Replacing CryptLord and CryptFiend (suggestions pls)

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Apr 8, 2017
Hey all im making a melee map which has Undeads and Nerubians as differents races, so decided to just change these units models to no change the Undead gameplay style. ill just change their models (CryptLord and CryptFiend).

Can you suggest me some model to do it (just bring me links (Hive pls)). They must be from same race (like skeletons, drows, demons, etc)

Pls and thanks.


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Level 15
Mar 25, 2016
Knowing that the crypt fiend plays a huge part in today's meta of the undead race, you either need something similar useful or buff other undead units.

There are not many undead ranged units, that are not mages.
You could use this Skeleton Crossbowman: Crossbowman
or use the Skeleton Archer that is already included in the game (there is also a hidden version with fire particles, if I recall correctly)

For the crypt lord you have more options, because it is just a hero and heroes do not play that big roles in army compositions.
You can search for the most downloaded undead hero models for example:

My personal favourite is: Deadeye
In fact most of Tarrasque's models are amazing, expecially their animations are really good.
Another good one from him is: UndeadKnight

Another great source of undead models is -Grendel's models. He has in general mostly evil looking models, so you will find a lot of fitting models there.
Just to name a few: Icecrown Seer Holder of Entropy
Level 9
Jul 17, 2019

Icecrown Seer no longer works in version 1.31 anymore and the model loses a hand when looking at the model viewer, don't know is there a way to fix it?​

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