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Trolling - Your Thoughts

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Deleted member 177737


Deleted member 177737

It's kinda hard to change a whole group of people who really don't care about others opinions on them. If they weren't being annoying in general, this wouldn't even be a big deal - normally a troll is trolling for their own amusement anyways, not that of those around them.

Well also note the tons of illegal content on said website which shall not be named, and the fact that the trolling is going on in what is essentially a community of trolling in said forum.

Well one way we can change them is to out troll them with comedic trolling, eventually a few of them may switch over to comedic trolling, a few will just get bored and quit trolling, and whoever is left will probably keep up with the usual trolling. (All of this is just an educated guess.)

Well we can always hope they will change.:ogre_hurrhurr:
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
Personally, I believe that both types of trolling are comedic - especialy if your not the troll or victim, and just a bystander listening
Level 20
Feb 24, 2009
"Your life sucks, go kill yourself!"

Is technically speaking, suggesting or encouraging suicide.
Now it's a bit extreme but compare it to suggesting or encouraging someone to commit murder...
Which you WOULD indefinitely get arrested for.
In the UK both murder AND suicide are illegal (don't know about the us, I presume the same).

So really... I can see why he got arrested.
Though I do think it's a tad over-dramatised...
I mean if the guy consistently did it yeah, but for the one off... is a bit OTT.
Let the little boy who cried wolf here be a good example, but really - getting the law involved with every little thing people tell you online is a waste of both your and the laws time/resources. Before people go out investing who called you a "f46, n u shud go ki11 urslf," they should be investigating things that really matter - it'd have to be some pretty intense constant cyber bullying, most likely mixed with cyber stalking (as most sites give you a way to ignore people you don't like) to warren the action of the law.
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