Shadows of the Past v0.9.3.0

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Shadows of the Past v0.9.3.0 (Map)

» Vengeancekael:[c] 「Profile :: Hive Staff」 » Reasons: » Comment: Reviewing on request. » Rules: [c] 「Map Submission」 » Contact: [c] 「Staff Contact」 ! 'Reasons' are automated !100%Verdict + Beautiful terrain + Advanced UI + Sounds - Gameplay...







» Vengeancekael:[c] Profile :: Hive Staff
» Reasons:
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Reviewing on request.
» Rules: [c] Map Submission
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+ Beautiful terrain
+ Advanced UI
+ Sounds
- Gameplay
- Troror Engrish
- Content

Well, the terrain's pretty detailed and simply put a beauty, there's nothing to say about it, it's a must for someone like yourself Kobey. /o/ (I especially like the Keeper of the Grove cave)
The UI is quite advanced, first the hero selection with the icons, then the hero inventory that is easy to use.
You've also done a good job with the books and also specific dialogues with buttons.
Though the fun factor is lacking - The beginning leaves more to desire, you're just going around talking to multiple people, finally you're told to go talk to people at a different place and then again to go back to your initial location to talk someone else, finally, at the end you have to talk to someone in a cave, but the main storyline ends there.
Stahp, dialogue's always nice, but the beginning of a map should excite the player and later on focus a bit more on the storyline through conversations.
The pet system doesn't really seem feel like a pet system either, you just get access to another hero you have to control, with its own set of spells to level up, etc.
Would be better to make it follow you automatically and to have the option, but not be forced to, to level up/use its spells manually.
You're developing a single player rpg, but in its current form it's just another MMO, you go around, talk to people, grab an optional quest, go kill a bandit or gather plants for someone and you get gold. Yippy yay~ The advantage of an SPRPG is that you can have a lot more dramatic effects on the environment - Make the world change (literally), be able to make decisions during a dialogue/..., characters move around. But mainly also make the player more powerful, an equipment system is nice and all, plus all of those retardedly numerous stats, but making the player feel more epic should be the priority here to make your map enjoyable.
The RPG has lots of potential, but it feels like you've been working too long on systems and not actually been focusing on the gameplay and storyline - There are books around the world that you can pick up and read, which is always an addition for lore fanatics, there's interaction with characters (though only with people for a quest) and caves to enter which are very atmospheric.
Minor things still to mention would be the beginning, (oh and btw where's the cinematic?) Martin talks about mushrooms, then about you bleeding, then you say where you are, like just wat. If you want the guy to appear wise, then make him more mysterious and don't mention the shrooms, lolol. (Also the soundtrack doesn't really fit)
The QWER management is also a very important factor which you've added, you can assign the hotkey you want to your spell.
You've also added appropriate sounds, for quests, environment, etc.
Troror Engrish -> It starts off well with really well written dialogues, but then it degrades to your level. ;D

To close it off, the map gets -1 because of extremely lacking content and it's not getting a DC because it's just not that enjoyable, aesthetically it is quite impressive, but you still need to work more on the gameplay.

[Also dat Geries. May I interact with myself to touch myself??]


  • Recommended resolution size: 1920x1080 GG one of the least popular
  • I get moved behind the Pet Trainer when I interact with Merchant Ida
  • Work on the unit facing during cutscenes
  • Y u no clear selection circles during cutscenes
  • The lobby description is too long
  • It's written twice "Choose your class" during hero selection
  • Dem in-game credits mayn
  • Pet Dragon Turtle: 'Ravage' & 'Crushing Strike' have the same hotkey

Moderated Version:
Date: 26/Mar/2013 16:59:51

14/11/2011 - Vengeancekael: Dumpy humpy this is a lot of fun.

19:59, 28th Dec 2011
Vengeancekael: Humpy dumpy this is great check it out.

SotP v0.9.0.3 is now uploaded!

Tuesday, Mart 12 2013 15:45
Check it out:
Shadows of the Past

Few users are now constantly checking map and keep reporting bugs.
So far I managed to fix almost 90% of reported stuff and things
I wasn't able to fix are due to system replacement or recreation.

I will keep updating Change Log with info each day, so please check it
first so we can avoid reporting same bugs over and over again.

Next a lot fixed and stable version will be uploaded shortly.

Work in progress =>
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Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
For whatever reason the map crashes for me on loading before even getting in-game. I tried redownloading to see if it'd still occur and for whatever reason it still does. Maybe this has to do with the map optimizer or widgetizer settings?

The map crashes around 90% of the time i try to run it. No idea why. I think it's probably not related to my computer specs since I usually don't have that much of a problem running maps that much. When it doesn't crash theres a few things that i've noticed. . .


Make sure your settings are on high for model/texture quality to play this map else it will crash wc3 on loading!

I've posted suggestions here:
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Level 14
Nov 18, 2007
So I tested the map for a while and got stuck because I kept getting killed by the Bandits in the forest, even though I was playing on Easy Mode as the Squire. XD

Anyway, the opening was nice. I'm glad you made it skippable so people can replay the map easily. Being able to skip the second cinematic might also be nice.

The Hero Pick System was good, though I thought there could have been more information on the Specialties and Signs (unless it's supposed to be a surprise?). There were some formatting errors with the monk and wizard for their text description and the thief didn't have anything.

The camera was kind of annoying because it didn't really let me have a good view of what was going on.

I liked the hit point bar and how the splash screen changed color accordingly, which I got to see many times due to getting slaughtered by Bandits.

I found it funny that you could Interact with yourself. :p

The main criticism I have for this is that there's a big lack of information at the start, at least gameplay-wise. The hunger system took me by surprise since nothing mentioned it, though it didn't matter too much after I found out how easily I could die. Having the people talk to you with Interact will help a lot and won't bother players that already know the information.

Overall, I like the map's tone and atmosphere. It's pretty good for a map that isn't even complete yet. :D

Keep up the good work! ^_^
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
I really don't want to nitpick, but there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. (i.e. : camera, balance, tooltips, icons, short-keys, etc.). I know this is a special treat for Christmas, but you shouldn't have rushed things like you did. ^^
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Trust me, kobas did not rush this. :b
He may not have rushed development, but the release process he rushed for sure. There is something wrong with the map probably when it was optimized/widgetized or whatever since almost 90% of the time I try to load the map wc3 crashes. Beta testers are there to test for that stuff in my opinion.

After reading the response to this:
I realized it does not crash if you set most of your wc3 settings to high(texture/model quality) and usually a higher resolution helps as well.
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Level 37
Mar 6, 2006

+Map has cool preview indow
+I like the music, gives me Neverwinter Nights vibe, and I loved that game
+Terrain is pretty good

Bugs/other issues
In the intro, there is "World Edit: Please help me" text
The fast cam pan could be a bit slower in the intro, also try panning with constant height
In hero selection "HERO STATS" is on the box border
Hero stats is in caps, info is not. I think they could both be in caps
The ranger model has a weapon in hero selection, and seems bigger than the rest of the models
Info texts have an extra space in the beginning in hero selection
In item tooltips, "Give" is not a good word for the stat bonuses
ACV is green in Brutal Attack, red in Mortal Blow
STR has different colour in BA and MB tooltips, ove of them has brackets, the other doesn't
The starting shield of the Squire clips with the hand when running
Squire Sound set...he shouts "For Lordaeron" and that doesn't fit
I'm not sure I like the fade filter and the sotp text when running around
The minimap image has white are at the bottom. Edit it out
The quest descriptions are full of typos, missing words and bad grammar
Backpack selection circles could be very small or the same size as the hero has
Mortal Blow seems like it lags every time you cast it
Brutal Effect seems to apply the effect and possibly the damage before the attack anim "hits"
Why do I have to wait so long to respawn? I understand you might want some method of punishing the player for dying, but naking him wait is not very cool
Select the hero for the player when he respawns

Additionally, I've never liked hunger in games. And it goes down so fast. Is it possible to get food in this version?

This has a lot of potential, it can be a great map, one of the best.
Level 1
Jun 9, 2011
i got fatal when it was 3 seconds before revive
and my friend got it absolutely the same way

babyjingrand3, i think you can buy food in town

forgot to mention - camera is slightly uncomfortable
great map.Good Job
Level 4
Sep 1, 2010
I don't know why, but I have a Morrowind impression. Anyway the map is good but the camera.. how should i say.. something new. The new things aren't always bad, just I need to get used to it.
Level 2
Dec 14, 2009
Feedbacks are so positive. Is it really the challanging, well-balanced, interesting, made with efforts rpg(orpg?) for one person? I will never believe in this. Too bad it has 3d view. I like default war3 not attached to hero camera a lot more/ Have not seen such map since Dark Invasion II which is not finished unfortunately.
camera is pretty good. I've expected much worse. May be it just need to be improved a bit in terms of rotation.
I couldn't kill first bandit on the last difficulty. That's awesome, man! That's what i like.
Thanks for map a lot and good luck in it's development. I hope it will bring me much fun.
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Level 14
Mar 23, 2011
Can't you at least give the player the freedom to play it with the camera that they want to??

Don't doublepost,there is an edit button for usage.
I think the cam system is fine,but it is.. a bit confusing
Level 1
Oct 4, 2009
This has been a truly baffling map. I love your ideas, but some of them are truly confusing. Thanks to a level 5 Hunger that no food can dispel. I eat every bit of food and it just keeps on dropping until Im chugging along at half the speed of smell. The camera was more hindrance than anything else, kept on getting stuck behind trees.
A guide of some sort would help. I chose to be a Diviner or something like that and still find myself picking random flowers. What do I actually do for a living? Then I got to pick my Birth Sign, which helps me know what my horoscope is or something because I still haven't figured out what it does.
My mage has two moves and thats it. I can frost nova or go Dark Side and shoot lightning. Thats about it. Do you learn new moves? Other than the McGuffin fire and water elementals. Nothing stopped me from downing a level 20 boss by sending in Elemental after elemental. Not a scratch on me. Killed a giant spider, some boars, picked some flowers and got a medal. Is that all there is for quests? I saw other areas I SHOULD be able to go but when I clicked them my mage started wandering like I had told him to jump off a cliff. And spaking of clipping problems, Im in what looks like a dry ice quarry and find myself getting swarmed by creeps from adjacent zones.
This sounds critical, but its really not. The map has a lot of potential. Im sure you can fix these problems considering the polish and effort that went into this map. Im rooting for this one, it seems like itll be great.
Level 14
Mar 23, 2011
The map is good but i will rate it by 4 only because of the reason you reject my Orc Kings son short movie

Are you kidding me? Rejecting/Approving/Rating Maps is his job,you're gonna rate less on his maps just because he rejected yours? think man! it wasn't his fault that your map is "unnaceptable" in our database
Level 2
Oct 8, 2011
There seems to be some problems with the hunger system. Even though i ate the food in my backpack the food bar doesnt seem to go up, or rather, my hunger doesn't go down. And some minor language faults, like the usage of present tenses when the object in question is in the past tense. And I can't find the main storyline quest, but that's probably just me. This game made me play for 5 minutes before i quit, which is quite a feat for me. Other than all the faults i mentioned, it's an awesome map. Congratulations!
Level 2
Dec 14, 2009
-when mage use frostbite then first skill, enemy will never ever move, just stay still and wait when i will kill him
-when you spend 1 point into int on mage(idk what is about others) it grants you 3 points of int.
Thats all i have found, wasnt playing much though.
Is it me or you were inspired by Gaias orpg map? many alike things. Gaias is one of my favourite maps and i always wanted the solo version of it. And I have almost find it.
And i like balance in gaias if you play 1-3 people.You have to store up money, kill minibosses many times to be prepared for dungeon, search for rare ingridients. Please make something similar on hard difficulties. Spells look like... unfinished, like when rogue use lifesteal - two icons appear in status (yes, i know it is beta). Anyway it seems like the greatest map so far. 1000/10. Waiting for bugs being dead.
And what is about save/load system. Even if it is solo map, some error may happen at the start, and you wouldnt be able to advance further in another location after many hours of gameplay. And your hero will be lost.
Forgot to say. Music, graphics, interface and the intro are wonderfull.
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Level 3
Mar 2, 2010
For me it felt like a parent, watching his baby making first wobbly, nooby steps towards greatness! :cute:

I just hope it doesn't hit a wall and stays permanently retarded like me! That would suck major donkey balls 'cause I don't wanna see -Kobas- cry and curse himself 20 years later. Like my mom.

Anyways! I know I didn't do anything for this project, but I give my full support to -Kobas- for putting all of this together, while being an excellent college student, and ask YOU to do the same!

Someday this can and will be the best WC3 RPG map, so if you want your nickname in the credits, make effort to contribute in anyway you can!

That said, only one thing left to do: wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! AND HAPPY ALL HOLIDAYS THAT COMES AFTER!!!

Level 2
May 20, 2011
the loading is so long... the loading stopped in the middle of the loading bar. Is that because of my computer or it is because the map size?
Fatal error. After revive. Need hotFix
It works fine, really, I can make video, dunno how to fix this for you.
I suggest playing on highest details, and largest possible resolution.

EDIT: is out, I made some silly error with pathing ground on version, dunno how really, but there was 2 errors that I fixed as soon as possible.
I tested this new version it works fine, dunno is this optimizer error or whatever...
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Alright lets see,

*Add some kind of effect above a merchant's head, like the question mark for quest givers
*Shouldn't a new quest be represented by an exclamation mark and a finished quest by a question mark?
*God you suck so much, an epic soundtrack playing for no reason during the intro :p Also why does the character sound so desperate, I wish I was more badass D:
*Find a way to remove the background noise when music is being played, it's annoying like hell ;_;
*Lia doesn't have a projectile model
*I get no xp or gold from killing a bandit? :<
*Make a quest available once you're powerful enough to actually fulfill it, like the Spider Queen one
*The camera is still too high when you go up a cliff
*Also sorry, it's actually "I've forgotten the taste of apples"
*None of the available food fills your hunger meter drastically ;_; I mean honestly make it more realistic, so that 5 apples fill your hunger meter, jesus, I ate 4 pies and 5 apples and it was still not enough
*Make the hunger meter go down slower
*Make the hunger meter go down according to your class maybe? Like rangers are basically hunters, so they need not eat too much, while sorcerers are not like that and need more food
*The ability title for the ability that summons your fire elemental says "Summon Wolf"

Also if that's supposed to be the start of the RPG, then it's really not that interesting :/
Add more tension, intense battles in the beginning to keep the player interested and later on, maybe then you can fill some empty spaces with generic quests, but honestly I was really bored after the first quest.
Level 5
Feb 6, 2010
I luv this map, the charcter creation is sexy too XD, luv the gameplay nd terrian nd while i was playing this nice map...The guards blocked the entrance of the city after they killed a crab >.> so im stuck in the city.
Level 1
Dec 27, 2011
for an unfinished map, its really good, although i think you should change the camera . . .
as for the hunger system, its quite annoying to spent money on food which only refill 6 hunger point for 18 gold. i think the reduction of the hunger point is way too fast . . .
i think it will be better if you can find the food on your way, to make it easier . . .
well overall its a good map after all . . . the terrain, trees, grass, and etc are all great . . . !! especially the hero selection . . . although i would prefer you explain more about the mark and speciality . . :D