[Altered Melee] Gilneas Worgen Race

Hi everyone, Vindorei here.
I'm planning to make Gilneas worgen race, right now I've completed most of unit models, many thanks to CSW team's Kul Tiras model pack and @Araven 's gryphon model.
I'll continue to buildings, which could take some time.

Right now I only have a preview of done units, they are:

Wild Gryphon, Warcart, Primitive, Stalker,

Gilnean Raven, Chaplain, Blood Wizard, Harvest Druid,

Genn Greymane, Berserker, Hunter, Sapper.


Welcome to any suggestions and ideas, it feels so good to do something to give back to the community that inspired me for years.
Level 5
Sep 25, 2021
Hey, these Gilnean worgen are looking amazing!

If you can share a bit more on the context of these units, I would be glad to brainstorm a bit in this thread. I wouldn't want to give ideas or suggestions that wouldn't make sense with your custom race.

But they are beautiful models.
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