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Race ideas

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Level 3
Jun 20, 2011
I think an interesting thing to add to a Skeleton race is to merge :) for example two regular skeleton warriors merge to form a greater Skeleton Warrior, which is more powerful and could act like a tier 2 melee unit. You could also use spirits for casters or combine them with a strong skeleton unit to make a Lich caster unit. Just my idea on your case.

Other than that, you have an entire arsenal of undead buildings already in the game, if that does not satisfy you then the Hive can supply.

For Heroes, I would go with two melee, a range and a magic user, like the ones you have, for example.
for a melee I would use some sort of Berserker unit, a massive skeletal hero that uses melee and has high damage but little armour, more of a dps hero, with skills such as; Rage (Increases damage and attackspeed for armour),
Savager (Passive attackspeed increase),
Warcry (Increases Damage and attackspeed for nearby units),
Berserk (Metamorphosis into a powerful and near unstoppable unit for a short period of time)

Juggernaut, a heavy 'tank' hero that has a lot of health and high armour but weak damage compared to the other heroes. Abilities would be;
Bulwark, (Divine Shield)
and for an Ulti, Rampage, (increases damage but decreases movement speed)

Deadshot Archer for range, (obviously :) ) Skills would be;
Sprint or some fast travel ability.
Hailstorm, (An aoe damage spell which will immobolize the hero but will send down a rain of arrows, more arrows and larger range per level)
Critical Strike
And an Ulti would be Deadshot, (Takes a very short cast time and does incredibly high damage, if target survives it will have reduced armour and slower movement speed)

And finally a mage, a Deathlich, spells would be;
Decay (Damage per second aoe spell),
Absorb, (Will kill a friendly non hero undead target for life and temporary increased damage, or will use a Drain Life ability on enemy organic targets)
Deathwave (A linear attack that will heal friendly units and damage and reduce movement speed and armour for enemy organic units)
And for an Ulti, Rebirth (Casts a temporary buff that if the target dies while buff is active it will Reincarnate)

Those are my own ideas :D hope it helps.
Level 3
Oct 3, 2013
Oh and you guys seem to be in the darker side of things at the moment, for heroes of a skeletal race I would suggest a hero to be a grave digger, an embalmer and a body snatcher.

The grave digger could be focused summoning,

The embalmer focused on slows and abilities,

Whilst the body snatcher can have create mirror images of 3 nearest units
Level 3
Aug 26, 2013
Hey guys,
I got race idea:
The Highborne
1. Worker
2. Guardian
3. Archer
4. Knight
5. Arcane Elemental
6. Glaive Thrower
7. Arcane Golem
8. Cleric
9. Conjuress
10. Magic Crusher
11. Hippogriff
12. Blue Dragon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
Vogaprad, sorry most of those buildings take too much after the orcs they don't have much flare of the Murlocs in them, so I'd say no unless you can make them work. Besides I'd say murlocs would go more for the Naga than themselves, for the only reason being that they have kin that fight for the naga anyway. Not trying to say you are wrong that there are those that would prefer to stay helping their own little clan, but have you ever heard of the Mur'guls. There are Slaves and Reavers in the Naga race (Non-custom) alone that do the bidding of the Naga. The Reavers are more liked by the naga though.
Level 2
Aug 4, 2014
Hi im new here on hive.I think of making a custom race named "Nepheroth" its a race of bestial warriors (that go from tigers-lions to bears and Reptiles).So tell me what you think of it
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