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  1. stein123

    Broken model

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this model? is broken, some parts of it doesn't appear at all in the world editor (head, shoulderpad and weapons), i don't know how to fix this, also if anyone manage to fix it, could you tell me how to do it myself too? thanks in advance.
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] Broken Tooltip

    I made a spell based on animate dead (from the item), and everything is fine, but for some reason the extended tooltip is blank in-game. any Ideas why this this is happening? thanks!
  3. Mathayis

    Reforged screwed me over again! *Solved*

    Well fudge....Soo....The first time I tried installing reforge it totally wrecked my maps..but I was able to save them by installing a 1.29 backup...and i've been having a tun of fun map making again sense... However, this morning I heard reforge has been getting some patch updates, so I...
  4. Mathayis

    Custom games don't work

    Well, at least the ones I made don't :p I'm sure i'm not the only one suffering with the same issues, and I feel kinda bad making all these complaints as i'm sure Blizzard is scrambling to fix things....Right now I'm just trying to figure things out so I can continue playing and map making...
  5. Yours Truly

    Warcraft can't load a model I made.

    Hello. So I recently attempted to participate in an sfx contest, despite my mediocre modelling skills. I made this model with a bunch of particle emitters and geoset merges: It performs well in Magos. However, when I import the model to a map, Warcraft is unable to load the model. I'd...
  6. HerrDave

    New Update Moved the Editor

    Good news, the World Editor still exists, it's simply been moved. It seems the new update moved the World Editor and changed the way it works a bit. However, the old trick of making a folder called [War3.mpq] with a .txt file called UI containing a line which would enable you to make sharp...
  7. MSTVD

    a custom model broken?

    Hey, trying to play around with this model from someone else's map called Dalaran v.2.5.2 by Wa666r of a Dalaran footman The problem is this: every time I reload the test map, the model breaks. Anybody have any idea on what is going on here? Is it somehow just protected?
  8. Merzel

    World Editor wont start up

    Greetings, HIVE community! I am seeking help for solving technical problem which I've encountered with the World Editor. The problem is in the title - I cannot launch the "World Editor.exe" application. Nothing happens, though it shows up for a very brief moment in the Task Manager, processes...
  9. D

    [JASS] AI script won't run

    Something in this script causes the map not to be able to run it. I've been trying different undead scripts and they seem to be working. I also copied each function from the broken script to the working script one by one, and it worked until I copied the attack waves (possibly looping waves), so...
  10. Recklessness

    [Trigger] Respawn is broken

    So I am using this respawn system, but for some reason it works sometimes and it doesn't other times and no matter what I do one specific creep (some custom harpies I have) never respawn. Does anyone know what is wrong with this or how I can fix this? Or of a legit good GUI respawn system for an...
  11. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Changing this model's texture messes up the wrapping.

    Hello, I am trying to change a model's texture to a typical black and white, but this somehow messes up its wrapping. Take a look: This model is the Cruel Cloister model by Gottfrei
  12. Apollox

    3ds max MDX exporter messing up UVS

    Hello, I have a 3d model which I uvmapped in blender and transfered over to 3ds max by fbx format. The model is fine until I export to mdx with any mdx exporter. I tried dex's exporter, mdx exporter and neodex on 3ds max 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2016. All versions break the uvs, so when I open in...
  13. hypsandar

    Corrupted Sounds

    Hey there, for some unknown reason the voice acted tutorial scenario will not play at the beginning of the map startup. I checked everything there is, i don't see the issue and its rather irritating. Something like this should be obvious but its not, at least not to me. Here's a link to the...
  14. Eldrich

    Does Anyone Have or Can Make These?

    I know requesting beta models is a bit redundant in ANY Warcraft 3 forum in general, but I have these existing beta models that don't have portrait models (i.e. beta Footman, Chaos Murloc). The beta Necropolis/Halls of the Dead/Black Citadel model I found doesn't or no longer works in the latest...
  15. HerrDave

    Green cube model despite correct texture path

    Salutations, A while back I started a project in semi-secret where I was remaking all of the villains and goons from a game that I have a soft spot for and to that end I've begun working on a series of robot models. I got the base body done no problem, but after I made a size-change to the...