Warcraft II: Human Campaign

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「Warcraft II: Human」

By Helldoom

A complete remake of Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Human campaign. Featuring most of the old Wacraft II models, icons, music, sounds, cheats and many more.
You can play through the Campaign in the original setting, or from the first Mission you can set to advance with leader of the Alliance, who fight during the Second War.

Added an [Editor] version that can be opened with a simple World Editor.

Supported version: 1.26


Blizzard Entertainment,
Red XIII - Most of the great Warcraft 2 models
AndrewOverload519 - Mage model
Ket - Church model
PROXY - Ogre Mage, Zeppelin models
supertoinkz - Human Transport, Orc Oil Tanker, Ogre models
Dmitry Rommel - Orc transport model
Mephestrial - Orc oil platform model
Kam - Gnomish submarine model
Tarn - Skeleton model
Tranquil - King cinematic model
MadseN - Cinematic Cannon model
RightField - Archdemon
Tauer - Orgrim, Gul'dan, Kilrogg model
Stefan.K - Khadgar, Turalyon, Zuluhed, Saurfang model
Mc ! - Alleria model
Ujimasa Hojo - Thoras Trollbane, Aiden model
TurieL - Brann model
apaka - Zul'jin
HerrDave - Rend Blackhand
Holy Crusader - Blackrock Blademaster (Maim) skin
Necrokenis - Teron Gorefiend model


- Adjusted enemy AI on some missions
- Balanced and fixed some spells, and unit properties
- Fixed several wrong sound outputs
- Fixed several tooltips, hotkeys and icons
- Fixed/Adjusted ranger scouting
- Minor unit property, ability fixes
- Fixed a potential crash on Mission V. due to the zeppelin going out of bounds
- Hero revive cost now depends on level
- Fixed minus starting hero defense
- Smaller spell fixes and balance adjustments
- Added playable Heroes throughout the campaign, it can be enabled/disabled on Mission I.
- Updated terrains, objects
- Fixes on spells, special attacks
- Updated some models
- Fixed Human barracks lumber cost
- Updated Ogre Mound model
- Adjusted sight ranges
- Smaller fixes
- Reworked the oil system, oil gathering should be more smooth and stable
- Removed jass codes, for possible better stability
- Fixed oil board not showing after reloading a save
- Fixed oil patches/platforms disappearing in some cases
- Fixed paladin heal auto-cast
- Enabled all missions to be playable from the get-go
- Replaced the ogre on Mission VII
- Fixed gold increments from 5 to 10
- Fixed the enemy's upgrading to max levels on Mission V
- Fixed Intro cinematics invisible cannons
- Fixed goblin zeppelins on several maps

Map Description Generator 「By Vengeancekael」

Warcraft 2, Warcraft II, War 2, Human campaign, Tides of Darkness

Warcraft II: Human Campaign (Campaign)

Warcraft II: Human Campaign Editor (Campaign)

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Level 4
Jul 9, 2011
The game crashes sometimes when I select a unit group that... is near north border?
Or too far from the current camera position?
Can't recreate the bug to confirm, so I'm not sure. But it happened twice for me.

Maybe it's not about selection.
Found the way to recreate this (or some similar) bug.
1. Start "Mission 7 - Grim Batol".
2. Immediately select Transport ship.
3. Move it to the north border.
4. The game crashes.

Also I think the same thing happened to me with flying machine.

Yes, I think the problem is there's no camera bounds and some units, mainly flying and floating, cause a crash when they get near the border of the map.
Unfortunately this would require to remake the maps, which I do not yet know how to go at it.
Level 7
Dec 11, 2009
In Warcraft 2, when you destroy all enemy buildings (or maybe even excluding farms/towers, I don't remember), their remaining units are ordered to attack-move to player.
That way, it saves a lot of time needed to find them across the whole map, which is super annoying (especially if the map is huge)...
Honestly I just used "iseedeadpeople" when I destroy last building and can't find them, otherwise it's a waste of time.

I think you should implement WC2 behavior, which is very easy to do.
Same for your other WC2-remake campaigns.
Level 10
Apr 9, 2013
Crashing in the fourth mission, probably related to the oil hauling.

EDIT: Crashes in the fifth chapter as well. It may still have to do with the oil, it happens after a time. Could be that the new patch made the triggers leak leading to an eventual crash after 20 so minutes, making the player need to speedrun all the levels involving oil.
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Level 4
Jul 9, 2011
Since many have wanted to check out the campaign in the editor, I finally got around to slightly remake it so it can be opened in a normal World Editor (no NewGen required). I didn't test it thoroughly, but should work normally as well.
Level 3
Feb 20, 2020
Since many have wanted to check out the campaign in the editor, I finally got around to slightly remake it so it can be opened in a normal World Editor (no NewGen required). I didn't test it thoroughly, but should work normally as well.
You should check it out youtube, someone did AI upscaling remasters of the cinematics



Map Reviewer
Level 51
Jun 4, 2009