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Rifleman Elite v1.0

Think of them as dwarven special forces - extremely skilled warriors trained to battle in both ranged and close combat, on any terrain and in any weather conditions. They are veterans of many wars and battles, most of them played key roles in defence of Dun Morgoth during the Second War. Elite Riflemen squads count up to 5 members, every one of them has a special squad insignia (the one presented here is a Hammer Squad member). They use modified Blunder Buss rifles with sniper scopes and bayonets, a deadly weapon for all occasions, and gnomish fragmentation grenades.


Walkspeed for this unit is: 240.

If you want the rifleman to attack with rifle animation only turn on only 1st attck.
If you want him to attack melee only - turn only 2nd attack.
Unfortunately - it is NOT possible for this unit to ranged attack units that are far
away and then melee attack them when they get close - because both (1st and 2nd) attacks use the same minimum range, so you must choose the attack you want, folks (well, you can also set the ranged attack to harm only air units and groud attack to damage land ones - but it's not to funny).

If you have questions about this model - mail me: [email protected]

Have fun. =]


rifleman gun elite

RiflemanElite (Model)

RiflemanElite (Model)

20:44, 1st Mar 2009 Dan van Ohllus: I can't believe this model hasn't a model moderate review. Director's cut for it's awesome usage of animations, and the quality of the model itself is great




20:44, 1st Mar 2009
Dan van Ohllus:
I can't believe this model hasn't a model moderate review.
Director's cut for it's awesome usage of animations, and the quality of the model itself is great
Level 5
Feb 13, 2005
Hope you like this one :)
I took seriously your advices on the Brahn Bronzebeard's model - texture is a bit better and hands and legs have proper size (at least I hope so :))
Unfortunately it's not possible to make him attack a land unit from a distance with the first attack, and then fight in close combat with the second attack when this unit gets close. That's because minimum attack range is defined for both, 1st and 2nd attacks.
But I still hope that this hero rifleman will be a lot of fun :)
Level 6
Mar 25, 2005
Sweet model. Too bad the animation thing didn't work out. I'm going to use it in my rpg, cuz I am so tired of the boring old ugly blizzard rifleman model. Nice job, keep it up. 4.5/5
Level 5
Feb 13, 2005
-> Nasrudin:

It's impossible to set a minimum range ONLY for rifle (attack one). Like I said the minimum attack range is defined for both attacks (rifle + bayonet), so when you set it this way you will only be able to shoot the rifle from 100 minimum distance and when the target gets to 50 - nothing will happen, because minimum range is 100 (for both attacks).

Well, meanwhile I got another idea, but it's not automatic. You can give him a skill that changes the rifleman into... the same rifleman :) that attacks with second attack instead of first one. I mean a button for switching attack modes, but it's not automatic...
Level 5
Feb 13, 2005
-> Daveman:

I never used a Paladins cape here :) The model is done completely from nothing with no copied model parts from WC3 units. Even the texture is not a reskinned copy of rifleman.blp (though I took pattern from it).
And there is a "spell two" animation that is a copy of the bayonet attack just in case - so you can also use the bayonet only as a spell.
Level 3
Nov 14, 2004
you could try someting like that but use a trigger that when an enemy unit comes with bayonet range it switches the shooting unit with the melee unit.

i dunno if triggers can do that but i was wondering the same thing the other night when i got the idea to make a whole mess of missle units with melee attacks

good work on the model tho
Level 5
Jan 6, 2005
WOW nice... good looking, simple, many animations,as far i can c... glow, melee AND range attack, looks like rifleman just MUCH cooler and more armored... FITS PERFECT for a rifleman captain... 10/5 love it :D

oh yea forgot to mention... icon :D
Level 1
Apr 28, 2005
  • I hope there will be more amazing dwarf models from you...

Exactly what I am saying, T.J.!

You definitely do great work, TurieL.


Level 65
Oct 6, 2004
You should be able to make him use the melee-attack animation when target units are in melee-distance by is activating only the first attack and using the following trigger:

-Generic unit event - any unit is attacked

-Unit type of (attacking unit) equal to (unit type using the model)
-Distance between (position of (triggering unit)) and (position of (attacking unit)) smaller or equal to 200.00
-Custom value of (attacking unit) not equal to 1

-Unit - Set custom value of (attacking unit) to 1
-Animation - Remove the one animation tag to (attacking unit)
-Animation - Add the two animation tag to (attacking unit)
-General - Wait until (Distance between (Position of (Triggering unit)) and (Position of (attacking unit)) greater than 200), checking every 0.50 seconds
-Animation - Remove the two animation tag to (attacking unit)
-Animation - Add the one animation tag to (attacking unit)
-Unit - Set the custom value of (attacking unit) to 0

This gets more out of this great model.
Enjoy it's various attack animations!
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
A closer look reveals that it, like the Brahn Bronzebeard model, excels in all those made up thing that I rate things upon to give them the esteemed rating of director's choice

First you make Brahn, then you make this. You sir are brilliant
moah moah i've seen better. overal 3/5
chaos you think youre so great handing out 3/5's as if you own the place and that youre such a great artist. you dont have much credability seeing your skins so dont act as if you do. you dont even elaborate on why this is a 3/5. givng it a 3/5 becuse you've seen better is just plain stupid. youre basing the score then on the best model you've ever seen to this opposed to this and the expectations of what you may see on this site. i give you a 1/10 then since i've seen better critics.

this is a truly great model, custom animitons, not just an edit from blizzard's model, pretty good skin. i love the way you used his bayonette to some use. this deserves a 5/5.
Level 2
May 22, 2005
I love this model, it is really good, but I'm having a problem with it in my map.

Ive given it a spell called "snipe", basically a long range Stormbolt. I tolf it to do the "Attack Slam" animation, but instead it did the "throw" animation. I tried it over with just the regular "attack" animation, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions?

I tried using the "attack one slam" anim, but that still isnt working
Level 9
Apr 9, 2004
Ohhh i can use this model for my AoS Map (since i'll only have to worry about 1 unit it'll be easier)

Anyways, you can simply make an ability based off of the goblin tinker's ultimate. Chnage the second anims to alternate anims. This way you can alternate the model and evebn trigger it to switch automatically if the enemy he's fighting gets too close.

Aside from that; i was wondering; since this was done so well; can you make a mortar along the same line (a buch of diff attack anims and particle emmitters to make him look swell like this guy having some for close combat and some for range). But this is one of the best models in here; 5/5.
Level 1
Jul 18, 2005
Hey, this guy rocks! Could you make a compleatly unarmed Dwarf unit? Hey, it would be great if ANY ONE would make one, it would rock. Drop me a line if u will.