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Jun 23, 2007
Actually the work that has been put into it is a very huge amount ^ to even say that statement you first would need to get into terraining, triggering, etc...
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Mar 25, 2004
monkeypieman9, I know that you're more fitted for the job than me to create your own World of Warcraft type of mod for WarCraft III, however, there is quite a large difference between your mod and my own. In fact, you cannot even compare the two --- aside from the fact that they're attempts at recreating another game but slightly different.

I mean no offense when I say this, but a major difference between the two is that they are not of the same format and the quality of both mods are different too. Wc3:WoW was intended to be a single player campaign. Campaign files cannot be easily converted to multiplayer maps because their custom files are imported into one MPQ file, not each individual map. Therefore, your attempt at making it multiplayer would either take quite some time or never happen at all. It is simply a fact.

In all honesty, I think you're just a troll though. And for good reason. "Your mod" is basically all the maps from my mod, except with poorer terrain (judging from the screenshots; I am not going to waste my time downloading and looking at all the other maps) and a very poor description, story, and direction for where you apparently want this mod to go into. And claiming your mod to be the most epic thing on Hive is a clear indication that it is just a trolling project, since you hardly put any effort or time into it.

If you continue to say anymore, I will just delete all your posts for trolling.

Thread cleaned by removing trolling comments and other comments relating to the conversation. (except for this post obviously)
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Sep 19, 2011
Happen to me before, I quitted lots of projects because I couldn't find a damn coder. Now I decided to make one project and make it a good one. It's definitely a lot of work but I succeeded in making one map and I'm still working on the second all alone. Parallel to this I am also working on what I learned to do best.

I encourage everyone that starts a big project to think if it's achievable or not and also be decisive if he/she wants to actually carry this through. Al that's left is to never give up and keep working.

I was following this project a long time ago to...