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Last Activity:
Aug 13, 2019
Jun 22, 2004

Awarded Medals 2


Cinematographer and Developer

Hemlock was last seen:
Aug 13, 2019
    1. tobyfat50
      Thanks for the comment! ...development issues! I do have a lot of them, so much that it freezes the development but part of the problem is me remodeling a trying to perfect the scenes in the second episode. If there's any help I'd need it would be with the cameras, I'll think if there is something I require assistance with. Thanks again!
    2. Bugz
      heh;). I will try, i just need my damn computer to work ._.
    3. Peacecrafted
      I am very good at spamming and annoying lovely hunnybunny Hemlock

      Hi Hemmy, are we going to see some new movie soon? :grin:
    4. Bugz
      Just went to see the hive, and i am thinking returning. Can we work together or something? help you with something. I just want something as returning "gift" for the hive.
    5. Bugz
      Hey what's up:)?
    6. Vengeancekael
      Ohey how's it going? :P
    7. CMarket
      I'm not sure if you're still willing to voice for me, but if you are can you tell me which type of character you prefer voicing for? Evil, good, brute, wizard, sarcastic, shy and so on, any additional attribute would be most helpful.
    8. The General
      The General
      Could you send me a demo map with the save/load code
    9. Total_Warrior
      Awesome thanks. I took a look at that system before and it's in JASS which is one thing I don't understand at all even with all the tutorials I've seen. As for Darkness Within I have seen it a few days ago and I'll be checking out the triggers just for reference.

      One important thing I want to cover is fight scenes. From large scale to duels. I want to make it detailed and all but it requires perfect timing and animation speed and stuff. It's pretty confusing to me.

      Thanks for the help.
    10. Total_Warrior
      Hey Hemlock. Can you give me any tips on making cinematics? More specifically on smooth camera movements and angles. I've got quite a large project on my hands and I would love advice from a great cinematic maker such as yourself. Thanks!
    11. Vengeancekael
      Cinematic Contest Ideas.
    12. CMarket
      Hey Warnicro :)

      How's it going? Working on any projects lately?
    13. Vengeancekael
      You're back :D Also, i didn't know you would upload Darkness within, are you extending it or just improving it in terrain and so on? Also you may have heard of the new map approval system. Mods will only check the map and see if it works properly, if it has good description, then approve it. Then they will use a user's review to rate the map later. So i guess your cinematic reviews will become more useful now ;)
    14. Vengeancekael
      Updated Part 5 alot, meaning the cine is also extended :p
    15. sonicstorm
      Thank you for your review.
      I'm trying to make it even more interesting in next version.
      However, the problem is the time. I've got not much time for months.
      I've got only a few hours a week and that's why i haven't finished v1.11 yet.
      thanks again. GooD LucK!
    16. ModelTester
      What's up yo.
    17. ModelTester
      Merry Christmas :)
    18. acefirebat
      hey can u look at my newest post i kinda need some help i thought maybe you would know how to help.
    19. Kingz
      The terrain you made looks really good, keep it up :D
    20. ModelTester
      hey, what time do you usually get on the hiveworkshop? I'm from the US, how about you?
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    Home Page:
    Current Project:
    Red Horizon, update: Darkness Within, Marauders
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Blood Knights
    WarcraftIII Cinematographer and developer. Creating maps since 2004.

    Formerly known as Warnicro


    Formerly Warnicro.

    Work in progress:
    WC3 - Update for Darkness Within
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