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Sanity's Edge Campaign

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Sanity's Edge is going to be an epic single-player RPG that will a fun map, as well a a showcase for some of the awesome boss ideas in Asomath's Single Player Bossfights thread.

So far the map concept is under development but it is shure to include some epic bosses.


If you wish to join, please ask in this thread.

Leaders: 2/2
Storyboard Lead Editor 1/1
Storyboard Editor 0/1
Triggerers 1/2
Brainstormer: 6/8
Terrainers: 2/2
Support: 0/3
Icons and Art: 0/2
Models 0/2
Other: 0/2
Boss Editor: 3/4

The 'Other' positions are ones that have not yet been realized if you think you can contribute to the map in any way, please join the Sanity's Edge Team!

Positions purge has been taken into effect - if you want to rejoin PM me or Vosty.

Current Mappers Involved:
The World Is Flat - Joint creator, Brainstormer, Terrainer, Boss Editor
vosty - Joint Creator, Brainstormer, Triggerer, Boss Editor
Asomath - Brainstormer, Chief Boss Editor
DudeSpirit - Terrainer
Fussiler1 - Lead Storyboard Editor, Brainstormer
Rowboat - Brainstormer
Full-Iron - Brainstormer
lightning brigade - Brainstormer
SpankyDmonkey - Brainstormer

Notice: If you have an idea for an epic bossfight please post it in Asomath's Thread.
If you do not want us to use your ideas then please inform either me or vosty.
If we use your idea then you will be fully credited.

There are 13 bosses sub bosses...
And the primary boss.
Each Chapter has 1 Boss and 1 Secondary Boss, by winning a secondary bossfight you will get a multitude of rewards. these rewards my include: negative effects against the primary boss of that chapter or powerful artifacts, gold, assistance, etc.

Chapter 1

The Bandit Rider
By: Asomath

The first of the ideas sets a slightly lighter mood at the beginning. The boss, although evil, is a bit more humane and understandable evil. The second first boss idea places our “hero” in the midst of the main evil force immediately, creating a much darker, and a much more confusing atmosphere.

The first option, the lighter option, is have our hero get ambushed by bandits. If we decide our hero is more hard headed, he will refuse to give up his possessions and instead charge the bandit lord himself. If he is a more peaceful fellow, a couple of bandits will attack first, he’ll knock them out, and then the bandit lord will engage.

The bandit lord is a very simple idea for a boss fight, and there’s a lot you can still add to it. First he is mounted and one of his abilities is a fast little charge effect, which first goes in the direction he is facing then to random points in the arena. You need to dodge his charges, or else you will get “trampled” and take damage. He also of course, calls upon his fellow bandits to help him in his fight. When he calls upon 4 minions or so, he goes invulnerable, and rides to the back of the arena where a bandit priest begins to heal him. You need to kill all the bandits to make the priest vulnerable, and then kill the priest to make him vulnerable. Rinse and repeat until the boss reaches 50%, where his horse dies and he gets knocked off.

Phase two of this fight is where he is on foot now with his sword. This also may need a few additions to make it a phase two. He deals very small amounts of damage with his melee attacks, and takes a fair amount. In other words, in a normal DPS fight, you would win hands down. Now of course he has abilities. He, yet again, has minions helping them. However, this time, they are assassins and are invisible, equipped with explosive spears. Occasionally, one of these assassins will pop up and throw an explosive spear at you. You have to move, because once the spear reaches the point where you were when they threw the spear, it explodes doing huge amounts of damage. After every 10% intervals of the boss’s health, the speed at which assassins appear, and the speed of the spear projectile increases. The main thing about this fight is the trees spread out inside the arena (they have no affect in the first phase, and just seem like additions to the terrain. There are about 10 or so). The boss will sometimes go into a sort of permanent-whirlwind, with a 2 or 3 second warning before hand to get out of range. He is much faster in this mode, and does insane amounts of damage, you cannot outrun his whirlwind, and you will die. However, if you can get him to follow you with the whirlwind into or next to a tree, his sword gets caught, his whirlwind comes smacking to a halt, he is dazed for 5 seconds to get some extra damage on him, and the tree falls down. However, the player can’t simply stand next to a tree the entire fight, because remember what other abilities I said! Yes, the explosive spears CAN light trees on fire, causing them to weaken and fall. Therefore, the amount of trees can serve as an enrage timer, and if your stupid, you can cause the enrage timer to speed up. Lots of stuff still to be added to this boss though, so feel free to add some stuff on, and work with it.

Second Boss:
The Sleepy Ogre
By: SpankyDmonkey

The Sleepy Ogre (yeah thats right.) Here is my thoughts on how battle should go.
The Sleepy Ogre is a gigantic ogre with one eye. Now this isn't a basic hack'n'slash boss, as in just hammer away at his health while getting knocked on as well. Cause this Ogre is really strong, and his armor is almost inpenetrable. So basically he would use the Divine armor base, where your regular attacks dont effect him, but your spells do. Now, you are fighting in an arena style area, like on a cliff, while ogres are watching from higher parts of the cliff. The only things in the arena is you, the Sleepy Ogre, and a Ballista with a circle of power behind it. When u stand on the ballista, you gain control of it, and is able to fire huge boulders or giant arrow things at the Sleepy Ogre. The only thing is that there is another ogre standing on the circle of power, and he is invincible (but disabled, so he wont attack u) Now the fight basically goes like this. If your melee, u use ur melee abilities, and try to run from him, because he has high attack and you cant really hurt him with ur regular attacks. Now.. the Ogre's mana decreases as the fight continues (not only when he casts spells). When the Ogre's mana reaches 0, he immidiatly says something and falls asleep. (something like: Me sleepy.. you know, just dumb ogre crap). He falls asleep for about 15-20 seconds. The ogre on the ballista becomes active, and charges at you. After you kill him, you can finally stand on the ballista's circle of power. When you do, it launches its projectile at the ogre, which will actually deal heavy damage to him. The ogre then wakes up, and begins to attack you again. As you begin running, another ogre runs down from the high cliffs to the ballista and stays disabled/invincible, so you will have to rinse and repeat. Of course, he has his own abilities as well.

They are:
1- Slam - Your regular slam ability that dazes the player as well as damaging him. But it has a chance (prolly 25-35%) to also stun the player for 2-3 seconds.
2- Bash - Deals Bonus damage and has a chance to stun. Basic.
3- Gassy Eruption (75% Life or lower.) - The ogre (this will be nasty) lets out a toxic gas from.. his a$$. The gas cloud that erupted from his area of corruption stays in that location for 10 seconds. Dealing damage to the player if he steps in that location. And there is a small chance that if the player goes toward that location, that he will receive a DoT poison spell.
4- Angry (25% Life or lower) - I shall say this in terms of the ogre. Me angry! Me smash smash faster! lol, He basically moves faster and attacks a bit faster. NOTE - He uses this with another ability for a good damage combination.
5- Furious Slams (25% life or lower) - The Ogre will use the ability angry, and charge at the player. When the Ogre reaches the player, he will begin using this ability. Now, the very first thing this ability does is Stop the player's hero. (not pause/disable/stun, but stops him. If you keep rightclicking he can move.) Then the Ogre begins using the slam ability... but an improved one that lasts 6 seconds. By this I mean every 0.5 seconds he will use the slam ability on that location. Its the regular Slam ability but every 0.5 seconds he will use it. Now, if the player did NOT keep on right clicking on the split second that he was Stopped, then he will begin to get pounded on. Now you may say: Hah, but it only dazes! I can run from daze! WRONG. Remember, the slam ability has a small chance to stun.. so if you did not run in time... well.. your basically going to get hurt badly. This ability will only be used once in the battle.. so once u dodge it.. you will probably win.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2:

Of the Demonic Hordes
By: Asomath

Ignecorruos are demons that have mastered all forms of destructive fire magic. Their mass devastation was so great that they were used as the elite main force of the demonic armies. However, their power and uncontrollable was so great, it ended up slaughtering both friend and foe alike, allowing only the ignecorruos to survive the battle. So a new demonic creature was created and the ignecorruos were removed from the devilish hosts and destroyed. A few of the ancient ignecorruos were permitted to live on, but were given a new task…

To this day, very rarely did a demonic host have to show its true power when called upon by a summoner. The ignecorruos were able to incinerate entire kingdoms on their own. They are always sent as an initial, and usually the final, assault. Without any of their other demon brethren nearby to become causalities, the ignecorruros were allowed to use their full, and devastating, power.


Our hero’s first encounter with an ignecorruo, is of course, the burning village. This particular ignecorruo is one of the more elite ones with the title Arch-Ignecorruo, and is named Haknora, which was a name that I just popped into my head, and is definitely up for name-change. Our hero is walking through the village when there is a rumbling and the camera starts to shake. A flaming building to our right basically explodes and Haknora walks slowly from the smoke and debris and kills a villager that was inside with his flaming sword. Haknora then turns to us and casts a spell, which causes flames to appear in front of him and then shoot out in both directions. The flames move in a path until they both connect together again, and a perfect, rather large circular wall of flame is formed. Haknora then steps through the flames and inside the circle where we are. This circle of flames is basically our boss arena for this fight, just thought it would be a cool one to have. The boss fight now begins.


The first thing and one of the biggest things about this fight is that if you touch the wall of flames, our arena, you die instantly. Just like that, so don’t try to run away. Let me start with the basic abilities, and then start getting to the more complex ones.

Fire Nova: The ignecorruo demonic warps to the center of the arena where he quickly charges fire nova. This can simply be damage negated by standing behind some of the stone pillars that are left over from burnt structures. 65% damage if un-avoided

Serpent Flames: Haknora teleports barely outside to wall .Runes show up in a straight line in front of him. He says a demonic word with no chat line (this is where voice acting helps). Each word means a different movement of fire.

Word One – A simple line of fire that moves along the runes. 80% Damage if hit
Word Two – A line of fire that moves in a zig-zag pattern, and crosses over the runes each time return trip. 65% Damage if hit
Word Three- The entire arena ignites in flames, except for the line that goes straight through all the runes. 50% damage if hit

Burning Cyclone- the Ignecorruo teleports to the center of the arena, where 2 jets of flame shoot out from him left and right, and rotate slowly. He can be damaged while burning cyclone is in effect. 90%+ If hit by one of the jets though, which usually means death. The jets make a full 360 degree rotation and then stop.

Demonic Force: Haknora disappears for 4-5 seconds. When he reappears, he is right behind you, and knocks you towards whatever direction your character is facing. The knock-back is fairly far, about ½ the original size of the arena. If your character is too close to the flame wall in the direction he is facing, he will be knocked into the flame wall which is instant death and a game-over.

Hellfire Implosion: As always, Haknora teleports to the center to cast Hellfire implosion, and is the “ultimate” ability for this phase for Haknora. Haknora begins channeling, and every 3 seconds a jets of flame come from the wall of fire to haknora.
3 Seconds: One Jet
6 Seconds: Two Jets
9 Seconds: 4 Jets (Getting Dangerous)
12 Seconds: 8 Jets (Nearly deadly)
15 Seconds: Hellfire implosion, impossible not to get hit. 5 Second long streams of fire.
Total time: 20 Seconds

This ability can be blocked by damaging and eventually knocking down one of the pillars previously used to block Fire Novas. Unfortunately, because of this, as you knock down pillars for hellfire implosion (Pillars disintegrate after each use), you have less protection from Fire Novas. Luckily, the twenty second time on Hellfire Implosion, provides valuable time to DPS from the cover of your pillar, so hopefully you won’t have to experience many hellfire implosions.

The final, simple, and main ability of the outside phase is:

Ever-Devouring Fires: Every 5% of Haknora’s health you take out, the wall of fire around the arena constricts just the slightest bit more. This makes demonic force, and burning cyclone stronger abilities.


After 20% of Haknoras health has been taken out, or 4 Ever-Devouring Fires, the wall of fire that is the arena reaches a house, causing it to start to ignite, and in a small cutscene we here a woman scream. Our hero walks into the burning house only to find the woman unconscious. Haknora breaks his way inside. There are 4 support columns in this house.

In this phase you cannot damage Haknora, nor can you damage the support columns. Every 15 seconds, Haknora will cast explosive swipe. It will deal 50% damage to you if you are hit. However, you can hide behind the support columns, which will collapse when hit with explosive swipe. After a minute and thirty-seconds he will cast burning inferno and everyone dies. This basically allows one mistake to be made with explosive swipe. The girl can be saved, but decreases movement speed by 20% slower. Haknora was about 25- 30% slower then you before, so this gets you closer to his speed. If all columns are dead, you have 4 seconds to evacuate before it collapses and you die. Haknora is stunned while you make your escape, and vanishes into the collapsing home.

If you saved the girl, she restores 40% of your health and 60% of your mana. If not, your on your own. She exits while the firewall is still down. In a small cutscene, you try to leave as well, since you think Haknora is dead, but then the firewall jumps back up (Same position as when you left it) and Haknora comes out of the rubble in flames, and of course he is not dead, but does have 10% of his health done to him. So, he is at 70% right now.


The third phase is identical to the first phase, except with a few alterations.

Burning Cyclone now shoots four jets of flame out instead of two.
Serpent Flames now has two paths of ruins, each possible of their own word, that forms an X across each other.

The addition of the Meteor Shower ability:
Meteor Shower – Featured in the story line itself, meteor shower is one of the favorites of the Ignecorruos. Every 5 seconds, a small flaming marker will appear on a random place inside the arena. After two seconds, a meteor hits that area, stunning for 5 seconds, and dealing 60% damage. The flaming meteor is then present there for twenty seconds dealing 20% damage for every second you are within a small radius of it. The ability is there throughout all of phase three, but does not summon any meteors through Hellfire Implosion or serpent flames.

As with the previous phase, it’s twenty percent until it reaches the next house and phase four begins.


Phase four is the same as phase two, except this time the house is bigger, there is a fifth pillar near the entrance and there is a woman near the back as well as a man near the front next to the fifth pillar. Just as in phase two you much drag the boss to each pillar and have him destroy it. You have 1 minute and 45 seconds this time allowing for one mistake. If you desire to save both people, you must break the fifth pillar near the entrance last. It would be impossible to outmaneuver Haknora with 40% movement speed reduction (20% for each person). When all 5 pillars are broken, you must once again exit the house before it collapses.

The woman will increase both mana and health if you saved her by 20%, the man does nothing, and they both exit.

Haknora once again steps out of the rubble, this time however, he is severely weakened. (He is now at 40% health). The wall of flames come up and you engage him in phase 5.


In phase 5, Haknora takes 300% more damage or so than before, and does barely any damage. He has stopped casting Meteor shower, Hellfire Implosion, Fire Nova, Demonic Force, and Serpent Flames. The ONLY ability he casts is burning cyclone, with only two jets once again. However, this time Ever-Devouring fires are on a 45 second timer rather than a 5% health interval. You MUST kill him before the 5th ever-devouring flames or you will die. It’s a DPS race. At 20%, if you rescued the man in phase 4, a stone pillar drops through the wall of flames and temporarily disrupts it. The man, sword in hand, then jumps through before the pillar heats up and shatters. He is a warrior type and performs powerful strikes, as well as whirlwind. He can help make it easier to bring down the last 20%. After you “Kill” Haknora the 6th and final phase begins.


In Phase 6, it’s not really a boss phase at all. Haknora suddenly shoots a huge column of fire up into the air, and just begins to go crazy with his power. He is unleashing it uncontrollable. You must escape the village before everything is devoured. This is now a dodging game, and you have a timed escape. Meteors fall from the sky, and serpent trails chase you in patterns as you try to make your escape. If you get hit by meteors, you will be stunned. Occasionally he will send out huge bursts of fire from the center of the town and down the roads, you must hide behind old rubble again to block the damage. Along the escape route, there will be three other villagers spread out. You can run in and order them to follow you, at the cost of time. Just escape the town in before Haknora totally detonates everything, including himself, leaving nothing but ash.


You receive your reward and whatever. If you decided to save all the villagers, both in the boss fight itself and in the escape (which was kind of a pain to do) you can receive some powerful little bonus treasure. This just allows a bit more flexibility with the fight.

Second Boss:

Cultist of the Damned
Aneron, The Deathbringer
Leader of a Cult bent on humanity's destruction.
Location - Graveyard area, with a circle of power in the middle of the graveyard, and a Crypt to the most northern part of the area.
By: SpankyDmonkey
Note: This is the graveyard for a burning village.
And this boss may or may not be changed to this chapters secondary boss.

Phase 1: Basic begining. Aneron has two abilities, which are DeathWave and Curse of The Damned.

Phase 2 (85% Health): Aneron teleports to a cliff, directly north of the Crypt, and he begins to channel a spell. He is invulnerable while channeling. Every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds, A Skeleton Warrior will be spawned at the enterance of the Crypt. Aneron also gains a new ability, Shadow Stomp, which can be used against his minions, and dangerously stun you.

Phase 3 (74% Health): Aneron will teleport to the Crypt, and cast another spell. This spell, will spawn two Zombies at the Horizontal ends of the boss area. Although slow, if the zombies attack the player, they have a good chance of stunning and stun-locking the player due to their 80% chance of stunning you upon each hit. They last for 35 seconds.

Phase 4 (55% Health) Aneron will teleport back to the cliff, and become invulnerable while channeling another spell. This one will work similar to summoning the skeleton warriors.. but instead, he will summon three Giant Skeletons. Immediatly after he finishes summoning the three, he will gain the ability Death Pact, which he will use on one of the skeletons. The hero will then have to hurry and kill the other skeletons, or the cool down of the spell will be complete, and he will sacrifice another of his skeletal minions. After all 3 giant skeletons are killed, Death Pact is removed.

Phase 5 (40% Health) All of a sudden, the Circle of Power in the middle of the boss area will begin to light up with a special effect, as if something is being summoned. 4 Cultists will appear from the corners of the boss area, each moving toward the circle. When a cultist reaches the circle, he will sacrifice himself. If atleast One of the cultists survive the trip to the circle of power, then the Disgusting Abomination will be summoned. However, depending on how many acolytes are killed before reaching the circle will determine the beast's percentage of health. If the beast is summoned, and is not killed withen 15 to 20 seconds (depends on difficulty), then Aneron will gain the Death Pact ability again, and will sacrifice the beast. The ability is then removed from him again.

Final Phase (10% Health) Skeletons will begin pouring out from the Crypt. A total of 24 skeletons will be spawned through a duration of 16 seconds. Once the duration is complete, Aneron will begin casting Death and Decay, except the AoE range of the spell will be unavoidable, and it will not affect Aneron. This spell will last 5 seconds. If the Hero does not finish off Aneron quickly, then he will basically either die or get wounded badly, for the spell will deal tons of damage, due to the fact that there is 24 skeleton warriors. After the ability is used, it will not be used again.

Zombie Minion
Stats - Very Slow, low to moderate damage, Invulnerable. Ability -
1- Zombie Stun - 80% chance to stun for 2 seconds on attack.

Skeleton Warrior Minion
Stats - Medium Speed, Moderate Attack, 200 Health
No Ability.

Cultist Minion
Stats - 120 Health, Slow speed.
No Abilities

Giant Skeleton Minion
Stats - Very Low attack, Slow Speed, High Health.
No Abilities.

Disgusting Abomination
Stats - Slow, Heavy Damage, and Large Health
1- Critical Strike - 15% chance to deal two times the damage.

Boss: Naga Warlord
Proper Name: Daedemomorphon
By: The World Is Flat
Edited by SpankyDmonkey
Daedemomorphon is one of the famed Naga Warlords, sent to help add to the pressure of humanity's problems. Daedemomorphon himself is a powerful warrior, and has grown in fame due to his famous arena victories. He has never lost a match, and is known to show no mercy. His appearence also differs from most Naga males, for his skin is more darker, and reddish.
Boss Location: Massive Arena, with a giant circular floor in the middle where the fighting will take place, and 4 corridors, to the north, east, south, and west, each revealing a giant gate. However, the hero will not be able to walk into the corridors, for it will be filled with deep water, while the actual circular floor is shallow water.
Introduction: The hero enters a giant room, that has 2 gates leading to other rooms. One of them is locked, while another is open. The open gate leads to the boss room with the Storm Witch. After that boss fight, a key is dropped that leads to the other room. When the hero gets close to the gate that leads to the room, a cinematic happens. It shows the hero walking toward the giant gate, and then it opens when he uses the key. He then charges inside.. only to reveal an empty room. After saying something in confusion, the camera goes into a first person view, where it will look left, then right, then it will turn around completely, as if the hero was about to leave.. and when he turns around completely, a Murloc is seen attacking him and the screen goes black, showing that he was knocked unconcious. In the next scene, he wakes in a massive arena, only in first person view for a couple of seconds, then it switches back to a normal camera view. The camera will show all the Naga, cheering, and watching. Basically show the arena. All of a sudden, a deep voice will boom throughout the arena, saying: "Welcome, once again, to The Arena! We have captured, a rather defiant and strong human, to be our entertainment tonight! This human, was strong enough, to kill the Kazerian Murloc's goddess, The Sea Witch! But shall he be strong enough to defeat the mighty Naga!? Let us test his strength!" Then the battle begins.


Phase 1 - All four gates open, and Two Mur'gul Spell Warriors, along with 1 Naga Myrmidon, burst through all 4 gates. The gates close once all of them leave it. (Check Minion's list for their Strengths/Details) Once all of them are slain, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 - In phase two, another transmission will be sent. This one will say: "Ahh, it seems that the human is not as weak as we thought... Let us see if he can defeat our Seasoned Warriors!" Then the gates will open again, each sending out a different type of Naga Warrior (Details in Minion List). After they are dead, Phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3 - Now, the game enters a cinematic mode, and the camera seems to look around the arena. While the camera is moving, the announcer speaks again. "This human has proved to be stronger then the regular humans! But now.. it is time for our human to fall in fear, as our Arena Champion demolishes the frail human!" Then, the North gate opens, and Daedemomorphon charges out toward the human, untill it is on the circular floor as well. He then says: Be aware.. frail human! For I am Daedemomorphon, and your demise is near! I ssssslice off your head, and drag your body down to the pool.. where my pet Snap Dragons will eat what is left of your body! What are your last words, before I kill you, human?" (btw remember, Naga tend to add more emphisis on the S, like a snake :) ) Our hero then says a taunt or something funny before the boss fight continues. At first, D.D. (shorter :) has three abilities, Shockwave, Massive Slam, and Battle Roar. Shockwave is your basic shockwave spell, except it deals even more damage, but it is slower. Also, after a couple of seconds of travling, it splits into 3 mini-shockwaves, dealing a bit less damage but covering more of the arena, so the sooner it is dodged, the better. The hero will recieve a sound warning before the spell is casted. However, the time is more shorter then most recent bosses, for it is 1.5 seconds before it is cast, instead of 2. Massive Slam is a short AoE range spell like the actual spell Slam. It does not deal significant damage, but it dazes you heavily, reduced your movement and attack speed by 70%. There is no sound warning, but you will notice him stopping to cast the spell which also takes 1.3 seconds to cast. The short AoE balances it out though, making it dodgeable. Battle Roar, however, is one of the main problems. Battle Roar increases his attack by only 20%, but increases his armor by an insane amount. This spell lasts 10 seconds, and its cooldown is 30 seconds. This basically means the player will have to run for 10 seconds.

Phase 4 - When D.D reaches 80% health, he becomes invincible and swims a little bit north of the fighting circle, to where the deep water is. He splashes the water with his weapon, throwing a giant Crushing Wave that deals 45% health damage. This shockwave-style spell has a wider range, meaning that the hero will have to run as quickly as possible to the edges where the wave wont hit. D.D then sumbmerges into the water, and re-appears on the eastern cooridor, repeating the same thing. He then continues in a clockwise motion, untill he is in the Northern Corridor again. He then swims back to the circle and becomes vulnerable for fighting again. However, now whenever D.D's health drops by 5%, a Naga Champion comes out of one of the gates to fight as well. He has his own ability. (Details in Minion List.)

Phase 5 - When D.D's health reaches 75%, He moves to the northern part of the circle, then begins to move in a Counter-Clockwise motion around the circle. Every 1 second while moving, he will do a war stomp spell, stunning the hero for 3 seconds and dealing a huge amount of damage. He will do this until he has done 2 complete circles. He then goes back to fighting.

Phase 6 - When D.D's health reaches 65%, he moves back into the deep water to the north, and becomes invincible. A cinematic also happens. In this cinematic, Daedemomorphon says: "Bring in the Beassst." Then the camera zooms into the southern gate, as it begins to get hit. Then after about 3 to 4 hits, the gate breaks apart, and a Giant War Turtle charges into the arena. (Check Minions for more Details) D.D Then begins repeating wave 4, but he will not stop until the Turtle is dead. However, there are a few differences now. Now, the shockwave has a much thinner radius, but is near fatal. It is also slower. It is able to affect the War Turtle. The War Turtle is invincible to normal attacks, but vulnerable to the waves.

Phase 7 - When the turtle dies, D.D returns to the circle to fight. But now, whenever the Battle Roar ability is used, he waits 1 second before charging in the hero's direction. His charge movement speed is his actual slow movement speed. If his charge hits the hero, he will recieve 25% damage, but a long stun that lasts a long 9 seconds.

Phase 8 - When D.D reaches 50% health, he will do the traveling stomp spell again, but this time, a Naga Basher will charge through one of the gates. The stun does not effect the Naga Basher. (See Minions for Details.) This phase lasts untill D.D does two complete circles.

Phase 9 - When D.D's health reaches 40%, he will move to the northern section of the circle, and will do a massive charge toward the hero. If the hero is hit, he will recieve a 5 second stun, but no damage. Then D.D will begin slamming the ground with his weapon, dealing massive amounts of damage in front of D.D every 0.5 second. In the end, the spell will end up dealing damage that is around 70% of the Hero's health. Also, now whenever D.D's health drops by 5%, an extra Naga Champion will charge through one of the gates in Addition to the other Naga Champion.

Phase 10 - When D.D's health reaches 20%, his abilities will get enhanced. Now, his daze-slam ability has its dazeness increased to 100% movement and attack speed slowing, and its duration increases by 3 seconds. The cooldown for Battle Roar also decreases by 7 seconds.

Phase 11 - When D.D's health finally reaches 10%, he will get enraged. His attack speed is increased by 20%. Also, every 10 seconds he will do a war stomp, which stuns for 5 seconds.

Phase 12 - When D.D's health reaches 5%, he goes into a frenzy. How his attack speed has increased to 30%, and will recieve a spell that gives a 15% chance to stun the hero for 2 second. 1 Naga Basher also enter the arena. This is the last time any other naga is summoned. The match has basically became a DPS race. He has become alot faster in his attacks, and can really mess you up if you get stunned. Remember, he still has his other abilities such as Battle Roar, Massive Slam, ect, so he can truly dessimate the hero if he slips. This all lasts until he is finally defeated. Now here comes a fun part.

Final Phase - Now, a cinematic will happen, showing the Naga Warlord's defeat. The crowd will go very silent.. just watching their leader. Daedemomorphon will then ask you to finish him, for that is the Way of the Arena. Then a message will appear on the screen, asking if you would want to kill him, or simply leave the arena (the Boss loot will be outside) If you kill him, you will recieve a strong item (such as weapon, armor, or shield) along with your Boss Loot. If you let him live, he will aid you in another boss fight. (Boss fight will probably be one of the final bosses.)

Boss's Minions
Mur'gul Spell Warrior
Stats: Moderate Health and Low Attack.
Healing Ward - A vulnerable ward appears that heals the allies of the naga. The ward is weak enough to recieve 2 hits before its death. They will only use this ability once in their lifetime due to its really long cooldown.
Resurrect - Resurrects 3 nearby fallen allies. (NOTE: This ability is only given when 20 seconds has gone by and one of the spell warriors are still alive.

Naga Warrior
Stats: Moderate Health, Moderate Attack, Slowish-Attack Speed.
Bashing Hit - 5% chance to stun for 3 seconds.
Powerful Smash - 15% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

Seasoned Naga Warrior
Info: These Seasoned Naga Warriors each have high health and a low attack, but they also each have a different ability. One has Evasion, another has Critical Strike, another has Bash, and the other one has Command Aura, but it increases damage by 80%, making each naga's attack moderate to high (depends on difficulty.)

Naga Champion
Stats: Moderate Health, Low Attack
Critical Strike - 15% Chance to deal 2 times the damage.
Bash - 10% Chance to stun for 3 seconds.

Naga Basher
Stats: Low Health, Low Attack, Very Slow Attack
Maul - 70% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

Massive War Turtle
Stats: Huge Health, Moderate Attack, Slow Attack Speed
Retaliation - 20% chance that when the hero attacks the Turtle, he will recieve damage equal to 20% of the hero's health.
Info: This Turtle Miniboss is not ment for damage. He is just ment for annoying the hero and putting him through more trouble.

Second Boss:

The Storm Witch
Name: Kazeera, The Witch
By: SpankyDmonkey
Location: Inside the Sacrificial Tomb of a Naga Temple. There is a noticable naga altar in the most northern section of the tomb.
The Kazerian Murlocs are more advanced then the regular Murlocs. They also worship the Storm Goddess (or witch) that is named Kazeera. The Kazeri' tend to sacrifice, both their enemies and themselves to this Goddess, hoping to win her favor. However, a Kazerian Murloc Warrior, named Glurgin Bigfoot, has found a way to summon his true queen and goddess. It is during the Sacrifices, that our hero enters the sacrificial tomb, and begins the boss fight.

Before the boss fight begins, there will be a cinematic where Glurgin will be sacrificing two prisoners. The very first scene of the cinematic, shows Glurgin sacrificing a Human prisoner. It will show a special effect at the altar (such as a blood effect) when he kills the human. He will then say something while walking over to the orc sacrifice, and kill him as well. Then he will finally turn toward the hero, and say something like: "And now... it is your turn!" Then the fight will begin.

The Phases (LONG)
Phase 1: At first, the Kazeera will not be in the fight. Instead, you will fight the mini-boss Glurgin Bigfoot. In this phase, he has three abilities. He has Water Acid Flask, Water Slash, and Jump Strike. When Glurgin uses Acid Flask, he will throw a flask of acid (duh) at the hero's Location. When the Acid Flask explodes, acid will be spilled on that location, and if anyone steps into that location, they will recieve heavy Armor reduction and a small DoT poison. Water Slash and Jump Strike is used together through triggering. Water Slash is a spell that does low to moderate damage, but a water wave will splash out of the attack, greatly pushing back the hero. He then will use Jump Strike. Here, Glurgin will attempt to leap to where the hero landed after the push. If the hero has not dodged his leap, the hero will recieve moderate to heavy damage and a 4 second stun.

Phase 2: When Glurgin reaches 70% health, he will call 4 Murloc aids to his side. Two of them are priests, one is a heavily armor and high health warrior, and the other is a assassin. (The stats of them are displayed in the Minions section.)

Phase 3: When Glurgin reaches 50% health, a tornado will spawn in the area. This tornado will move horizontally through the left and right ends of the middle area. Anyone (including Glurgin) caught into the tornado, will be cast up into the air untill the tornado passes. Not only will the tornado be a new addition to the battle, but Glurgin will recieve a new ability. This ability is called Sacrificial Attack. There will be a sound warning when he is about to use this spell, and he will channel the spell for 2 seconds. When the channeling is up, Glurgin will recieve a huge speed bonus for 7 to 10 seconds(depends on speed of tornado), and will charge toward the hero. If Glurgin reaches the hero, he will deal damage equal to 60% of the hero's health. This spell has a cool down of 25 seconds.

Phase 4: When Glurgin reaches 20% health, he will repeat the second phase.

Phase 5: Finally, when Glurgin dies, another Cinematic will appear.. except it will show him walking toward the altar, and leaving a bloody path as he walks. When he reaches the altar, he will say something like: "I must.. finish the summoning..." He will then sacrifice himself at the altar. All of a sudden, the camera will shake and a mass of special effects will appear at the altar. After a good 5 seconds of shaking/spell effects, Kazeera will appear at the altar, and she will scream out something epic like: I return! or All Mortals Shall Parish!. Then the actual Phase 5 continues. Kazeera has two lethal spells, which are Stun Ward, and Orb of Lightning. When Kazeera uses Stun Ward, she summons a ward at her feet, that will become active in 5 seconds. It can be destroyed before it becomes active, but if it is not, then when the hero passes by the ward, he will be stunned for 8 seconds. It also has a short to medium AoE range. This has a cooldown of 15 seconds, and it is possible for more then one ward to be placed. When Kazeera uses Orb of Lightning, she summons a giant ball of lightning energy that acts like shockwave and deals damage when a unit is caught withen its path, but it also purges the target if you get hurt by it, reducing your movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds.

Phase 6: When Kazeera reaches 80% health, she will teleport to the middle of the tomb, and will become invulnerable. She will then begin channeling. All of a sudden, after two seconds of channeling, 1 large area of the room will begin to be rained on. This is a warning to get out of that area, for after 2 seconds of rain a thunder storm will hit that area, causing a lightning bolt to hit a random section of that area for 10 seconds every 0.3 seconds. The lightning deals 30% damage for each quick bolt. After the 10 seconds are done, Kazeera will then enter phase 7.

Phase 7: All of a sudden, 3 invulnerable obelisks will appear at the most eastern, most western, and most southern parts of the room. 15 Murloc slaves will also be summoned from the Altar they have 150 health but a very fast attack, and have a good chance to evade attacks. Kazeera will then teleport to the middle of the room, and stay invulnerable. Every 10 seconds, she will use a improved version of the Orb of Lightning spell. This improved version will be slower but will deal even more damage. This spell can not hurt the Murlocs when it is cast, but if it hits one of the obelisks, it will bounce back, destroying the Obelisk but being able to damage the Murlocs as well. This phase ends when all 15 of the murloc slaves are dead.

Phase 8: Kazeera is now made vulnerable, and will act as if it was phase 5 again. The only difference is that now there is a small rain cloud that moves randomly around the arena. The rain cloud will shoot out a thunder bolt under it every 2 seconds. This thunder bolt deals 60% damage, and should be avoided at all costs. This deals no damage to the witch.

Phase 9: At 70% Health, Kazeera will teleport to the altar, and raise Glurgin from the dead. Only difference is that he is really slow, has a low attack, and Low health, but when Glurgin dies, he gives off a warning before exploding, releasing electrical shots. If the hero is withen range of the explosion, he recieves 40% damage. If Kazeera was in range of the explosion, she recieves 10% damage.

Phase 10: At 50% health, Kazeera repeats Phase 6, with the exeption that now two large portions of the room will be rained upon, in addition to the traveling rain storm. After the channeling, she enters phase 11.

Phase 11: Basically Phase 8, except now there is two traveling rain clouds instead of just one. She also has a new spell, Lightning Shield. Every 30 seconds she will cast Lightning Shield, which gives a protective shield around her that deals a huge amount of damage every second for 10 seconds to those who are near her.

Phase 12: At 40% health, she will Kazeera will summon a massive hydra at the altar. Low Damaging attack, but has a huge amount of health. The Hydra also poisons the target every time it hits the target in melee. At first the poison deals low damage.. but it is long term, and can stack. Meaning if the hydra attacks you a certain amount of times, you will recieve even more damage from the poison stacks and it will last for a huge amount of time.

Final Phase: At 5% Health, Kazeera will teleport toward the Altar, and become invulnerable. She will let out a sound warning, and after 3 to 5 seconds (depends on difficulty), she will cast a Mighty Tidal wave from the altar, instantly killing her, but will charge to the southern end of the room. The tidal wave matches the width of the Sacrificial Tomb, meaning u cannot escape it while inside the tomb. You will then have to quickly run out of the Sacrificial Room to survive the final blow.

NOTE: The traveling Thunder Storms also hit her units, but do not hit her.

Main Minion List

Murloc Priest Minion
Stats - Moderate Health, Low Attack
Heal - Will heal for its target for 50 to 150 health (Depends on boss difficulty for the hero)

Murloc Warrior Minion

Stats - Heavy Health, Low Attack.
Bash - 15% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

Murloc Assassin Minion

Stats - Low Health, Dangerously Tough Attack
Critical Strike - 15% chance to deal double damage.

Hydra Minion

Stats: Tremendous Health, Very Low Attack, Slow.
Poison - Applies a damage over time spell every time the Hydra attacks the enemy unit, dealing low damage over time but over a very long duration. This spell can stack, meaning it can end up hurting if it is applied too much to its target.

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Under Development

Final Boss:

Under Development: Cse'tian The Soul Eater

Story so far:
By: vosty

Edited by Fussiler1

Please Note That Most Or All Characters' Names Will Be Changed From Their Current State.

Somewhere, in a open valley outside a city, a storm rages on through the night. A dark figure walks through the valley. He smells of death and decay. Darkness surrounds him. He continues until he reaches a small hill.
Necromancer: "The summoning will begin tonight!"
He pauses, then begins casting a spell.
Necromancer: Azar'kajira RA!
A portal opens up. The Necromancer continues chanting in strange language.
Back in the city, a soldier bursts through the door.
Soldier: I wish a moment with Lord Kal'Thos!
Councellor: Just wait a minute. What is your urgent request?
Soldier: Anorath (a powerful mage) has detected a force so great, it tears at the fiber of this world!
Councellor: Hmm... That is urgent. You can meet him in few minutes.
The councellor hurries away. A moment later, a large door opens up. "Come in," says a voice. The soldier enters the throne room.
Inside, is Lord Lucius Dei Auralius sitting on his throne.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: I heard from my Councellor that a portal has opened up. Is that true?
Soldier: Yes, it is, my lord.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: This is very strange. Run back to the barracks, and tell them to send two battalions of soldiers and archers to the location of that portal. Whatever thing is trying to enter this world, don't let it through. You heard me, soldier?
Soldier: Yes, my Lord!
The soldier turns and is about to leave
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: And, soldier?
Soldier stops and turns around.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: When you give them the message, take a break, if you're going to be ready for tommorrow.
Soldier: Tommorrow, Sir?
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: Yes. Your first day as lieutenant!
Soldier: Thank you, sir. I'll make you proud!
The soldier leaves and Lord Lucius Dei Auralius sighs.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: I hope so..
Back on the hill, the Necromancer is still chanting in strange language. Meanwhile, spirits and ghastly shades fly in and out of the portal.
At the foot of the hill stands a captain, with shiny armor, leading two battalions.
Captain: Halt, Necromancer! Stop, or we will be forced to take aggresive action!
Necromancer: There's no stopping for it is now too late.
Captain: I said stop! I'm counting to ten. TEN!
Necromancer: You're making a big mistake, foolish young one.
Captain: Seven! Six!
Necromancer: (Laughs evil [his normal laugh slowly transitions to a deep demonic laugh])
Captain: Three! Two!
The Necromancer dissapates, and the captain is struck by red lightning. The troops, all scramble in wide panic, as the ground benath them begins to erupt in series of jets of flame, spikes, and earthquakes. The portal closes.

???: Mortals despair! Sanity, has just went over the edge, and your doom is certain!
END OF PART 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Back in the throne room, Lord Lucius Dei Auralius discusses the event of the previous night with his advisors.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: What ever that thing was, it was destructive and danger, and must be dealt with immediatly.
Lord Tyros Mhalor (an advisor): My lord, you have to weigh the options. That.. thing destroyed two battalions, without being harmed. Sending your troops without knowing anything about that monster is suicide. We have to learn this thing's weakness.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: I have weighed the options, Tyros, and I know the consequences. The more we wait though, the stronger the beast becomes. Oh, I just don't know what to do! My head tells me wait, but my guts tell me strike!
Lord Tyros Mhalor: But what does your heart say, my lord?
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: My heart says... What do you mean what does my heart say?! This is war, not a bloody damn romance!
Lord Tyros Mhalor: Sorry, my Lord.
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: Don't kiss up to me either! What we need is strategy. Now bring in the map and troops listings and let's get started.
In a small hunting village in the trees, some women and children do their every days tasks, like cleaning, and playing tag. A few older boys stand around the village, waiting nervous for a skirmish.
The noise of several trees falling occurs. The boys draw their weapons, ready to defend what ever wild beast would attack their village. One boy walks out a short distance to investigate the fallen trees.
Boy: It looks like these tress were knocked down by fire.
The boy walks back, to struck from behind by a fiery fire ball, killing him instantly.
Boy 2: What the h--
The other boy is also struck by a fire ball.
A woman by her house, cleaning, is startled when the earth starts to shake. A fiery rock crashes down very close to her. She jumps back, but then steps forward to investigate.
Woman: Hmmm..
Then another meteor crashes and slams into the ground. Now, it rains meteors and the whole village is burning, the houses burn and the workplaces become an inferno.
A young Wood Elf female and her mother are hunting a deer through a swamp. The daughter draws =her bow and stretches the bowstring, for the kill. A large tentacle suddenly shoots out of the ground and tries to grab the youngling.
Elanis (the mother): Shara!
Another tentacle shoots from the ground and smacks the mother with such a force that she's instantly dead. The deer begins to sprint away, scared, but is also killed by a tentacle.
A farmer and his son stand on top of a hill, inspecting the good crop.
Man: I'm proud of you son, the crop turned out almost as good as if I planted it, you can get a day rest.
Son: I'll have to plant for years 'till I'm as good as you!
Man: Don't worry, It'll come soon enough.
They stand there for some time, as father and son, suddenly...
Man: Does it seem cold to you?
Son: Now that you mention it, it does.
Man: Let's go back, before we catch a cold!
It begins to snow, and strong winds pick up, the crops all die because of the cold.
Son: No, the crops!
Man: Don't just stand there, or we'll all be dead, RUN!
They run but are quickly imprisoned in giant blocks of ice. The whole area freezes and soon enough it has become a frozen wasteland.
Shows the aftermath of the village, all scourged and on fire.
Show the Wood Elves, all running from giant tentacles that keep erupting from the ground.
Shows the the farm, frozen in one giant block of ice.
Show v and his advisors and generals around a table, planning a strategy. The councellor enters.
Councellor: My lord, you're not going to believe this... (whispers in Lord Lucius Dei Auralius's ear, Lord Lucius Dei Auralius goes pale and seems shocked)
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: What! This is unbelievable! That's it! Post a damn reward of ten million rupees, for whoever can kill this thing, and put and end to this madness! By the gods, this has pushed me to the edge.
Lord Tyros Mhalor: The edge of what, sir?
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: The Edge of Sanity!
----------------------End of Part 2-----------------------------------------------

In Auralius's bedroom, lies the lord on his bed. He can't sleep, of course, because of all the troubles in the kingdom, and more and more attacks on the people happen everyday.
Someone knocks on the door three times, then slowly walks in. It is prince Calcath Auralius, with a bag over his shoulder, hanging.
Prince Calcath: Father, I have something I want to ask you..
Lord Auralius: What is it, my son?
Prince Calcath: You know.. I can't just sit here.. I want to FIGHT that damned thing!
Lucius: Fight what?
Prince: The monster that threatens our kingdom, and all of mankind and humanity. We cannot stay here and do.. nothing!
Lord Auralius: Son, I admire your courage, but.. I can't let you do it! For the sake of our kingdom, we need a heir!
Calcath: The kingdom is for who I'm doing this! You have to trust me, great father. I'll be alright, I swear!
Lord Auralius: No, that is enough. I can't risk losing my only heir to the throne.
Calcath: If I die, the thrown can go to your advisor, Mhalor. Let me do this.
Lord Auralius: I can't... I just can't..
Calcath: So be it...
Calcath leaves the room and slams the door with massive force.
Lord Auralius: What have I done?!
Prince Calcath walks down the hallway, clearly determined.
Royal Guard: Hello Prince, where are you going at this late hou--
Calcath: I don't have time to talk right now, Saul. I'm in a hurry, damnit.
Saul (the royal guard): Alright then.. Have a safe trip, my prince..
Calcath continues down the hall.
Outside, it begins to storm wildly. Calcath leaves the palace, and jumps on a horse, which is also packed. He strides away until he is merely a speck, in the slowly rising sun.
3 days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The king sits on his throne, mortified by the loss of his son, Calcath. The councellour enters.
Councellour: My Lord! We have received a message attached to an arrow, found in one of our soldiers!
Lord Lucius Dei Auralius: What does it say?
Councellour: It says:

Dear King,
We have your son. If you do not give us 1,000,000 rupees, your son is a dead body for the crows. Give us the money by the next end of the week, or we'll slit the prince's goddamn throat and let him rott.

Lord Aurelius: Damn it, we don't even know where to bring this money! Send an army after that.. damn beast! It's time to get my son back!
He looks with elevates his voice as he says it, and it's, clearly decisive..
End of Part 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Part 4

In the capital, it is just another day for the traders, who roam up and down the city streets like mad. A gruff, muscular man in patched leather armor, is reading a fancy piece of script, that is pinned to a wall.
Angus: Damn.. I can't read these runes. Can anyone read this!?
A trader on a horse passes by.
Trader: Learn to read, dumbass, it's not school here!
Angus: Come here you, now...
Trader: Get lost, idiot.
The trader throws water on Angus, and rides away.
Angus: Damn foreigners! That's why I don't live here.
Angus takes the script and walks into the street.
Angus: Can anyone read this thing?
Man: I can help, but you owe me the 1,000,000 rupees.
Angus: 1,000,000 rupees!? Are you insane?
Man: Grmpf... It says: ''Reward! 1,000,000 rupees for whoever can slay the monster that threatens the kingdom. Talk to Lord Lucius Dei Auralius for more details.''
Angus: Hmm. Here's your price..
Angus hands the man a nice red ruby, even tho it's clearly a fake one, the man doesn't notice that..
Man: Thank you, Sir. This is how I make a living nowadays. Just readin' signs for foreigners.
Angus nods and leaves the man, heading to the Imperial palace.
Angus enters the palace, to see the councellour waiting outside the throne room door.
Councellour: Hmm. You're dressed rather odd. Are you a foreigner? An ambassador?
Angus: Yes, and no. I am a warrior, who does tasks for rupees. May I speak with the king, honourable councellor?
Councellour: A warrior you say? Have you come to slay that hell of a beast? No one has attempted yet so far, except Prince Calcath, who has been captured.. Don't you think its funny that a monster like that has human penmanship?
Angus: I'd just like to speak with the king please, now.
Councellour: Just walk right in.
Angus opens the door, to find the king, reading a list. The councellour approaches him, and whispers in his ear. The King immediatly looks up.
Auralius: What? You've come to slay the beast!?
Angus: Yes, I have come here for that. I just wanted to know something about this creature, before I fight it and kill it.
Auralius: About that, I haven't seen the creature myself. You'd best talk to Anorath, the mage. He know lots more than I do. He lives west of the city, out in a tower in the woods. What makes you qualified for this job?
Angus: I have slayed many demons before. I am a nomad warrior, who fights for money. I believe your task could mean my retirement.
Auralius: Trust me. Do this, and you're a hero. And if by chance you rescue my son, Calcath. Please send him straight back home! I need a word with him. Now make haste, hero. Time is short as the thing grows with its destructive reign.
Angus: You can count on me, Lord Lucius, I will free your son..
His voice sounds determined, and he turns, striding away.
When he has become merely a speck in the eyes of the king he mutters.
''I wish you luck..''
End of Part 4~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter Prelude ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The storyline is under heavy development, please go to the thread here to add more ideas the the Official thread.
For storyline development go Here

Also assisting are:
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Level 12
Aug 31, 2008
It's a nice model, but one thing...
Models that don't look like the people from warcraft, with the funny short paladins, and the farms that are as big as the peasants who build them, Well they sorta look outta place...
Asomath also says he has 100's of models to use, but if we don't use them, Sure! We'll consider almost any model at THW in out search.
Since it is in my nature to rep any one who even thinks of an idea but we don't use them...
+ rep!
Level 12
Aug 31, 2008
Time for Hero Development!

1. Should are hero be a lowly peasant (kinda like the underdog idea) of is he more a seasoned fighter?
2. Name?
3.What should be his primary weapon?
4. Race? (Human, Ork [yes with a K], Wood Elven, or [more races if you think of them!]
5. Is out hero strong brave etc., or a quick sly assassin [our hero is melee.]
6. Should he be after romance? [the crap in the chosen ones made me sick]
7. Is he poor or more of royalty?
8. Is he already famous for a former feat?
1. Should are hero be a lowly peasant (kinda like the underdog idea) of is he more a seasoned fighter?
seasoned fighter
2. Name?
Angus Podgorny
3.What should be his primary weapon?
1 a Sword 2 an Axe 3 a Club
4. Race? (Human, Ork [yes with a K], Wood Elven, or [more races if you think of them!]
5. Is out hero strong brave etc., or a quick sly assassin [our hero is melee.]
a big, tough stong type
6. Should he be after romance? [the crap in the chosen ones made me sick]
no... not really
7. Is he poor or more of royalty?
middle not too porr but not rich...
8. Is he already famous for a former feat?

second option:

1. Should are hero be a lowly peasant (kinda like the underdog idea) of is he more a seasoned fighter?
seasoned fighter
2. Name?
Prince Calcath (last name of the king here)
3.What should be his primary weapon?
4. Race? (Human, Ork [yes with a K], Wood Elven, or [more races if you think of them!]
5. Is out hero strong brave etc., or a quick sly assassin [our hero is melee.]
skilled swordman fast and strong
6. Should he be after romance? [the crap in the chosen ones made me sick]
7. Is he poor or more of royalty?
8. Is he already famous for a former feat?
yes defending the kindom agains an army of (whatever)s
Level 14
Dec 9, 2006
Prince Calcath sounds like the kind of guy who would ride with a batallion of knights, and then end up going missing in action, only to be found by our hero who saves him, and then he leads the battle against the massive demonic army, while we find where the final boss lurks and fight him while weapons clash outside, and yes this is entire sentence was a run-on.

Level 12
Aug 31, 2008
(Im' back early)
Asomath is right. Price Calcath seems like a fancypants dweeb, who thinks so good of himsself he goes missing.
Angus is a cool name (makes him tough, or Meaty) but Podgorny makes him sound like he livesi n the world of Hullabaloo.
SoLmaster, we need more of a discription, and were going for very unique ideas, not any ideas. Read Asomath's awesome thread to see what we mean (Animus### had some very great ideas, I invited him to make more if he chooses)
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Mar 12, 2008
I would like to help with boss designs. I will probably help with triggers if I can (I only know GUI though, not the best, but I know how to use dem triggers :) ) I posted one random boss design on the other thread.
Level 12
Aug 31, 2008
I wil put here and send it to you, so any ideas that come from others may be put in.
We almost have enough help for this, but any ideas are welcome at anytime.
The project managers are me or The World is Flat. I don't think we need any more triggerers, but we may need a icon maker.
Level 4
Sep 28, 2008
well... a clumsy hero always makes for good comedy.
On the boss ideas, Terranous the Hungered, a giant bestial dragon (only 2 back legs, uses wings as front support on the ground) who during the fight, flys up into the air and you must bring him to the ground by actually putting yourself at risk (So if you in the open or so he swoops down on you) if you in the open for too long it will be massive damage, and once he swoops he lands on his perch which you can run up to and attack him at melee combat. Phase 2 starts at 50% health where he lands on the ground and attacks you with a 4 second cast time conal damage fire, which destroys trees that it hits, you have to use this to your advantage to cause the cliff sides to weaken because the tree roots disapear, and he falls off, which does big damage too him, repeat 2-3 times then your done.

What do you think?
Level 14
Dec 9, 2006
Alright I sent em. I know they are a bit long, but thats just how I like to describe my bosses. Tell me which one you like better, and which one can be better melded to fit your needs, and then elaborate.


P.S. Im still just a support character!
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Aug 31, 2008
I'm sorry If I don't post here much. I do read you comments often though.
Notice! Lord Kal'thos is now Lord Lucius Dei Auralius!
Flat has yet to change it, but it is change in my thread.
Just check the sig, and if you do find Kal'Thos in the script, just PM me.
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Apr 24, 2009
I can do grammar/editing for the story so that it is well written...once you have the full text for the campaign (or even a large portion of it) PM me and I will get on it.
That would be nice Tjdrake719, you can contact Fussilier1 for any details.
And SOLmaster, we accually already decided on a village battle for chapter two, lol.

Updated Homepage, added a boss by SpankyDmonkey and hid some of the text, should look cleaner now, thanks everyone for helpin' out so far but we still need more people!
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Dec 9, 2006
Who the hell is he? 0.o

Anyways, I'm going to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, so you can still send me the stories but I'll edit them late in the evening.

That movie was really awesome, I loved it, just seemed to end too quickly.

But back on track, after 2 1/2 hours I completed laying out plans for the Chapter two bossfight and sent it you yall! And now, im going to get somthing to drink

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