Zar'jira Re-Reforged

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Custom Zar'jira model, made to look like Zar'jira in World of Warcraft. The model is an edit of the original Lady Vashj model and textures.

The model was developed for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged. I think the model is quite unique and has a lot of charisma, and I thought many could benefit from it. You are free to use it, but you are required to give credits to me for it (and it is very welcome if you link my project along with the credits).

The model is fully functional, both for gamplay and cinematic wise, and it is compatible with Lady Vashj and Sea Witch facial animations.
The model and animation edits are done using Reteras Model Studio.

  • Import the .mdx main file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Import the .mdx portrait file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Import the textures to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths:
  • Enjoy!

Since Zar'jira holds no weapon, the attack animation is no longer there. Instead, we use a single animation for spell and attack.

Zar'jira Re-Reforged (Model)

Zar'jira Re-Reforged Icon (Icon)

Zar'jira Re-Reforged Portrait (Model)

Mr Ogre man
An useful model that, for some reason, Blizzard didn't implement.