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Sunken City (Project Page)

Discussion in 'Sunken City' started by The Hive Workshop, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sunken City is a Dungeon Crawler for 1-3 players. Select a hero of the Horde and proceed with your allies to overcome enemies, puzzles, traps, bosses and other challenges that require teamplay and strategy. Hundreds of enemies that can drop hundreds of items await! Difficulty settings allow you to challenge yourself and claim greater rewards. Unveil the lore behind the events that devastated the ancient city and bring forth justice upon those who are responsible. Various stat and mechanic customisation can be achieved for your hero so that every game would be different!

    [​IMG] Custom Abilities
    Sunken City heroes have custom and diverse spell kits that make them all different from eachother.
    [​IMG] Multiple Heroes
    Sunken City offers the total amount of 27 unique heroes to pick from - a feat achieved by none other in the Dungeon Crwaler genre.
    [​IMG] Backpack System
    A backpack allows your hero to store currently unused items for later use.
    [​IMG] ESC Stat System
    Gaining levels also allows you to spend points into diverse stats of your choice.
    [​IMG] Enchantress
    You can visit the Enchantress to either Reforge, Materialise, Disenchant or Reroll items.
    [​IMG] Chest System
    All around Sunken City, you will find scattered Chests that you can open if you manage to find the necessary keys.
    [​IMG] Challenging Bosses
    The bosses of Sunken City often require different strategies to be defeated.
    [​IMG] Quests
    Embark different quests on your journey to reveal various stories and redeem tempting prizes.
    [​IMG] Heroic Mode
    Adds an additional layer of difficulty that gives new abilities and skills to enemy units in order to test the skills of the most experienced players!
    [​IMG] Shop
    The shop system of Sunken City contains over 130 items within a single shop.
    [​IMG] Rolling
    Players can roll for items to recieve fair distribution.
    [​IMG] Damage and Armor
    Attack and Armor types really do matter in Sunken City. Targeting the best enemy is essential to success.
    [​IMG] 5 Difficulty Settings
    Select a Difficulty that fits yours and your team's skill best! Higher difficulties not only make enemies stronger, but also provide rewards.
    [​IMG] Randomized Loot Tables
    Any creep can drop any of over 550 items in Sunken City.
    [​IMG] Glyphs
    Empower your hero with Glyphs to change his gameplay, increase diversity and make him stronger.
    [​IMG] Random Events
    Random events could happent anywhere in the map, at anytime!
    [​IMG] Gold System
    Gold in Sunken City is shared between everyone. No need to last hit!
    [​IMG] Magic Find
    Magic Find allows you to increase the item drop chances from all enemies!