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Police car

Yey its a police car ^^

*the rotating beacons is in spell animation so you need to use triggers to turn it on!

Give credits if you use it in your map!
DON'T distribute to other sites and DON'T edit without my permission!
Have fun!!!

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Police car (Model)

23:04, 9th Jan 2009 General Frank: Very useful for LoaPs. Works ingame.




23:04, 9th Jan 2009
General Frank:

Very useful for LoaPs. Works ingame.
Level 2
Dec 8, 2008
Police is mirrorred, lol.

It's supposed to be that way on all emergency-type vehicles now, or so it was said in a reply to the posted ambulance model :eekani: It does make sense though.

And these are awesome for GTA or (hopefully much better than the existing variations) LoaP maps. It's inspiring too... Too bad I'm working on a medieval map :sad:
Level 1
Jan 16, 2009
Someone can help me!! the policecar doesnt load when I import... what am I doing wrong? plz someone tell me how to import correctly this cool model.
Level 3
Apr 1, 2009

Awesome model! I love it - it looks so cool. I tested it in-map, and it works perfectly. Nice job!
But can you tell me have to turn on the rotating beacon? I've tried but i just can't figure out how to.
Level 18
Aug 23, 2008
Ofcourse... Every model you import works except the ones made by skrab... Do you think he's putting viruses in his resources just for the fun of it or something?

If you have importing problems with this model, simply follow the Importing Tutorial. If that doesn't work, try again and follow the same tutorial to the letter. If that doesn't work, you should post a thread in the World Editor Help Zone, explaining clearly what is not working about your model, what you did, which model this problem occurs with and most vital of all: You don't accuse people of only uploading resources that don't work.
Especially if you're the only one out of millions that seems to think so.
Level 6
Aug 19, 2007
Hmmm, it's a really good model, i personally like it, i just find one thing off: "Police" is backwards xD. Unless your map is in "BackwardsVille" it wont look too good. I'm not a modeller and I'm not sure that this works or not, but is there a possible way to reverse that? 5/5 Anyways for the hard effort!
Level 3
Jul 22, 2010

i loved it, i'm using in all my vida de um br versions.

But, can someone tell me how to turn un the rotating beacons? i dont know which trigger is it =\

I mean, it works perfectly, but inside the game, when i use the ability it works perfectly, but when i order to this unit walk to anywhere, the effect stops. =\
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