Video game wars

Level 13
Mar 13, 2010
@Dr Wigglz nothing is happening to the RP, we are just making a map about it. You may continue RPing; this will not effect the RP.
Level 9
Apr 23, 2011
heres my entry for joining :D
Name: Sackboy
Gender: Male
Videogame: LittleBigPlanet
Console: PlayStation 3
Personality: Intelligent, Cute, Emotional, Strong
Info: Sackboy is a cute little SackPerson in the imaginary world of LittleBigPlanet. He is made by imagination, and sack. He is intelligent and he can solve many obstacles with his mind. With the help of some people along his adventures, he is able to complete his mission and have fun. He has a imaginary pop-up tool, the Popit. It can allow Sackboy to talk through text, emote, customize himself and more.
Is good? Yes / No
Is hero? Hero / Antihero
Attribute: Strong / Fast / Intelligent