This bundle is marked as director's cut. It meets all expectations and excels in every regard.
Rifleman Elite v1.0

Think of them as dwarven special forces - extremely skilled warriors trained to battle in both ranged and close combat, on any terrain and in any weather conditions. They are veterans of many wars and battles, most of them played key roles in defence of Dun Morgoth during the Second War. Elite Riflemen squads count up to 5 members, every one of them has a special squad insignia (the one presented here is a Hammer Squad member). They use modified Blunder Buss rifles with sniper scopes and bayonets, a deadly weapon for all occasions, and gnomish fragmentation grenades.


Walkspeed for this unit is: 240.

If you want the rifleman to attack with rifle animation only turn on only 1st attck.
If you want him to attack melee only - turn only 2nd attack.
Unfortunately - it is NOT possible for this unit to ranged attack units that are far
away and then melee attack them when they get close - because both (1st and 2nd) attacks use the same minimum range, so you must choose the attack you want, folks (well, you can also set the ranged attack to harm only air units and groud attack to damage land ones - but it's not to funny).

If you have questions about this model - mail me: [email protected]

Have fun. =]


rifleman gun elite

RiflemanElite (Model)

RiflemanElite (Model)

20:44, 1st Mar 2009 Dan van Ohllus: I can't believe this model hasn't a model moderate review. Director's cut for it's awesome usage of animations, and the quality of the model itself is great
Level 1
Jul 9, 2011
I think you should make the second model, that rename animation "attack one" to "attack two" and "attack two" to "attack one". Then you can make a skill toggle mode like 1st skill of troll (dota) :thumbs_up:
Because, if there is no name-changing, the alternative-form just enable 'combat - attack 2' don't show attack info ingame
When you done, please tell me :grin:
Level 7
Sep 2, 2011
The size of this model is a pain. Really, really, a pain.
I was supposed to download it until I saw the file size.

But great model :D
Level 3
Jul 28, 2012
Hey guys, if you wanna make him attack close range and distance, you simply need to give it a skill that allows him to attack close range. If you use a searing arrow or a cold arrow, you set the range to 100, and use the animation of attack two, you have 0 problems :D It works. And as for the model! :D I have loved this model in all of the times ive seen it :D 5/5! ;D