!Battle for Gilneas! (Please Hear Me Out)

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Mar 5, 2010
Hello, if anyone has played World of Warcraft you know that their is much that happened after WCIII. One of the most interesting stories I have seen through my many adventures of that game was the Starter Zone of the Gilnean Worgen. I love the way it was done, and the concept; although the idea is sore and unoriginal I would like to recreate the Starter Zone in Warcraft III format.

For those of you who don't know the story here is a quick layout of the Battle of Gilneas.

Feel Free: To Correct Me If I Am Wrong!

The Gilnean People assisted the Alliance in the second war of Azeroth. When it became apparent that the Alliance needed Gilneas more than Gilneas needed the Alliance, King Genn Greymane had decided to cut off all ties to the outside world, and sustain his own people rather than injure his people with the qualms of others.

He built the Greymane Wall to keep others out, but this also kept the new spreading Worgen Curse, contained in his city. They had been fighting the worgen at the wall for many decades keeping them at bay with the might of their "Wall".

When Deathwing (Cataclysm reference) emerged from the depths of the earth this shattered the Greymane Wall. Allowing the Worgen from the Silverpine Forest to enter the city.

--Our Story Starts--
Genn Greymane fights against the Worgen invasion and fails to protect his people. The city of Greymane become cursed and part of the Worgen race. (Werewolves in London folks? ::eekani::) The scientists of the Greymane people find a way to suppress the curse, keeping the sanity of the individual but trapping them in the bestial form. Greymane City being so close to the Undercity or (Old Lordaeron) the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner invades and intends to claim Greymane City.

An old ally of the alliance who seems to be nice to EVERYONE, The Night Elves, come to the aid of the Worgen. They find a way to return them to their human selves... sort of. And drive back the Undead back to their Undercity.

So the idea is to recreate this story in WCIII format with building outposts and small armies to defeat a most of the time more impressive and well supplied foe, but using the unique and overpowering racial advantages end up defeating anyway.

----------------------Technical Stuff-------------------

Campaign --

**Prelude - History of Gilneas: Explains the Greymane Wall and How it was shattered.

*Chapter 1 - Gilneas' Darkest Night: The fight against Worgen and explanation of the Worgen Curse.

*Chapter 2 - High Moon: the Turning and cursing of all Gilneas, the few humans remaining, gather the materials necessary for the Humanity Cure of Worgen Citizens.

*Chapter 3 - The Sun Will Rise: Gilnean scientists have found a way to return the humanity to the Worgen Citizens of Gilneas, hunt down and return the Worgen Citizens, to be cured.

**Interlude - The Other Monsters: Discovery of the Undead Ships off the cost of Gilneas, and the start of the war.

*Chapter 4 - Hunger for Bones: (I know dog-bones haha funny. :xxd:) The battle at the edge of Duskhaven. The retreat to Stormglen and the extermination of the spider inhabitants.

*Chapter 5 - An Old Friend: The Night Elves show themselves to aid the Worgen, and perform the purification ritual for them. Greymane is revealed to be infected.

*Chapter 6 - Traitors: Outraged at the Kings Curse, Vincent Godfrey commits suicide and refuses to live under a tyrant mongrel. The voyage to Emberstone Villiage. (Along the way ambushed and captives taken.)

*Chapter 7 - Let My People Go: The rescue and freeing of imprisoned Gilneans and the preparations for taking back Gilneas City!

*Chapter 8 - Gilneas City: The assault of Gilneas, Liam Greymane dies at the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner. They take back their city.

**Epilogue - Rejoining the Alliance: Genn Greymane admits his wrongs and agrees to rejoin the alliance and leaves for Darnassus.

*Chapter X - Revenge of Vincent Godfrey: A lot of people don't know, in fact I had to look it up. Godfrey is reanimated after death, and uses his new Forsaken powers to turn the undead who attempt to control him. He takes his Worgen followers and retreats to Shadowfang Keep. In this Bonus Level, the players will be assaulting Shadowfang Keep.

Gilnean People --

Heroes -
*Genn Greymane

*Darius Crowley
**Worgen Darius Crowley

*Liam Greymane

Units -

Footman -
Rifleman -
Priest -
Worgen -
Peasent -


I don't think i should write this all out right now, I shall add on as ideas come in from the Idea Factory. Lastly, i would like Cinematic with Voice Acting, it is a rare occurrence for a Campaign to have voice actors so I would like this campaign to have that.

Feel Free to Send Auditions to [email protected]

Anyone interested in this idea, either by support, or joining the crew please post in this thread. :grin:
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