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Level 22
Apr 12, 2014

Hey, welcome! This thread is about the campaign I'm currently working on.
Shadows of Hatred - My first campaign. Developed through 2014-2016. SoH also received a major update on August 2020.
Legacy of Gilneas - My current campaign project. Developed through 2020 - ?.
Discussion started here.


Some time after the Second War, Greymane constructed the Greymane Wall — an enormous stone barrier that now separates Gilneas from Lordaeron. Attempting to forever remove his nation from what he considered "other people's troubles", he barricaded the majority of Gilneas behind the Wall. No one, not even other humans were allowed to enter Gilneas. The lands of Lord Darius Crowley including Pyrewood and Ambermill were notably separated from their liege and nation by the Wall, effectively ceded to Lordaeron.Soon, the wall that they have built will no longer protect them as the gilneans will find themselves at each others throat while a new threat is rising with an intent to sweep their very land.

- Story inspired by WoW Cataclysm.
  • Around 14 planned chapters.
  • New gilnean/worgen tech-tree.
  • Select your own difficulty.


Genn Greymane - is the current King of Gilneas, and one of the original founders of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Greymane joined the other human leaders in forming the Alliance of Lordaeron to counter the Horde threat, but due to his pride, he offered only token support. After the conclusion of the Second War, he decided that Gilneas could not and would not pay for the wars of other nations, so he withdrew Gilneas from the Alliance, ordered the construction of the Greymane Wall and isolated Gilneas from the rest of the world.
Prince Liam Greymane - a member of the royal family of Gilneas and the son and heir of King Genn Greymane. He often disagreed with his father and had quarrels with him, particularly over seceding from the Alliance and constructing the Wall. When the plague began to overtake Lordaeron, causing the nation to plead for aid from Gilneas, Liam rebuked his father for not sending any help to their fellow kingdom.
Belysra Starbreeze - is a night elf priestess who fought during the War of the Satyr. She, along with the druid Ralaar, created the Scythe of Elune, a powerful artifact containing the power of the moon goddess Elune and of the wolf Ancient Goldrinn. She later travels with many night elves to Gilneas after sensing a wrongness there involving the worgen.
Lord Darius Crowley - a Gilnean nobleman. A pro-Alliance figure, he dissented with King Genn Geymane's decision to separate his people with the Greymane Wall. In retaliation for Greymane's decision to abandon the Alliance, it was Crowley that was responsible for sending the Gilneas Brigade to Jaina Proudmoore during the Third War.
Lord Vincent Godfrey - a Gilnean nobleman. After, Genn told Godfrey of his intentions of constructing the Greymane Wall to seal Gilneas off from the rest of the world. He pointed out that constructing it through a mountainous region in Lord Crowley's domain would make for a more secure natural barrier. Genn warned that Darius might not take well to having his lands cut off, but Godfrey insisted that it was the best course of action for Gilneas.
Sylvanas Windrunner - Queen of the Forsaken, a faction of undead who broke away from the Scourge and took control of much of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Having carved out an alliance with the Horde and sometime after the defeat of the Lich King, she was then ordered by the new horde warchief Garrosh Hellscream to move south into Gilneas because the Horde wanted a port in northern Lordaeron.
Ralaar Fangfire - also known as Alpha Prime, was the first worgen. When the Druids of the Pack fell to the feral rage of the Pack Form. He was the only one who retained its sanity. Malfurion Stormrage, seeing no other choice in containing the worgen threat, used the Scythe of Elune to banish the worgen to the Emerald Dream, where they would rest for all eternity.





If you have anything to say, feel free to post!
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Level 14
Nov 17, 2010
Sounds cool, I love campaigns. Also just so you know the screenshots aren't working for me. Make sure they are not in a private album that you are linking to or most people wont be able to see them.
Level 12
May 11, 2014
Maybe try this : Rage of Vengance (increse attack and movement speed ) or wrath of the naru (a powerful energy wave to destroy enemy units ) ?
Level 12
May 11, 2014
Yeah Rage of hatred is good (increse movement and attack speed for a short time )
Level 11
Oct 11, 2013
Ooh! Hive's campaign section is growing a lot this year :p
Really nice screenshots and the story looks great, I will love play another Illidan x Maiev campaign. I only suggest you to remove Akama's permanent invisibility, it's kinda of bad, if you ask me.
I wish you luck, if you need any help, just call ;)