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Last Activity:
Aug 12, 2020 at 4:49 AM
Jul 9, 2011



Helldoom was last seen:
Aug 12, 2020 at 4:49 AM
    1. deepstrasz
      1. Helldoom
        Ah sorry for that, I'll be more mindful next time.
        Apr 1, 2020
      2. deepstrasz
        Well you can fix it now too. That way you'll learn how :P
        Apr 1, 2020
      3. deepstrasz
        Thank you.
        Apr 1, 2020
    2. Med. MapGuy
      Med. MapGuy
      Hi Helldoom, I'm a mapper and I love your Warcraft 2 campaign, and I was wondering if I can make some visual improvements to your campaign? I was thinking of adding cutscenes, enhancing the terrain, and applying other cosmetic changes but not necessarily touching the gameplay. You will get full credit naturally, but I was hoping I could re-release it as a "Special Edition" or "Reforged" edition of sorts on this site?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Med. MapGuy
        Med. MapGuy
        My mistake! I mistook your campaign for another WC2 campaign by someone else. In any case, I do have an older version of Warcraft (1.27) and tried opening your campaign with the Jass NewGen editor and it still wouldn't load. I got error messages like TriggerFunction does not exist in database. What a shame...
        Feb 8, 2020
      3. Helldoom
        Also make sure UMSWE is enabled.
        Feb 9, 2020
      4. Med. MapGuy
        Med. MapGuy
        I "enabled" UMSWE and got a message that the plugin doesn't work, and I still can't load the campaign...
        Feb 11, 2020
    3. Kristina
      Hello, I would like to translate your campaigns into Russian.
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      2. Kristina
        Do not tell me how to open?
        Oct 13, 2019
      3. Kristina
        help with opening the maps ?
        Feb 9, 2020
      4. Helldoom
        For the original campaigns you need an older version (i.e. 1.26) with Newgen WE, UMSWE enabled, that should be enough to open the maps. For the BtDP campaign maps version 1.30+ is needed.
        Feb 10, 2020
    4. SNIper of DARKness
      SNIper of DARKness
      Hello, I hope you'll be able to make more Wc2 multiplayer maps. If you're not interested you could unprotect your map so others can create new terrains for it, as WC2 terrain doesn't require much except trees and Lordaeron Grass.
      Make a Warcraft 2 comeback as Reforge hits in.
    5. Svetli
      Hi there, I think you haven't credited me for the Orgrim icon in your campaigns. :)
      1. Helldoom
        Off, you're right. Thanks for noticing. I'll put it in the next update. Sorry for the mistake.
        Apr 6, 2019
    6. DemonHunter13
      How about the Beyond the Dark Portal Campaigns? Just to complete the full Warcraft Story Series Package.

      1. LordPerenoldeII - WC1
      2. YOU - WC2: ToD
      3. OutsiderXE's Campaigns for the novels under the Warcraft banner (NOT WoW)

      So yeah, BtDP are the only campaigns left missing to make it all a complete Warcraft circle... Since you did made ToD, youre the only one who can make BtDP...

      :) :) :)
      1. Helldoom
        Currently I'm trying to update / fix the campaign up as much as I can.
        After that I'll have to see how much time and dedication I have left to start those. :)
        Feb 24, 2019
      2. BogdanKryskevich
        To be honest, Warcraft 1(LordPerenoldell) did not look like the original. Models are bad and not like those that should be.
        Apr 4, 2019
    7. ElectedRobocop
      Hi, I was wondering if you had links to the Warcraft II icons for Attack, Stop, Patrol, etc, that you use in your campaigns. I can't seem to find them anywhere and I get an error when I try to open your campaign in the World Editor, so I can't export the files. Thanks.
    8. ZugZug
      Loved your remakes of the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness campaigns, they really captured the feel and challenges well. Really a 5/5 job!
      Is there a chance that you will be making remakes of the Beyond the Dark Portal campaigns? :-)
    9. Tagar
      Make a beyong the darck portal remake
    10. GoddessVero
      Great work, really.
    11. Luffy
      Hey what's up? It saddens me that your campaigns were a bit abandoned especially considering the major bugs :( Because your campaigns were so awesome. I would wish for a Beyond the dark portal remake as well as this one but I don't even know if that would ever happen.
    12. warcraftmodding123
      Hi, I was referred to you for how to have a secondary build option for workers. Please, thanks.
    13. Fro
      may i asking something?
      where did you get all warcraft 2 models?
    14. sasa2015
      What about Beyond The Dark Portal Expasion Campaing
    15. Blackmore Holmes
      Blackmore Holmes
      Su CampaƱa esta Protegida
      Podria Liberarla par Estudiar los Mapas
    16. HerrDave
      Might I ask what the name of the model you used as a wall-chunk is in your WC2 Campaign? Try as I might I can't bloody find it.
    17. StoPCampinGn00b
      I hear that your WCII orc campaign is almost a replica. I'm downloading it. I was thining, since WC2 focuses a little more on the recources and army. Perhaps you would like to join Strategy and Risk players? Link on logo.
    18. rysnt11
      are you didn't active at this forum?
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