TERRAINERS UNITE ! (thedeathunterx showcase)

Level 11
May 31, 2008
im kinda new to terraining and i cant ever seem to get the sky to look right, how do you do this? (i tried fog and it doesnt look very good). And also how do you make ur sun, it looks like you are using the fog doodad, but i have no idea how to make it higher up in the sky like you have. I would appreciate it if you told me how to do this.
btw very nice terrains
Level 18
Aug 3, 2008
o wow! ive been looking for a turorial on lightining !! :D

i am not that good at lighting : /

o and the way i get the sun in the sky is to place multiple fog doodads, all on top of one another and then select all of them, then use [CTRL] +[PG-UP]

and it will increase their hieght over the terrain.

To really become good at using fogs, you should defintly experminent with them.

This is what i do with fogs( the blizzard givin fogs ) :

- i set the sky to a pinkish sky ( most likly the fogged sky )

- then i use the editor fog, changing it to either an orange color ( 225 red, 100 green 25 blue ), or greyish color ( 190 red, 190 green 190 blue )

then using the Fog DOODAD, i increase its scale to something like 30.00, and then set its minimum scale to .2 ( That way its Z height is really short )

when i place it in the terrain, it is short yet long and wide. I usually choose complementary colors ( colors opposite of each other on the color wheel)

just try and experminent with it : )
Level 32
Nov 24, 2007
Stealing the name of my terrain now are we thunderaxe :p
No, really. Their, most of them, really good. You are surely improving with time ^^

Woot, you linked my tutorial! :p

Of course, your the one terrainer that can really set words on how to do stuff with the editor, I for one could most likely never make a tutorial. But you're tutorials are so well done that their worth reading, even if you know how to do the stuff ^^
Level 7
Aug 8, 2008
.......WOW! It is not possible make that good looking terrains in WC3. So how did you do this? XD
Level 3
Apr 26, 2009
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Level 13
Apr 15, 2008
Wow... some terrain I thought,
Is this really made with World Editor!?

I really like that Ruins thing!
Maybe you could make a screenshot of the floatingcity from above...