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  1. DC1.26a

    How to play Beyond the Dark Portal campaign in Warcraft 3 Classic (pre 1.30)

    1. Download Helldoom's Beyond the dark Portal Campaign: Beyond the Dark Portal Human Campaign Beyond the Dark Portal Orc campaign 2. Download the tool MapAdapter, MPQ editor and List files for MPQ: Map Adapter MPQ editor List Files 3. In the link of Map Adapter download the version 1.1.6 and...
  2. Rilu2997

    1.33 Custom Campaign

    Hello! Does it happen for anyone to have the 1.33 campaign files? I've bought Reforged when it was released and it's the first time playing it. I didn't have the chance to play the 1.33 updated version when it was available. Thanks a lot!
  3. MrHobby53

    A Warcraft 3 campaign akin to Starcraft 2/ Co-op

    Hello! I finished playing Starcraft 2 campaigns a few weeks ago. I was very impressed by the way they made them special which was, having a unit selection based on factions you meet and become allies with, as well as being able to permanently or just for a mission to upgrade units in a specific...
  4. KhalJyanoz

    [Campaign] Necrosi Chronicles: A D&D-inspired Warcraft 3-style saga

    Hello, everyone, I've long been lurking around HIVE and played a great many custom campaigns, eager to make my own project to share with the community. After over a decade and a half of trial and error, I have finally locked in my master plan of a project and wish to share the initial prototypes...
  5. Darkcranio

    Possible Reforged campaign menu screen restoration [need help]

    So I discovered in reforge the campaign screens are stored in .webm formats, I already tried to change them and it works, a custom video can be played in the menus. Can somebody record an HD version of the original campaign screens without the UI? I think the OG is realtime rendered, so if...
  6. AbellFan2004

    Strange Bug with Sound File Volume

    Hello, I've been working on this campaign and I've imported a couple of sound files to use for a unit's soundset. The .wav file's volume is perfect when opening it outside of the Editor/Game, but once imported, the editor now plays it at an extremely low volume. I tried setting the sound's...
  7. Kreuzschlitz

    WC3 Custom Campaign - Salvaging Maps from Corrupted .w3n file

    Hi Everyone, I've been working on a blizzlike custom campaign for the last seven months, with voicelines, techtrees, easter eggs etc. I had just opened my campaign to add a sheep that drops a clarity potion onto one of the maps before saving. I don't believe that I turned off my PC before the...
  8. dafirus

    Is there any campaign about Sir Anduin Lothar??

    I'm looking for campaigns about the first and second wars that have Anduin Lothar as a playable character, but so far I haven't found it... I find it strange that one of the characters so important to the Lore of Warcraft doesn't have his story told from his perspective... This character He...
  9. SoyMante

    I Need help

    A month ago I started a project based on the beginnings of the horde and the war against the Draeneis in Draenor, I have been learning to use the editor, missions, cinematics, scripts and much more in this time, but the editor every time me It gives more and more problems that I honestly don't...
  10. melusine - demon units

    melusine - demon units

    There are 2 different techtrees, except for the units in the middle.
  11. New Dark Magician.png

    New Dark Magician.png

    Author model: Jiok
  12. Ress Alt

    Ress Alt

  13. Prelude


  14. Custom Campaign Screen

    Custom Campaign Screen

    The model itself is a mess, becuase I can barely use Retera's Model Studio. The campaign will never get made because I don't care about making it anymore. I could probably release a couple of missions in the state they are as a random mission pack User "A Void" takes the credit for the ghoul model
  15. OutsiderXE

    [Campaign] Lore & Legends: A Custom Campaign Series By OutsiderXE

    OutsiderXE Presents The Official Reforged Update to the classic campaigns, including AI powered voice over! 3 unique custom campaigns with Action-RPG, point & click adventure and classic RTS/RPG gameplay. 25 single-player missions, 131 quests, around 20 hours of playtime High quality terrain...
  16. lachferagh

    Help with importing object data?

    Hi guys. So I'm currently trying to create a campaign and I've already created the first map, using new icons inplace of Footman. So I then export all my object data and Imported files - then I create my 2nd map. On the 2nd map, I import all the object and imported data (F12) and everything is...
  17. Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    Rebel Yell - Wasteland

    A more polished version of the map from before using the Warcraft 3 World Editor. And yes, Uther is meant to be Duke, as soon as I can find a good AI voice for him as well
  18. Intet

    Campaign Color

    Hello everyone, I am new to campaigns and wanted to make one I had in my mind for a long time now. I startet testing a few things and I noticed that my teamcolor is always blue, as long as I am using the campaign. If I start the Map normal I get the color I want, but if I start it as a campaign...
  19. Background Orc Campaign

    Background Orc Campaign

  20. CaptainHec

    Azeroth Reborn

    What do you think about this: A W3 SC2
  21. D

    [Campaign] Campaign Idea Workshop by BatDominion1996

    Initially, I simply wanted to make a brief list for my campaign ideas and concepts on my profile page, but due to character limit I was not able to publish it, so I decided to make a thread in the Idea Factory forum section. Might update it from time to time if I have a desire to, but no...
  22. inactive forever

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  23. Orcland: Swordsharper - Menai

    Orcland: Swordsharper - Menai

  24. Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Saturna Lyona

    Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Saturna Lyona

  25. Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Adaera Lyona

    Farrant Alliance: Arcania Mage - Adaera Lyona

  26. Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

    Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

  27. Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

    Red Thrall: The Red Thrall - Sagrosan Dulon

  28. Charadise

    [SD/Modeling] In need of a flagbearer model

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of making a Human campaign, and one of the units I'd like to make for the faction would be a flagbearer. I haven't found any models of a unit bearing a flag or a banner on the workshop, all I'd need would be a human footman bearing a flag with no sword or maybe a...
  29. Ace Madonna

    [Campaign] Detached Tales: The Grim Prophecy

  30. inactive forever

    [SD/Modeling] [Nondescript]

  31. TheJassy

    [HD/Modeling] More Murlocs (Reforged)

    Hello! I've been brainstorming some ideas about a Murloc campaign for Reforged but I can't seem to find any good models for that. At the moment I'm gonna keep hush shush about the project but maybe you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking with the following suggestions: In general more Murloc...
  32. Poorman Highway & Slum Doodads

    Poorman Highway & Slum Doodads

    Another view to Poormana Highway and other buildings, that serve to locals as their home. Long time ago Kingdom promised to rebuild "Slum" district into something more "prosperous", but seems nothing has changed at all.
  33. WIP: Silithid Rogue Lair

    WIP: Silithid Rogue Lair

    Note: that doesn't related to player rogue class.
  34. Ashen Cave Enterance

    Ashen Cave Enterance

    Under Ahn'Qiraj, there a lot of different connected or not cavern systems, where treasures could be found. Most of them are sacked by other adventures, some of them could still contain hideouts and secrets. But will you be brave enough to travel deep inside and uncover those mysteries?
  35. Poorman Highway

    Poorman Highway

    Well, at least noone remember why this place is called "highway". DIfferent legends are told: from about one of many poors, who settled here as refugee from Troll War, up to path to "Spiritual Salvation".
  36. Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj "Slum District" from above #2

    Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj "Slum District" from above #2

    Another view to one of 3 different playable Ahn'Qiraj maps. You can notice some changes from last "birdsight" screenshot, but nothing particular at all. Main context is still ahead!
  37. Warseeker

    [Campaign] Garithos Campaign 2

    Garithos returns in Garithos Campaign 2 ten years after purging the lesser races from Azeroth. Features: 10 playable maps and 4 cutscenes. 2 different endings. Variable difficulty. Story: Ten years have passed since the fall of the Lich King, and humanity reigned over Azeroth ever since...
  38. WIP: Whole "Slum" District Map from above

    WIP: Whole "Slum" District Map from above

  39. WIP: "Slum" District Enterance

    WIP: "Slum" District Enterance

    Nothing to told about, whole area is HUGE WIP.
  40. WIP: Evergrown Tower

    WIP: Evergrown Tower

    Somehow hidden from main city, this tower was used for sacrifices during Black Empire, then as scout post on TItan Reorganization times, and now it sealed for good. ...Or not?
  41. WIP: "Slum" District Area #1

    WIP: "Slum" District Area #1

    Name is TEMP, but inside here and in areas nearby Xorrax will meet some unusual characters, depending on his class.
  42. Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj From Bird Sight

    Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj From Bird Sight

    Current view of main map - most things are finished, but dozens of smaller details remain to be done!
  43. WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #2

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #2

  44. WIP: Az'Aqir City Stockade

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Stockade

    In this graveyard-based building a deep underground is hidden - filled with bandits, traitors, mercenaries and other crime, somehow an bandit uprising started! Guards are trying to hold them inside stockade, but if noone manages to help them - city will be pillaged by furious bandits!
  45. WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #1

    WIP: Az'Aqir City Old Town Part #1

  46. WIP: Vekniss Temporary Refuge & Az'Aqir Temple Enterance

    WIP: Vekniss Temporary Refuge & Az'Aqir Temple Enterance

    Slime-covered temporary silithid lair, due to Tolvir Slave Insurrection inside their Hive, from left of them - enterance to Az'Aqir Temple. And I want to replace those ramps :B
  47. WIP: Northern Main Enterance

    WIP: Northern Main Enterance

    Due to lasting war, main enterance to Az'Aqir City from outside Silithus is militarized: in future, Xorrax will encount alot of warriors and officers here, also some smugglers also. Currently it doesn't completed, because I want to add more millitaristic atmosphere to this place.
  48. WIP: Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj City Map State

    WIP: Whole Az'Aqir/Ahn'Qiraj City Map State

    Image about current state of main map. Mostly left map part is finished, but alot of work still ahead!
  49. WIP #2: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    WIP #2: Aggdrassil, Withered Tree

    Another WIP for Great Tree - Aggdrassil. Locals tried to create special relax zone for themselfs, even nature around it has died. Player will see Aggdrassil Sprouts in other parts of Az'Aqir City...
  50. Trade - Old Town Border

    Trade - Old Town Border

    Trade & Old Town are divided by ridge, so Kingdom decided to re-use those sacrficing towers as borderline betwheen districts. Player will be free to cross this border without any fee: by his own foot or by taxi.