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Last Activity:
Apr 10, 2018
Jul 7, 2010


beyond godlike, from Wouldn't you like to know.

x3GlikE was last seen:
Apr 10, 2018
    1. HellHeaven
      Hey, x3Glike, I have a personal request for your cheat pack. Is there any way you could make the cheats, such as killing a unit, work on other players' units? Through this way, your cheat pack would be much more fun.
    2. random.guy27
      You and the map still alive?
      Busy, busy, busy... And I apologize for that.

      Regarding your map, are there any special features in it? Like how some maps put things like Ability Power and the likes? I need to know so that I could make the needed changes to the Heroes and Items I make.
      Also, I'll also make some changes to my Heroes so that they will become more active and make the game more fun to play.
    3. Bloodbath
      THANKS..sorry for late reply..iv been busy with exams :D
    4. random.guy27
      I did some balancing with my Heroes and made some new items so you better check them out for updates. Sorry if there's no changelog, I'm too lazy to make one right now.

      Here are some of the changes:
      > Reworked Varimathras' Eternal Void
      > Balanced Tiermes' Storm Hammer
      > Balanced Cordana's Dusk Glaive and Nightmare Edge
      > New Recipe shop: Arcane (Just a filler name, plus one of the recipes there requires an item which I haven't made yet.)

      Those are the latest changes and the only changes I remembered. :D
    5. random.guy27
      Good to know.
      Our sem. break is here and I'll try to create new Items and maybe Heroes if I have spare time. (and the ideas :D)
    6. random.guy27
      Are you still working on your AoS map?
    7. Bloodbath
      Hey x3Glike !
      Can u change ur Camlock system ? i dont want to type -lock ingame

      I need it to enabled when map initialization

      i tried configuring it myself i just cant make it work..

      please would ya! hehe xD
    8. random.guy27
      Sorry. I've been busy with things lately, up until now I'm afraid.
    9. ShiroiSenji
      Let me know if you do ASAP :p.
    10. ShiroiSenji
    11. Vengeancekael
      If you manage to get a high mmr, you'll be placed in better teams and less trolls :P
    12. Vengeancekael
      Hmm I only play HoN now, but sure, I could give dota another try. But later.
    13. Vengeancekael
      What do you guys do exactly?
    14. -Kobas-
      Ok thanks, I still need last one so I can send them to pyritie.
    15. -Kobas-
      Please send me your judging :)
    16. Vengeancekael
      lol I could, but I don't know about my ping so much...
    17. KayS
      Ouu Thanks!! ^.^
    18. Magtheridon96
      You shouldn't hesitate to give someone a 0/30 or a 5/30 ;D
    19. COMBO
    20. Yabooer
      Still awaiting the crunched up loading screen, I'll understand if you're not wanting to finish it though.
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