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  1. Argoclips

    Camera rotating the wrong way

    I'm trying to make a cinematic through my map to showcase my level designing. At certain points in the cinematic, the camera will rotate the longer way around than the short way, in other words, the camera rotates over 200 degrees, instead of less than 50. This is incredibly frustrating as it...
  2. HerlySQR

    What is the FOV (field of view) of a camera?

    Hello, I'm making a system that includes setting a camera setup and restart the camera as how it was before, I'm including the field of view and saving it using: prevCamera.fieldOfView = GetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_FIELD_OF_VIEW) and to restart it I do...
  3. HerlySQR

    How can I get the correct camera bounds respect the area covered by the region?

    Hello, in the map I'm working I wanna divide it in "sectors" so I opted to take screenshots of every sector the map and then used them as minimap and change the camera bounds to the region that covers that sector, but the minimap doesn't match with what the camera is seeing, I tried to adapt the...
  4. Dregonx

    [Role Playing Game] Maze of Doom: Reborn (100% Complete, Up to 23 Players or AI, Third Person or Regular Camera + More!)

    I'm adding this here because unlike my other wc3 custom maps I've made, this one is big enough that I think it requires its own unique thread. NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: https://linktr.ee/Dregonx will lead you to them. Credits for ALL models/icons etc used are mentioned...
  5. TwoLeft

    Bug: Manabar stuck to screen

    Rarely when my map starts a manabar becomes stuck to the screen/camera, as shown in the attached file. Restarting the map usually fixes this. Anyone any idea why this happens? I got a lot of triggers firing at the start, preloading, hiding and moving things around. I guess it has...
  6. joelperalta

    zoom out the camera

    does anyone know how to zoom out the camera in the mpq files?
  7. Version 1.2 - 03.png

    Version 1.2 - 03.png

    Now you can use special spellbook for camera control. Icon is temporary.
  8. pred1980

    [vJASS] Zoom problem (black areas)

    Hi, i have a simple system to set a camera via zoom + value to a new distance but as you can the higher the value, the more i can not see anything. Any ideas whats wrong? My map is completly written in vjass. Zoom 2500 is ok, but higher values causes this black screen. Is this fog or what is...
  9. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    Is there a way get this to refer to a player of choice in multiplayer?
  10. Xthreo

    Mouse camera system with WASD

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a mouse camera system with WASD controls and this one is simply fantastic. Although the map is protected so I can't study the triggers. Do some on you have any idea how such beautiful work has been done? Any tutorial link? I'd love to implement a system like...
  11. BrothForMyPeople

    Lock Camera Orientation for Player's Unit = Black Screen

    I've made this trigger with Event: Map Initialization and when I test my map, everything is black, nothing is seen. I tried with locking camera target first too, but it doesn't work either. I have no idea why it occurs. I was doing this simple trigger sometimes and I never had any problem.
  12. Portrait Analysis

    Portrait Analysis

    A deeper analysis on portraits and how far the frames can be pushed
  13. Portrait Function Suggestion

    Portrait Function Suggestion

    If you're like me, setting up portraits can get really annoying. Especially when you have to make multiple tweaks, re-imports to maps, and needing to wait until you see the actual portrait in-game to see if you actually set it up right. So I'm suggesting this feature hoping any tool dev would see
  14. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Texture glitch based on camera distance. Why?

    Hey, so I've got 3 textures converted to .blp with BLP Lab matching the original texture sizes from the model: 128x512, 128x512 and 256x512. They glitch if the camera is too far from them both in the editor and in the game for some reason. EDIT: discovered something in BLP Lab EDIT2: tried...
  15. cobalte

    [General] Increase in-game max zoom out distance (remove the black fog from top of screen)

    Is there a way to remove the black fog that overtakes the screen from the top down when the in-game camera's distance is set further than 4000? I'd like the player to be able to zoom out further I found this post (How do you remove the black layer when you zoom out?) which says that it can be...
  16. BranHUN

    [General] Camera zooming

    Hello there! I am trying to make a cinematic prologue for my custom campaign, and I am sadly experiencing that I have no experience with this at all... I am watching tutorials as I am writing this, but I wanted to ask a specific question about a camera movement. I want a cinematic view where...
  17. Med. MapGuy

    Top Down Camera

    What are the best triggers to have your camera have a top-down view similar to Warcraft 2?
  18. Gumberbunbder

    [General] Change Camera Height in Region

    I'm making a mult-level city out of walkable doodads and I need a camera system which will change a players camera height depending on which level of the city their camera is centered on. I currently have this, but how do I make it functional for multiple players? I don't know anything about...
  19. Mechcash

    Camera Angle

    Is it possible to change the defeault camera angle/rotate it for the whole game? So when the game starts it's not the normal camera rotation, but basically a 90° rotated view, which lets you see the map from another direction than the defeault one. Thanks in advance!
  20. Lvthnn

    Camera view in WE buggy

    Sup Having problems with the in-game cameras not matching the ones created in the WE, which makes the process of creating cinematics extremely tedious. Anyone encountered the same issue? And does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance, have a good one :)
  21. Recklessness

    Make Spacebar center on Hero

    Good morning, I have been looking around for a trigger or maybe someone knows a simpler way of making it so when u press spacebar the camera centers on your hero 1 similarly to what F1 does. Is that possible? I am in the middle of finishing a MOBA and that is one of the last things I want for it.
  22. Bloodheaven_

    [Crash] Camera Trigger causes 100% desync

    Hey there, currently working on a Camera-System that rotates the camera depending on where the current camera view is. The only suspicious Action that could cause an Desync is "Source of current camera view", (because it gets the data locally, im not sure?) So if that function causes the...
  23. ANdROnIQ

    SetCameraBounds + camera rotation bug

    So, today I came up with this crash function: function Crash takes nothing returns nothing call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ROTATION, GetRandomReal(240, 300), 0.00) call SetCameraBounds(-1000, -1000, -1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, -1000) // just any bounds, even GetWorldBounds()...
  24. titans_zealot

    Choose Your Own Adventure - custom map idea

    Is there a warcraft 3 map that is like a Choose Your Own adventure game? Like those text adventures. I was thinking of a map where the player picks a choice and a in game camera cinematic is played displaying actions in the story, so I wonder if there are any custom maps like this? If there...
  25. Blaine Mono

    [General] A trigger action seems to be missing in my editor

    First of all, I'd like to say hello - I'm a long time lurker, but never had any input worth sharing here - hence never posting :) This time, however, I'm in need of help. After searching through the hive and other sites, it appeared to me that... I'm missing a trigger action in my GUI. I don't...
  26. InSaNe_97

    [General] FPS camera

    Greetings. I am still struggling to make an FPS camera for My puzzle map, I want to make it controlled by mouse, is it possible after the new patches? If yes, how? In advice thank you.
  27. Sleepless

    Check a player's camera position

    I need a trigger/event that checks a player's camera position. I want to change the camera distance (ik how to do this part) when the player hovers over the camera to a specific area of the map. Any Ideas?
  28. loktar

    [Solved] Difficulty adjusting camera angles through mouse position

    I'm trying to get the camera to adjust through mousemovement. When moving the mouse horizontally, the rotation should change. When moving it vertically, the angle of attack should change. I've got it working nicely, but only when I enable them separately. Once I enable both, angle of attack...
  29. loktar

    Camera Field icons

    I just uploaded a new version of Importless Model Viewer (map) which includes a camera control interface. Right now I'm using these icons: Which are edited from this one and this one. They're for: Field of View Position XPosition YHeight Offset (Z)Distance Rotation (XY)Angle of Attack...
  30. Uncle

    Camera system problems - make the camera follow mouse x/y with a deadzone

    Hello, I'm having trouble trying to get this trigger working. My goal is to have the camera lock to the player's hero, but with some additional options like allowing the camera to extend outwards when you move the mouse towards the edge of the screen. So I basically want a camera deadzone, check...
  31. SoooK

    Check for players screen resolution/aspect ratio

    Is it possible to get the screen resolution or aspect ratio of a player via GUI or jass? I want to assign different cameras to players, based on their screen resolution/aspect ratio. Some video settings cut off vital parts of the screen, if all player are using the same camera. Or is there...
  32. Mistablockout

    Camera Loop

    Hello everyone! To start, I only have two camera commands: "-cam", and "-setcam". The "-cam" command works perfectly fine, nothing wrong there; the "-setcam" command is where the issue is. I want "-setcam" to be an advanced camera command where a player can permanently keep the camera height...
  33. Brismo

    GUI rework to JASS

    Please close this thread
  34. apsyll

    [Solved] Mouse rotation system don't get right angle

    Hello everyone I tried and failed now to make a camera system where you click on the floor and rotate around your unit by dragging the world around in relation to the mouse courser as the fix point. The thing is it kind of works sometimes, especially when you keep the mouse clicked and draged...
  35. HerrDave

    World Editor camera problem

    For some reason, my camera/view is floating about .500 above the normal level. When I zoom all the way in - it stops at about the middle of a lordaeron tree's height. When I swap from Doodads/terrain/units/region to camera - it fixes itself, but only so long as I am in that tab. While it is...
  36. Paypapeecee

    [Trigger] Cinematic, Apply Camera over seconds wonder

    Hey guys. I am doing a cinematic and i was trying to go between cameras according to the distance between units traveling from a region to region divided the movement speed (the screenshot shows "plus" but that was just an error of me trying to recreate what i was trying to do) of the slowest...
  37. Freddyk

    Sway Camera smoothly

    Hi, I use this function in a trigger for a special effect: Camera - Sway the camera source for Joueur 1 (Rouge) with magnitude 1000.00 and velocity 50.00 Then 2 seconds later, this one: Camera - Stop swaying/shaking the camera for Joueur 1 (Rouge) The beginning is good, the camera starts...
  38. dell

    Request edit camera for model

    I need you to edit the camera of this model so that it is in the same portrait position as the captain of warcraft 3
  39. Yours Truly

    Disabling the Delete/Insert camera altering.

    Is there any way we can disable the use of Delete and Insert camera altering? These buttons will greatly reduce the quality of maps with locked cameras.
  40. Warseeker

    [General] Problem with Cameras ?

    Yea, That's my current problem I'm having in my campaign, you see I use atleast +80 Cameras location in a single map with different variation, some were triggered and the reset no, but for some unknown reason my map just don't want to save, It tells me the problem is related to one of my...
  41. Magamdy

    Creating a First Person Camera

    Creating a First Person Camera This Tutorial will teach you how the create a 1st Person Camera, wich is extremely useful for RPG's and a must have for a FPS (duh). - What do you need? - - (Any) Warcraft World Editior - Basic Knowledge can of course come in handy 1 - The Basic Camera...
  42. Raen

    ...making the camera move with the hero to a new location?

    I've tried searching on the forums, but to no avail.. so I figured I would ask, sorry if it has been asked or answered somewhere else. Anyways, I am trying to make what I think is a simple trigger (Please keep in mind I am new to this and started today). Anyways onto the problem; I made a...