Snowsong Re-Reforged

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Custom Snowsong model, with appropriate gameplay animations, extracted from mounted Thrall model.

The model was developed by me for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged, but I think it could be useful to many. You are free to use it, but you are required to give credits to me for it (and it is very welcome if you link my project along with the credits).

The model is fully functional, both for gamplay and cinematic wise.
The model and animation edits are done using Reteras Model Studio.

  • Import the .mdx main file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Import the .mdx portrait file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Enjoy!

Snowsong Re-Reforged (Model)

Snowsong Re-Reforged Icon (Icon)

Snowsong Re-Reforged Portrait (Model)

Awesome! I suggest the icon's background to be a bit darker, and it should only has a hint of red and not solid red. But back to model, I really love it. I'm gonna have it my map if you don't mind. Might not come out anytime soon, but I won't forget crediting you if it does come out. :smile: