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Sunken City v2.4.4c

Submitted by SpasMaster
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

    Sunken City is a Dungeon Crawler map with RPG elements. The Player controls a hero and has to over come numerous puzzles, traps, quests, enemies and different bosses to reach the end. The game contains multiple different features that allow for advanced hero customization.

    Recommended Players: Soloing is possible, but for better experience play with 2 or 3 players.
    Gameplay Time: Between 3 and 6 hours depending on number of players and difficulty.
    Amount of Heroes: 21
    Maximum Level: 18

    Easy Normal Hard Hell Insane
    Enemy Handicap
    Enemy Bonus Damage
    Enemy Bonus Armor
    Enemy Bonus Attack Speed
    Easy Normal Hard Hell Insane
    Bonus Gold per Kill
    Bonus XP
    Bonus Drop Chances
    Starting Gold

    Latest Changelog

    Version 2.4.4c [Hotfix] [03.10.2019]
    General Changes
    • Due to issues with the most recent patch, Oris is temporarily no longer required to progress.
    • Temple Guardians being required to progress is temporarily not the case.

    Version 2.4.4b [Hotfix] [28.07.2018]
    General Changes
    • Fixed a bug where the Void Sphere could be used indefinetly.
    • Fixed a bug where Captain Drough was not giving correct amount of gold when killed.

    [​IMG] Warrior
    • Fixed a bug where the agility scaling of the Warhammer Talent had its effect working when you don't have the Talent.

    Version 2.4.4a [Hotfix] [18.07.2018]
    General Changes
    • Fixed a bug where Talents could not be reset.
    • The Explorer challenge now states its proper rewards.

    [​IMG] Death Knight
    • The health of Ghouls summoned by Army of the Dead has been increased to 350/600/850/1100 up from 320/450/640/800.
    [​IMG] Siren
    • Fixed a bug where Aqua Shots was sometimes not dealing full damage.

    [​IMG] Version 2.4.4. [18.07.2018]
    Come and play with us in our Discord server! Join here.

    General Changes
    • Damage Reduction effects can no longer reduce damage taken below 10% of its original amount. Invulnerability, immunity and complete absorption effects are not affected by this change. This is now stated in the Armor tooltip.
    • Fixed a terrain gap which allowed nagas to swim into the Queen's Tomb Dungeon from the north.
    • Fixed a bug where the Revenants spawned by blue tile traps in the Queen's Tomb gave experience.
    • Finding all Secret Areas no longer incorrectly states that the reward includes lives.
    • The reward for finding all Secret Areas has been reduced to 5 All Stats and 500 Gold down from 10 All Stats and 700 Gold.
    • The Diana and Haris quest givers will no longer leave their position to fight enemies with you.
    • The Hide and Seer quest now rewards 250 experience.
    • The final boss cinematic should no longer start before all the guards are defeated.
    • Floating text for damage taken by the hero now uses a gray color and utilizes the (-) sign.

    [​IMG] Berserker
    • The attack damage scaling of Skull Split has been increased to 200% up from 150%.
    • Fixed a bug where the Mur'gul Slaves summoned by the Naga Whaler could not be Executed with Skull Split.
    [​IMG] Ice Lancer
    • Attacking already Frozen targets does not accumulate attacks for Cold Touch.
    • Fixed a bug where Drakkari Blessing was overwriting several hero self-buffs.
    [​IMG] Paladin
    • Movement speed increased from 270 to 290.
    • The Divine Hammer Talent now gives Blessed Hammer 6% chance to stun down from 7%.
    • The stun from the Divine Hammer Talent now lasts for 1 second down from 1,5 seconds.
    [​IMG] Priest
    • The proc chance of the Priest's Mastery has been reduced to 0,3% per point of Mastery down from 0,5%.
    [​IMG] Siren
    • The health of Sea Tentacles has been increased to 200/400/600/800 up from 200/300/400/500.
    • The damage increase per point of Intelligence granted to Sea Elementals by the Gift of Neptulon has been reduced to 0,3% down from 0,4%.
    • The Gift of Neptulon Talent now also includes a 0,1% damage increase per point of Agility.
    • The Aqua Shot Talent has been thematically reworked into a new Talent called Queen of the Sea. Actual effect remains the same.
    • The Reptillian Instinct Talent has been replaced with a new Talent: Aqua Shots.
    • The Tidal Shot buff now increases the damage of Liquid Arrows by 10%/15%/20%/25% down from 25%/30%/35%/40%.
    [​IMG] Tidewarrior
    • The Might of the Kraken Talent uses a new icon.
    [​IMG] Warrior
    • The tooltip of Warcry now states its proper duration.
    [​IMG] Witch Doctor
    • Plague Toad no longer provides vision.

    [​IMG] Items

    • Fixed a bug where Bloodreaver Scythe reduced the Primary Attribute of heroes.
    • Fixed the model size of Temple Tablet.
    • Fixed a bug where Dark Ranger's Longbow shot extra arrows even if only 1 target was present.
    • Fixed a bug where the Cloak of Revan item gave Shadow Crystals when sold.
    • Fixed a bug where the stat and effect values of Sigil of Al'ar did not reflect the changes from version 2.4.3.
    • The damage dealt by Sigil of Al'ar has been reduced to 50 with 200% Primary Attribute scaling down from 75 with 250% Primary Attribute scaling.
    • Vane's Fate recipe has come to its senses and now properly uses a scroll model instead of a chest.


    • Diverse Heroes: The 21 heroes in Sunken City possess different custom skills which are well presented in detailed tooltips.
    • Backpack System: In case your inventory is full, you are given a backpack with additional 6 slots where you can carry quest items or unused items for selling.
    • Stat System: Each level you are given the possibility to access the Skill Poitns Menu and gain access to secondary stats (non-Strength, Agility, Intelligence).
    • Item Interaction Systems: Sunken City gives the option to Disenchant items for stats or to Reforge unused lesser items to create better ones.
    • Chest System: There are many Chests scattered around the Sunken City. Opening them rewards you with a random item!
    • Quests: Embark quests that give you side objectives throughout the game!
    • Challenges: Complete difficult optional challenges for additional rewards.
    • Shop System: A simple and intuitive shop system makes it easier for players to navigate and purchase some of the many Sunken City shop items.
    • Rolling: Sunken City allows you to roll for items that suit everyone. Therefore you can avoid stealing.
    • Damage and Armor: Sunken City's gameplay is based around damaging the best target. By mouse-overing your damage and armor you will easiliy understand what's your best target!
    • Gold System: Players in Sunken City share the Gold gained by killing creeps!
    • Randomized Items: Each creature you kill has a chance of dropping one of the hundreds of items, contained in a scripted loot-table. In addition bosses have multiple drops, which add to the replayability.
    • Glyph System: A system that allows your hero to pick a combination of various Glyphs which add passive effects to your hero.
    • Talent System: Each hero has unique set of Talents that can amplify, modify, add or replace the existing hero abilities.




    Intelligence Heroes Strength Heroes Agility Heroes
    Shaman [1]
    Druid [2]
    Priest [3]
    Mage [4]
    Necromancer [5]
    Warlock [6]
    Witch Doctor [7]
    Warrior [1]
    Paladin [2]
    Death Knight [3]
    Monk [4]
    Tidewarrior [5]
    Dragon Sentinel [6]
    Tinker [7]
    Rogue [1]
    Hunter [2]
    Ice Lancer [3]
    Windmaster [4]
    Berserker [5]
    Demon Hunter [6]
    Siren [7]


    I would like to thank the following people:

    There are many more resources that I used, but I can't find their creators. If you see your resource used in my map, please tell me and I will add you here.


Sunken City v2.4.4c (Map)

Moderator: -Kobas- Contact: Visitor Message / Private Message! Date: 24-Dec-13 (14:27:40)Personal Comment:One of the most polished maps, of its type, that I had a chance to play. Beautiful terrain, nice story, well customized heroes and enemies....
  1. kazi25


    Jun 22, 2019
    I always get the Oris bug / Flesh Golem bug whenever I play a saved game that's why I only save after the destroying the gate with the golem.
  2. SpasMaster


    Jan 29, 2010
    2.4.4c Hotfix has been released.

    As of this minor hotfix, Oris and Temple Guardians are no longer required to progress.