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Last Activity:
Apr 16, 2014
Dec 3, 2006


GAME OVER! Take lollipop.

Switch33 was last seen:
Apr 16, 2014
    1. Nestharus
    2. Magtheridon96
      Thanks for that suggestion ^.^
      Our map is already up to 5MB without that UI and I fear that we could exceed the limit of 8 O_O
    3. Magtheridon96
      Me too, it's 10:20 AM and I haven't slept all night :P
      Good night /bro/
    4. Bribe
      You'd need to upload the JASS code for me, because I can't open maps at work.
    5. Magtheridon96
      Usually, undefined variables are the cause.
    6. Switch33
      Well, I thought it might be wrong since it look'ed the most confusing. Upon further inspection it seems to make sense the way you did it. The only thing i can really think of is that the test is not running right because I am not seeing the test units being created right at all. I'm unsure of the cause of it though really since there was near no change in the test code.
    7. Magtheridon96
      I knew something like this was bound to happen :o

      It's pretty confusing now >_<
      I never had to work with Matrices ;/
      I haven't even taken them in school yet D:
      I'm familiar with vectors though (Got a 100 on the last test :>)

      The new version of updateAxisMatrix you posted in the Pastebin looks about right.
      The first parameter in the old functions is the output (I knew that, but I don't know why the functions turned out to be wrong when I gave you a compiling version ;o)
    8. Magtheridon96
      Probably another error in which you expect the data to have been changed in one way but it was changed in another :o

      I guess the algorithm needs to be revised ;/


      Do you have a working copy of that Camera system in the video that was in that link? I really want to use that camera for my entry for Paired Mapping Contest #6 :3
    9. Magtheridon96
      I knew it ^_^

      By the way, about the camera system that was in there... is it any good for Single-player RPGs with indoor scenes? :O
    10. Magtheridon96
      When you wrote that it was 2 pm; I guess you're on the east coast of the US then :D or Canada/Brazil
      Am I right? :P
    11. Magtheridon96
      The new API makes Vectors seem like Tangible objects rather than Mathematical figures ;)
      This way, you'd have control over the instance count. Do you have any idea how many instances the old one took? You could go over 8191 in a few minutes :o
    12. Magtheridon96
      call Vector3D.transform4D(Pos, Pos, .View)
      set b = Pos.z < 0
      call Vector3D.transform4D(Pos, Pos, .Projection)

      Inside world2Win


      call Vector3D.transform4D(Pos, .View)
      set b = Pos.z < 0
      call Vector3D.transform4D(Pos, .Projection)
    13. Magtheridon96
      This is what your updateAxisMatrix should look like with the new API:

      private method updateAxisMatrix takes nothing returns nothing
      local Matrix3D mat
      set .AxisZ = Vector3D.copy(.At)
      call Vector3D.subtract(.AxisZ, .Eye)
      call Vector3D.normalize(.AxisZ)
      set mat = Matrix3D.rotateAxis(Matrix3D.zero(), .AxisZ, -.Roll)
      set .AxisX = Vector3D.copy(.AxisZ)
      call Vector3D.cross(.AxisX, Vector3D.oneZ)
      call Vector3D.normalize(.AxisX)
      set .AxisY = Vector3D.copy(.AxisX)
      call Vector3D.cross(.AxisY, .AxisZ)
      call Vector3D.transform3D(.AxisY, mat)
      call Vector3D.transform3D(.AxisX, mat)
      call Matrix4D.lookAt(.View, .Eye, .AxisX, .AxisY, .AxisZ)
      call mat.destroy()
    14. Magtheridon96
      The problem is that you're passing way too many arguments to the Vector3D functions :o
      I changed their API, so now, the Vector is more 'tangible' meaning that you'd have to create/copy vectors in order to preserve data; Vector3D.normalize will take a vector and normalize it, modifying it's x, y and z coordinates;
    15. Magtheridon96
      A lot of things should be re-written :P
      All these Vector libraries from 2010 and before are just so.. so.. gay? :P
      They have an API that's anything but User-friendly.
      If I call normalize while giving a vector, I would expect that vector to be normalized.
      That Vector lib I gave you fixes that :3
    16. Switch33
      Thanks Mag, I'll try and implement that into the current system.

      Edit: Since you made it extends array it needs a more proper .destroy() method.
    17. Magtheridon96
    18. rcshaggy
      Well as long you like it and your happy I don't really care if you like it.
      I have other things to like and love.
    19. Switch33
      Ok? I don't understand why you don't like me because of my avatar. That's the silliest thing ever.

      Saw is an great movie for some people and awful movie for a lot of other people. It really depends. I didn't like the saw movies for quite a long time till they grew on me. I think it was partly after I broke my foot which got me to really like watching horror movies for some reason. :D But yeah Saw does have some retarded parts and stupid acting among other issues but what sci-fi/horror movie doesn't?
    20. rcshaggy
      If it weren't for the creepy avatar I would actually like you.
      As well I don't like Saw. I think its a really dumb and retarded movie with nothing at all.
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