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RMPQExtractor 1.0

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This tool originates from here

Firstly, this tool is not mine.

Secondly, here's the description by the author, d07.RiV:

Almost an MPQ editor. I didn't implement any editing functionality, maybe I will do that in future.
It is based on my own MPQ library and it seems to be faster than MPQ Master.
  • Can extract any file (MPQ master usually cannot extract files with unknown names)
  • Includes a listfile that should be enough for all your needs
  • Filename search aka reconstructing listfile - should find all used files and some unused, except those specified in JASS in obfuscated form, e.g. "ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTN" + "Something" + ".blp"
  • Search unknown files in other maps: select a bunch of maps and it will check if any of them have the files with the same names as the ones you couldn't reconstruct.
  • Dump object data in .txt files in human-readable form (almost), works with widgetized maps as well.
  • Deobfuscate JASS script to make it readable
  • Built-in hex viewer (right-click a file and select View binary)
  • Built-in image viewer (right-click a file and select View image)
How to use: extract the program and the listfile.txt in the same folder. Do not modify the original listfile, the one you already have is usually enough and if you use a large listfile it will significantly slow down opening archives.
Listfiles = use it before loading a map, select listfiles to use (it doesnt save whatever you add there if you exit the program)
Open = open the map you specified
Add listfile = look for unknown files in another listfile
Auto search = the "reconstructing listfile" feature
Search in files = look in other maps for unknown files
Extract listfile = write the file list to an external file
Dump object data = what does this little button do?
Deobfuscate JASS script = same as above

Extract to = select the path for extracting files


d07.RiV, MPQ, Extractor, MPQExtractor, list, listfile

RMPQExtractor 1.0 (Binary)

15:29, 1st Oct 2009 PurplePoot: Seems great and the author seems to have given you permission to post it here. In the future, please make that more clear—I was about to reject it until I saw his comment.




15:29, 1st Oct 2009
PurplePoot: Seems great and the author seems to have given you permission to post it here. In the future, please make that more clear—I was about to reject it until I saw his comment.
Level 2
Nov 23, 2008
-snip- I might been banned for posting this... because this is like piracy. well, ill ask a mod later if i can post this.
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Level 2
Nov 23, 2008
na, we have mpq browsers here, and it can be used for other stuff... and is suposta... hell you can deprotect a map with any mpq editor for the most part.........
I am not talking about a map. I have deprotected project revolution's mpq with it. and i didn't unlock a little bit. i unlocked everything!
yea, but it still has a few unnamed files, it only gets the ones refrenced by somewhere in the code, so the extra files ya gotta rename by hand... besides just cause it CAN be used for cheating, dosnt mean it will, atleast not as much... and fyi project revolution is pretty old, and prolly needs to be released anyways, (its been a year since any progress has been made)
Level 2
Nov 23, 2008
Umm, No. I got every single file named with that program. Also they don't work on project revolution anymore because there's a problem with the zerg race. When they know how to fix it they WILL indeed continue on the project untill it's 100% complete.
Level 4
Sep 9, 2007
The ones that aren't references in the code can't be very important, anyways. Probably unused files. It does work with all MPQs, whether corrupted or not, so it is more useful than MPQMaster. Unfortunately, it lacks an importing function, so it's impossible to re-add files, if you get my drift.
Level 10
Jul 12, 2009
It seems like every time I run this, all the sound options in the Object Editor disappear and I have to reinstall WC3... Anyone else?
I am still suspicious, but on the other hand I might have just been accidentally hitting control-8. :crazz:
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