Unable to upload Ressources

Level 27
Feb 18, 2014
It's been days I try to prevent myself from opening this thread but I think I don't have a choice ;(

I had a serious problem with my PC recently, Is compeletly irreparable, and all my ressources are still there (Models/Maps...) :vw_wtf:..., but the good thing is before this happen, I remember I stored some ressources inside a Sd Card and use it for my Andoid which I'm using curently instead
Now the problem is very simple, I had that Warcraft III folder inside the Sd Card including some of my created maps, One problem, Usually I can easly upload pictures (jpeg, gif...) to the hive, but maps...
This is how it's works, I import the map, write the description...etc, and the moment I click Upload. I always recieve an error '' The page doesn't exict '' Why?

I mean why Android doesn't allow to upload maps? Besides, Same thing in the Epic War Site.

So, I want just to ask a simple question : Is it possible to upload ressources via an Android (E.g : Maps w3x, w3m) or it's can only be done by a computer?

Thanks you in advance :)