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Paint Bomb v1.00

Spell Description

Code portion of DREAM TEAM's contest entry for Hero Contest #9 - Hive Member.

Check out our entry here!

Ability Description:

Throws a can of paint at the target location. The color of the paint will determine what happens once the can hits the ground.

Red - After a short delay, nearby enemy units will take damage.
Yellow - A pool of yellow paint will be created, slowing enemy units that walk over it. After a short delay, the slow will snare the unit.
Blue - Creates a squad of Blue Paint Goblins. Whenever a Blue Paint Goblin dies, they will leave behind a pool of blue paint. Any friendly Blue Paint Goblin that walks over this pool will receive bonus stats.​

Ingame Information:
  • Paint Bomb base ability is Channel
  • Switch Paint base ability is Berserk
  • Switch Paint buff indicators come from Slow Aura (not dispellable)
  • Slow base ability is Sorceress - Slow
  • Snare base ability is Entangling Roots
  • Both debuffs are dispellable



  • Doomlord
  • Flux
  • PurgeandFire
  • Vexorian

How to Install

  1. Go to the Preferences menu and make sure "Automatically create unknown variables while pasting trigger data" is checked

  2. Import all Object Editor data
    • Dummy Caster (if you don't already have a dummy unit, import this unit and dummy.mdx) (UNIT)
    • Spell Dummy (UNIT)
    • Blue Paint Goblin (UNIT)
    • Paint Bomb (ABILITY)
    • Slow (Yellow) (ABILITY)
    • Snare (Yellow) (ABILITY)
    • Switch Paint (ABILITY)
    • Switch Paint (Red) (ABILITY)
    • Switch Paint (Blue) (ABILITY)
    • Ensnared (Yellow) (BUFF)
    • Slow (Yellow) (BUFF)
    • Red Paint (Switch Paint) (BUFF)
    • Yellow Paint (Switch Paint) (BUFF)
    • Blue Paint (Switch Paint) (BUFF)

  3. Import all Trigger Editor data
    • Paint Bomb Requirements (only import requirements that you don't have in your map)
    • Paint Bomb

  4. Go to the Config triggers and change the following variables to their corresponding data:
    • PBomb_ABILITY = Paint Bomb
    • PBomb_DUMMY_UNIT_TYPE = Dummy Caster
    • PBomb_TRIGGER_LOOP = PBomb Loop <gen>
    • PBomb_TRIGGER_CHECK_PATHING = Check Walkability <gen>
    • PBomb_TRIGGER_PLAY_ERROR = PBomb Error Msg <gen>
    • RPaint_TRIGGER_LOOP = RPaint Loop <gen>
    • YPaint_ABILITY_SLOW = Slow (Yellow)
    • YPaint_BUFF_SLOW = Slow (Yellow)
    • YPaint_ABILITY_SNARE = Snare (Yellow)
    • YPaint_BUFF_SNARE = Ensnared (Yellow)
    • YPaint_TRIGGER_LOOP = YPaint Loop <gen>
    • YPaint_TRIGGER_APPLY_SLOW = YPaint Slow Index <gen>
    • YPaint_TRIGGER_LOOP_SLOW = YPaint Slow Loop <gen>
    • BPaint_PAINT_GOBLIN_UNIT_TYPE = Blue Paint Goblin
    • BPaint_TRIGGER_DEATH = BPaint Goblin Death <gen>
    • BPaint TRIGGER_CREATE_POOL = BPaint Index <gen>
    • BPaint_TRIGGER_LOOP_POOL = BPaint Loop <gen>
    • SPaint_ABILITY = Switch Paint
    • SPaint_TRIGGER_ADD = SPaint Add <gen>

Changelog (31 December 2017)

  • Uploaded

Fixed / Changed:
  • Nothing

  • Nothing

Paint Bomb v1.00 (Map)

I had tested this spell in an amalgamation map before, and I haven't found anything anywhere near a bug to not approve this. Nitpicks: None. Notes: None. Status: Approved