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Forsaken Archer

"Although the recently evslaved Crypt Fiends have still proven themselves to be useful to the Forsaken, the number of Nerubian corpses left behind by the fallen Scourge were becoming more scarce. To compensate, the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner had ordered the training of these unliving archers to fill in much of the Crypt Fiend's least effective roles. As many of these Forsaken archers were once skilled hunters or soldiers in life, this had already lent them experience towards the mastery of the bow. In addition, suitable corpses to raise are far more abundant, making them very cost effective."

I always thought that the Undead race lacked an early game ranged unit that is able to attack air units, so I made one. The model is based on the existing Skeleton Archer but uses an edited Zombie mesh for the main body so that he looks more "fleshy". Additional parts have been added as well, such as the Acolyte's hood and a modified head mesh from the Dreadlord, giving him a sort of Forsaken-ish appearance. The Death animation had also completely changed and Decay animations have been added.

This model uses ingame textures, so no need to worry about texture paths. Just simply import both the model and the portrait into your custom map!

If you want to use this model then feel free to do that, provided that you'll give credit to me in return.

Recalculated extents.

undead, scourge, forsaken, zombie, archer, bow, bowman, marksman

Forsaken Archer (Model)

Forsaken Archer (Model)

Misha 23rd May 2013 Moderator's Review: i like it :wink: functions nice ingame and all




23rd May 2013
Moderator's Review:

i like it :wink: functions nice ingame and all
Level 8
Feb 6, 2013
I'm waiting for Male Undead Archer. Now it's approved, very awesome.
Use for my campaign, +rep