Of exports and allowance.

Should this be allowed!?!

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Feb 4, 2009
well...as long as blizzard does not care it does not matter but the webmaster is the only one to decide because he will get the problems with it

maybe some remember when the majority voted against the hive default theme we have now
as you can see the webmaster gave a **** about it

so I don't think that the users have any way to reach a goal here



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Jan 7, 2005
They looked fine as long as they weren't a straight import. If I remember correctly, Advent of the Zenith utilized World of Warcraft models successfully.
I might check it sometime, though I doubt that.

busterkomo said:
You're confusing a resource section with an art gallery.
Unless they are the same, no, I'm not.

my only problem with wow rips is that people who use the said rips tend to rely completely on the fact that they have a wow rip instead of actually making a proper game with a proper gameplay. and the people who do rely on wow rips to push their maps forward tends to spam these wow models UNNECESSARILY.
so what do we get? shitty maps with incredibly large file sizes.
Worry not, for there are multiple maps in Warcraft III that are like that. Not always using WoW models, but just more or less good models in general. Which means that if you're trying to stop the maps-with-lots-of-models-and-bad-gameplay problem, you need to eliminate all the artistic resources on every website, not just WoW ripped or ported models.
Resource-hosting websites with a minimum quality standard for maps, like the Hive Workshop, find a solution by rejecting those maps, and the StarCraft gamers community itself finds its solution by not playing them.

Well if that would be allowed then it would be also allowed to upload other models that are not made by yourself.

So yeah * this logic?
If by «other models that are not made by yourself» you mean just any model, then no, that's false, because not every digital model has been designed by Blizzard, and therefore the other companies that did design those models can submit a lawsuit for copyright infringement. You are allowed to upload models with permission from the authors, but I doubt that a company will agree to that just because we here are needy of medieval models for StarCraft II.
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Dec 30, 2007
I even thought about it. Blizzard would stand it till porting would become casual. Wc3 SC total-conversion was stopped because of too good SC models (and their upcoming SC2). Imagine porting SC2 and WoW to Wc3, Blizzard would be left without profit then.
I think modders do not need ports desperately, it is more for end users. These models are already available only not so obviously. There really is not a strong argument to store every possible resource on one site, in our case THW.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Sooda, that would never happen due to fundimental engine differences.

WC3 is not SC2 which is not WoW.

WoW is a mmorpg.
WC3 is a semi cusomizable RTS.
SC2 is a more customizable RTS.

It is not possible to have more than 12 players in WC3 or SC2 without illegal code mods.
It is not possible to get WoW to run a syncrnious RTS match.

SC2 engine is completly different from WC3. Where as a lot of behaviours in WC3 are hard coded into types linked to actual code (command coupling), SC2 uses unqiue but more symple hard coded types that let you customize behaviour better. WC3 uses a pathing update system and pathing map whereas SC2 uses a pathing mesh with continious pathing logic. WC3 triggers compile to machine code while SC2 triggers compile to bytecode which is interpreted via a virtual machine which provides garbage collection. WC3 uses DX8 and is limited to DX8 features where as SC2 uses DX10 so has much more modern restrictions.

In WoW you can not expect to control a base with your hero and get peasants to mine gold to train riflemen while you micro an attack. In WC3 you can not expect realistic shadows, refraction, water reflection or even tenticle ranged attacks. In SC2 you can not expect to play with over a hundred thousand players in a continious game you can join in and out of.

I am a very tollerent person. I personally do not mind ports as long as blizzard does not mind them. It is obvious that they do not mind WoW ports but they will obviously mind ports from games like Warhammer which would be willing to take legal action thus the scope is limited. Additionally, I am ok with people uploading other's models as long as the other person is correctly credited (nothing is worse than someone taking credit for something they never did) or the orignal author makes a clear expression that he does not want it uploaded (and he reserves to right to do this at any time).

If blizzard suddenly goes against WoW ports (which I doubt) then we should do the same. All SC2 resources distributed by this site should be aceptably hostable on the battlenet 2.0 service.

The conversation has sort of lost the point it originally had, the poll really doesn't mean much anymore but the point that Misha brought up was like using animations or that sort of thing from WoW models like people do with Wc3 models, just for Sc2 - really it doesn't anyone has a problem with that.

I'm still opposed to direct rips but it is under DSG's jurisdiction as the only sc2 mod so whatever he says goes really (unless he's overridden by an Admin or Ralle).