Initially, I simply wanted to make a brief list for my campaign ideas and concepts on my profile page, but due to character limit I was not able to publish it, so I decided to make a thread in the Idea Factory forum section. Might update it from time to time if I have a desire to, but no...
  2. sabacdave

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  3. Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

    Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

  4. Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Saturna Lyona

    Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Saturna Lyona

  5. Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Adaera Lyona

    Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Adaera Lyona

  6. Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

    Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

  7. Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

    Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

  8. Charadise

    [SD/Modeling] In need of a flagbearer model

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of making a Human campaign, and one of the units I'd like to make for the faction would be a flagbearer. I haven't found any models of a unit bearing a flag or a banner on the workshop, all I'd need would be a human footman bearing a flag with no sword or maybe a...
  9. Ace Madonna

    [Campaign] Detached Tales: The Grim Prophecy

  10. sabacdave

    [SD/Modeling] [Nondescript]

  11. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] More Murlocs (Reforged)

    Hello! I've been brainstorming some ideas about a Murloc campaign for Reforged but I can't seem to find any good models for that. At the moment I'm gonna keep hush shush about the project but maybe you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking with the following suggestions: In general more Murloc...
  12. Poorman Highway & Slum Doodads

    Poorman Highway & Slum Doodads

    Another view to Poormana Highway and other buildings, that serve to locals as their home. Long time ago Kingdom promised to rebuild "Slum" district into something more "prosperous", but seems nothing has changed at all.
  13. WIP: Silithid Rogue Lair

    WIP: Silithid Rogue Lair

    Note: that doesn't related to player rogue class.
  14. Ashen Cave Enterance

    Ashen Cave Enterance

    Under Ahn'Qiraj, there a lot of different connected or not cavern systems, where treasures could be found. Most of them are sacked by other adventures, some of them could still contain hideouts and secrets. But will you be brave enough to travel deep inside and uncover those mysteries?
  15. Poorman Highway

    Poorman Highway

    Well, at least noone remember why this place is called "highway". DIfferent legends are told: from about one of many poors, who settled here as refugee from Troll War, up to path to "Spiritual Salvation".
  16. Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj "Slum District" from above #2

    Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj "Slum District" from above #2

    Another view to one of 3 different playable Ahn'Qiraj maps. You can notice some changes from last "birdsight" screenshot, but nothing particular at all. Main context is still ahead!
  17. Warseeker

    [Campaign] Garithos Campaign 2

    Garithos returns in Garithos Campaign 2 ten years after purging the lesser races from Azeroth. Features: 10 playable maps and 4 cutscenes. 2 different endings. Variable difficulty. Story: Ten years have passed since the fall of the Lich King, and humanity reigned over Azeroth ever since...
  18. WIP: Whole "Slum" District Map from above

    WIP: Whole "Slum" District Map from above

  19. WIP: "Slum" District Enterance

    WIP: "Slum" District Enterance

    Nothing to told about, whole area is HUGE WIP.
  20. WIP: Evergrown Tower

    WIP: Evergrown Tower

    Somehow hidden from main city, this tower was used for sacrifices during Black Empire, then as scout post on TItan Reorganization times, and now it sealed for good. ...Or not?
  21. WIP: "Slum" District Area #1

    WIP: "Slum" District Area #1

    Name is TEMP, but inside here and in areas nearby Xorrax will meet some unusual characters, depending on his class.
  22. Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj From Bird Sight

    Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj From Bird Sight

    Current view of main map - most things are finished, but dozens of smaller details remain to be done!
  23. WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #2

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #2

  24. WIP: Az'Aqir City Stockade

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Stockade

    In this graveyard-based building a deep underground is hidden - filled with bandits, traitors, mercenaries and other crime, somehow an bandit uprising started! Guards are trying to hold them inside stockade, but if noone manages to help them - city will be pillaged by furious bandits!
  25. WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #1

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #1

  26. WIP: Vekniss Temporary Refuge & Az'Aqir Temple Enterance

    WIP: Vekniss Temporary Refuge & Az'Aqir Temple Enterance

    Slime-covered temporary silithid lair, due to Tolvir Slave Insurrection inside their Hive, from left of them - enterance to Az'Aqir Temple. And I want to replace those ramps :B
  27. WIP: Northern Main Enterance

    WIP: Northern Main Enterance

    Due to lasting war, main enterance to Az'Aqir City from outside Silithus is militarized: in future, Xorrax will encount alot of warriors and officers here, also some smugglers also. Currently it doesn't completed, because I want to add more millitaristic atmosphere to this place.
  28. WIP: Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj City Map State

    WIP: Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj City Map State

    Image about current state of main map. Mostly left map part is finished, but alot of work still ahead!
  29. WIP #2: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    WIP #2: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    Another WIP for Great Tree - Aggdrassil. Locals tried to create special relax zone for themselfs, even nature around it has died. Player will see Aggdrassil Sprouts in other parts of Az'Aqir City...
  30. Trade - Old Town Border

    Trade - Old Town Border

    Trade & Old Town are divided by ridge, so Kingdom decided to re-use those sacrficing towers as borderline betwheen districts. Player will be free to cross this border without any fee: by his own foot or by taxi.
  31. WIP: Smoldering Cave Enterance

    WIP: Smoldering Cave Enterance

    ...To enter Cave, you need to open door. I'll open door. To open door, you need a key. But I don't have key!
  32. WIP: Warrior Statue

    WIP: Warrior Statue

    Unnamed warrior statue. Currently just holds place, I'll re-create this place into something else. Maybe.
  33. WIP: Az'Attur Square

    WIP: Az'Attur Square

    WIP of bazzar & square, where player will see gatherings and other sorts of encounters.
  34. WIP: Vekniss Wasp Lair

    WIP: Vekniss Wasp Lair

  35. WIP: Az'Aqir Vault

    WIP: Az'Aqir Vault

    WIP of enterance to one of many dungeons in Act 2. Initially locked, but player will be able to reach it by different ways. It wouldn't be an easy trip…
  36. WIP: Az'Attur Main Square near Warrior Statue

    WIP: Az'Attur Main Square near Warrior Statue

    Statue is temp, but on square behind it player will see some protests or other storyline-related features. And here player will see strange qiraj with slime pet.
  37. WIP: Borderguard Post & Statues of Glory

    WIP: Borderguard Post & Statues of Glory

    WIP of place where you will find temporary caravaneers stands, their queue and busy borderguards. Each caravaneer, maybe, will able to sell something to Xorrax.
  38. WIP: "Scarab Small Lair"

    WIP: "Scarab Small Lair"

    Name is still WIP, place is still WIP, but idea next: Scarabs are local roma people, and their lifestyle as wandering or isolating from others. Kingdom have an controverse relations with them, but they can help Xorrax in some deeds...
  39. WIP : Bazzar of Trade District

    WIP : Bazzar of Trade District

    Mostly of Trade District will be eternal markets started near qiraj houses and silithid small clusters, because mainly like that all city live blooms.
  40. WIP: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    WIP: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    WIP image of withered Great Tree - Aggdrassil. Created to strenght God of Chaos prison, now a shell of former self. But what kind of power lurks under its roots?
  41. WIP: "Al'Andus Bazzar"

    WIP: "Al'Andus Bazzar"

    WIP of small location named "Al'Andus Bazzar", where Xorrax will start his adventures in Act 2.
  42. WIP: Southeast Enterance

    WIP: Southeast Enterance

    Here Xorrax will start his new adventure in city, at first meeting worried caraveenrs and busy borderguards.
  43. KingsNJenssons

    [JASS] Trying to figure out how to make a basic AI

    ok so im trying to learn Campaign ai as i wanna make my own campaign. So i took this template script and edited some what to try and have them attack the player who would be purple team. (reason why their all 60 seconds is for testing) all they do is just send preplace units for the attack...
  44. Blahblah_Blagar

    [Campaign] The Aftermath

    NOTE: I really don't want to publish any of this until it's finished, but I've nearly lost all of my files from my hard drive and this is the best way to keep them safe. Most of these missions aren't meant to be playable yet, rather they are templates for me to work on til they are, so expect a...
  45. master Gul'dan

    [Trigger] Need map tester

    Hi friends, I need testers to test my new map to find its problems. It isn't complate version. Also, if anyone would like to help me in making ai for it please send message for me.
  46. Evilhog

    An RPG Campaign inspired by Golden Axe

    I've been musing over this idea for quite some time and, finally, I decided to try my hand at making a single player campaign inspired by one of my favorite games of all time: Sega's Golden Axe. For those, who never spent a coin in the arcade or didn't play the game on the Genesis/PC/any other...
  47. Evilhog

    UED First Light - a fully voiced SC2 custom campaign

    Guys, UED First Light Missions 1-11 have been released! Instructions and downloads available here: N.B.! Before you download and play this, be sure to play the prologue mission "Routhe" available on SC2 Arcade. Trailer:
  48. Ian The Red

    [SD/Modeling] Unit Variants for a Founding of Durotar fan project

    Howdy! Been working on-and-off on a sort of "sprucing up" of the campaign "The Founding of Durotar" that I may actually release publicly if the custom campaign feature ever comes back. The basic gist of the "sprucing up" is that I noticed a severe lack of model variety in the campaign which very...
  49. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] [Zerg Campaign] - Hatchery/Larva crash on certain terrain?

    Hi. I've noticed a reproducible crash in my Zerg Campaign. I've been able to get it to occur consistently in Chapter Four, if the player expands to the center of the map, where Maiev starts. After fiddling with it, the source seems to be my modified Blizzard.j, in the function called...
  50. TheRedneckRebel

    [HD/Misc] Map Request: Undead Campaign 3 4 and 5 merged into one map

    I am requesting any and all related undead campaign maps based on silvermoon and quel'thalas be merged into one big playable map as these particular parts of the campaign are very sentimental to me from back when I was a mere boy. The entire playable map needs the following: Units Doodads...