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Forsaken Hunter and Death Archer

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Forsaken Hunter and Death Archer
- Added the versions of Forsaken Death Archer A, B, C that was made before
Base Model Credits
Unit Type
Ranged Unit
Author's Notes
Visit Johnwar's Models Discussion for updates and links for my models.:smile:
Here is a version with red eyes: Forsaken Death Archer Red Eyes

Forsaken Death Archer (Model)

Forsaken Death Archer A (Model)

Forsaken Death Archer Arrow Missile (Model)

Forsaken Death Archer B (Model)

Forsaken Death Archer C (Model)

Forsaken Hunter (Model)

Forsaken Hunter Arrow Missile (Model)

General Frank
The models shown in the screenshots are not the same that are up for download. Please fix that.
Level 63
Feb 14, 2018
Great model, Johnwar! I was wondering if I could request a version of the death archer with red eyes, sort of a dark ranger version? I would like to include the model in my campaign, and it would fit perfectly if it had red eyes.
Thanks, and sure here is a version with red eyes.


  • ForsakenDeathArcherAV2.mdx
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  • ForsakenDeathArcherBV2.mdx
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  • ForsakenDeathArcherCV2.mdx
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Level 12
Feb 13, 2012
can you also pleass do a version of the dark archer using this skin pleass ? 🙏🙏🙏