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  • Xin chao. Ban co muon tham gia social group The Vietnamese Modding Community khong? Chung toi dang mong muon ket noi cac modder nguoi Viet tren Hive Workshop. Mot loi moi vao nhom da duoc gui den ban. Hay vao User CP de xem va join group.
    well, the sandro campaign was easy as f*ck,having the armor of the damned and cloak of the undead king in the start,birth of a barb and dragon slayer was hard as sh*t
    Hey,since you play homm, have you beaten some campaigns?
    i've never beat restoration of erathia,i always get bored after a while,armaggedon's blade and shadow of death is quite hard,but i managed to beat anyway lol
    For the record, there are many useful links and tuts around here (this forum & others). Will add more.
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    About Minimap preview
    Use a MPQ Browser like Magos War3 Model Editor, right click a open source map, press Open With war3modeleditor, on the mpq browser, search for the minimap file and open it. Use the texture manager to know the size of the minimap.
    Minimap size is variable according to your mapsize.

    After you know the minimap size, resize your picture, and import as war3mapMap.blp
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    (Post) let it be vietnamese then, but if you reply in your profile, I won't notice it I don't go to your profile anymore.
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