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Last Activity:
Mar 3, 2011
Dec 27, 2007



kingbdogz was last seen:
Mar 3, 2011
    1. Lastmoh12
      hey can u pls give me beta ver of warcraft 4 ?
    2. DEFACKTwalker
      has the WC4 project stopped?
    3. brkanator4
      hay, can you give me link where I can download beta version please ?
    4. Luffy_299
      Are you the same kingbdogz who made the Aether for minecraft? O_O
    5. Crazed_seal2
      Hello. Just wondering. Did you make the Aether mod for minecraft?
    6. Samurai_Gal666
      Do you need a beta tester for W4:EoE? Please please say yes!!!!
    7. Warcraft_Tester
      I read one of your 2009 threads about mpqdraft I have one on my laptop...

      If you don't have it I can be happy to give it to you..

      Make sure you made a custom mpq first ok.
    8. rcshaggy
      Hey man.
      I really like how your making a Warcraft IV, which Blizzard didn't create yet, but will there be a lot of dragons and Owlbeasts?
      Knowing me I love those things, and the Horde also. :3
    9. SasuhKun
      Me, me, I'm interested in your lore! :B
    10. Grey Nightmare
      Grey Nightmare
      Dude, whats your msn email, you, me and TWIF should talk, I know you've talked with TWIF alone but I believe we can meet a compromise, see our thread.
    11. Fussiler1
      In case you're interested, I reacted on your post. :P
    12. Alagremm
      The FAQ is clearly a joke, because you are really serious about desrcitpions, zergs allying Scourge in EoE is completely not what you would do and playable zerg is just dumb. Plus judging by the "terrains" which are clearly from WoW(Why? Because they used Grizzlemaw and I can clealry see that its a WoW screen) and it was the 1st April, I say this is a joke.

      The only thing that is interesting is the logo, which clearly took some time to make, however even it point us that its an April Fools joke, becaue it says Warcraft V.

      So you even took the Blizzard tradition to make April Fools announcements as well? ^^
    13. Alagremm
      Thanks dude, looks much better.
    14. Alagremm
      Dude I am updating FoD description and I need to ask you a question. How do you make something you wrote be at the center and not begin at the left?
    15. Cthulus
      I'm sorry if I sound disrespective. I simply don't agree with your mindset, although I believe that everybody should be able to speak their mind and not be persecuted. Again, I apologize. I will continue to debate your point, however.
    16. supertoinkz
      hey, can I get the data hacker :)
    17. Alagremm
    18. supertoinkz
      u using the .fdf files in the .mpq to mod warcraft 3 right?
    19. Alagremm
      Want to ask if I will get working on EoE lore soon.

      Also, why did you call it WCIV if it it supposed to be savior of WCIII?
    20. supertoinkz
      well, what I want is how did you open the warcraft 3 itself? I want to learn it (as a info technology student)
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
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