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Model by Turiel. You can access the model through the assets link below.

Path: Textures\RiflemanElite.blp

Rifleman Elite, Elite, l33t, Rifleman

RiflemanElite (Texture)

camel's_hump: one of my favorites.
Level 4
Oct 10, 2004
Looking really great antihero.. like your realistic style, although it´s not really quite fitting for wc3 in my opinion.
but that´s just because you can´t really appreciate the details in the wc3 engine.
The only thing i see as a con here is the missing of teamcolor. (Or did you set the teamcolor to green in viewer?)
Anyway, great job!
Level 15
Aug 13, 2004
I'll release a version with some TC on it, however I don't want to just change the capes because it doesn't
really look good. I mean, I took a long time trying to mix in a realistic mix of blues, browns, and
yellows into that green so it really kills the effect to have to change it back to a flat color.

olofmoleman- what specifically needs more contrast. The blend of colors I thought help
it look like more then a green blob in the game; but anything specific?

Chaozzz- Do you have anything useful to say...like a way to improve the boots and capes.
Level 1
Mar 18, 2008
I'm new to using models and can't freaking figure it out! Someone plz help me with this! I want to use skins so much but i can't freaking get them to work! I guess i just can't figure out the path part and how to swicth it with the old skin with the new one.
Level 2
Aug 2, 2011
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