Warcraft 3 Theme Changer

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Simply run the program, change the settings tabs to the proper locations
and then go back to the themes tab and click install, now you can pick
any theme you want by just pressing the "Set Selected As Current Theme"
button on the themes tab.

requires some themes you can get the themes here if you don't already have them


Mirror Link

if you have any problems with any of my programs not starting, you maybe missing the proper framework for windows, you can get the latest framework free and fast from microsoft here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa569263


I wish to add that images must be 1024x768 and JPEG or BMP format.

Tool isn't mine, as you can see above it's made by Vexslasher, he is great friend of mine and he allowed me to upload his resource here.

Use his name every time when you share this tool, please and thanks.
Have a nice day.

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Warcraft 3 Theme Changer (Binary)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Aug/24 19:06:41 Comment: [Approved] Easy to use tool, no real installation is required and you've also provided the users with lots of themes. (You can also make your own theme) Staff Contact - Rules




Date: 2012/Aug/24 19:06:41

Comment: [Approved]
Easy to use tool, no real installation is required and you've also provided the users with lots of themes. (You can also make your own theme)

Staff Contact - Rules
Here you go guys few more example pictures how it can look like :D
Don't forget you can create your own theme as well, if you want share it here with us :)


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Level 13
Oct 25, 2009
Why it doesn't work for me?Mine is Window Vista,Laptop - Acer
EDIT: Maybe is framework problem,where can i check my .net framework?I am not sure...,the theme doesn't have any error and work succes but inside the warcraft doesn't have anything just a normal theme.
Level 5
Oct 8, 2010
Now I finally know how my clan created that new theme we all had to use....
most fun tool so far, second place is the name generator =)
Level 1
Nov 17, 2012
well, it says it needs framework version 3 sp 1, i got version 4, still doesn't work.

edit:i downloaded the 1.1 version and it worked! thanks vex.

now i just need to get the themes.
Level 19
May 14, 2021
Can you update this for reforged?
I did not use the custom background menu for WC3 the first time I play it back in 2012 but I can tell you, this tool has been outdated and is ONLY mean for the Classic version of WC3. By the time when Blizzard released the latest patches, MPQs are now deprecated and were replaced by the CASC archive. This also applies to Reforged, which is not officially supported anymore due to the modern UI version that was implemented for Reforged instead of the usual animated version (originally enabled in the Classic version).

Because of this, you can't actually use the custom background menu for WC3 if you are using Reforged. However, if you are using the Classic version of WC3, even on 1.31, you can do this by reading this thread. Basically, you are going to locate the file called "MainMenu3d.mdx" (MainMenu3d_Exp.mdx for TFT), which is located in "UI/Glues/MainMenu" or "UI/Glues/MainMenu3D_Exp" folder. In order to open the MPQ/CASC, you'll need a tool like MPQ Editor or the CASC Viewer to extract those files.
Alternatively, you can use the "War3Mod.mpq" method or use the WC3 Mod Manager in order to use the custom files instead of the original ones.
If you are using the 1.31, which disables the "War3Mod.mpq" method, you can still use the traditional "Allow Local Files" method.
Just remember, do NOT open either MPQ Editor or CASC Viewer while the Warcraft is opened, as Tasyen suggested.
Level 19
May 14, 2021
Check out those threads, they might help you:
Warcraft 3 Styler ++ Download ++ (Official Version)

Just to clarify:
1.The tool (WC3 Styler) is looking for the MPQ file, so it's not applicable to Warcraft 3 1.30+.
2.If you are using the latest version of WC3, some sound can't be played, especially the OGG ones. This has been confirmed with this thread.

You can also use the Local Files method in case the tool is not working. Just add this path:
After that, you can rename the MP3 files to the generic WC3 files such as "UndeadX1.mp3" and so on.