Check for players screen resolution/aspect ratio

Level 3
Nov 12, 2018
Is it possible to get the screen resolution or aspect ratio of a player via GUI or jass? I want to assign different cameras to players, based on their screen resolution/aspect ratio. Some video settings cut off vital parts of the screen, if all player are using the same camera.

Or is there another, easy way to fix this problem? :confused:

I don't want to create a dialoge window for each player, asking for their video settings.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 62
Jan 18, 2005
I do not think there is a way to do this currently without requiring some form of user input. Even StarCraft II suffered this problem.

I would suggest defaulting to 16:9 and then putting a tip at the start of game that users might have to change their camera by specifying their aspect ratio or resolution.