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Ruins of the Past

Discover the great mysteries of the Grand Island. Fight your opponents, as they fight you, But beware... In the middle of the isle, in the forgotten city, a great danger awaits...

This map might be hard to path in, because it was normally made for a campaign.
And i had to remove all the custom things, remove doodads for start locations, and... argh!
Well, i finished it anyways.

Things, thats not melee:
- the city in the middle, because i used some custom models, made by killst4r.
- Some bones, that i have scaled up
- The "Wooden Panels" Tileset, used in the middle. Made by Game_Slave.

Mabye i will add some screenies by time.

Use this map to whatever you want, as long as you give credits.

Made teals base a bit bigger.
Added a new entrance to teals base (connected to reds).
Modifyed gold in goldmines to 30000.
Some of the units is now on "camp" because they attacked nearly at the start.

Say to me, if you want blues area to be connected to the goblin merchant.

Melee, Ruins, Panda, Revenant,

Ruins of the Past (Map)

03:07, 21st Aug 2008 Septimus: Few error and mismatch that could ruin the fun of this map. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/788668-post4.html




03:07, 21st Aug 2008

Few error and mismatch that could ruin the fun of this map.

Level 6
Aug 13, 2008
Comments: Interesting melee map with nice use of terrains texture and custom doodads. however i might add there is too little trees and if the battle were to drag on it would disadvantage other race apart from elves. the back exit from teal base is also redundant as it is blocked at the very tip. Apart from that, good effort and keep it up, i am sure it be better the next time =). This map at least warrant a 3.5-4.5/5
Level 31
May 3, 2008
Notice & Contact
This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus.
If you think this map review is not accurate or require another review, feel free to contact Alexis Septimus. But, map would only be review again for second time and also for the last time unless under certain circumstances. It would be selfish to request constantly a mod/admin to keep review your map as there is many other maps waiting for approval as well.

However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Excellent (5)
2) Ingenuity -
3) Minor Error -
4) Replay Value - Bad (2)
5) Fun factor/gameplay - Bad (2)
6) Use of imported material - Average (3)
7) Single player -
8) AI support -
9) Camera -
10) Originality -
11) File Size - Excellent (5)
12) Balancing -
13) Packaging - Average (3)
14) Credits - Bad (2)
15) Storyline - Bad (2)
16) Theme -
17) Protection - Excellent (5)
18) Quality - Average (3)
19) Description/Information - Average (3)
20) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Excellent (5)

Total Accumulation Point : 40/60 + 0 = 40

[+] -
[!] -
[-] - Mismatch storyline
[-] - Unguarded shop
[-] - Unguarded gold mine
[-] - Not balance, too many creep + high level creep at certain point.
[-] - Extremely limited space, it is very hard to find enough space to build a medium size structure such as barracks.
[-] - This map seems to be edited from a campaign, but which campaign ? Who is the original author of the campaign ? Is it belong to blizzard or somebody else ?
[-] - Drop item does not worth the value of the monster.

Review : Ok, there is no creep guarding shop. All shop and fountain must be guarded by monster except Tavern, if you view all blizzard map. You would notice this as well.

Second, the storyline doesn't seem to match with the map condition. The story written "But beware... In the middle of the isle, in the forgotten city, a great danger awaits..."

But what danger ? I do not even see 1 powerful creep at the middle of the map.

Third, the space is too limited. It is very difficult to build any structure at all.

Fourth, some drop item does not worth the value. For example, Revenant Of The Depths is a level 8 monster but drop level 4 item. He should drop at least level 5-6 item.

Fifth, you put 5 high level revenant together which is not a good thing to do. If there is a level 10 monster as a big boss with 4 creep as his guardian, usually the guardian level does not higher than level 6.

Finally, it seems you edit somebody else map from a campaign. But, this map belong to who ? If this map belong to blizzard, then it is fine. But, if this map belong to somebody else. You should give credit to the original author of this map as well. As I recall, I do not see any map like this at wc3 campaign created by blizzard.

I actually would deduct more point based on such a condition, but seen the terrain are quite well and please to view. I would let this review stay neutral without any point deduction.

Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 40/100
Rating - 2/5
Condition - Good
Status - Approve
Review - 1
The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else.
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