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Music and nostalgia that brings you back to your times on Warcraft or Hive

Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
I have just finished publishing my first ever public music album review and I started getting a lot of nostalgic memories of Warcraft 3 and Hive, so now I'm here visiting again!

What music and pop culture do you guys associate with WC3?

I remember hearing nightcore remixes of Numb by Linkin Park in Run Kitty Run, and Numb/Encore in Slide Ninja Slide. I became a big Linkin Park fan during high school shortly sometime after that, and was enamored with working on staff projects on Hive at that time. I was still a small child in the early 2000s but I somehow hit that 2003 culture stride with my 2 main interests in high school in the 2010s. No regrets.

Another thing that was everywhere at the time was Lord of the Rings. MAN were there so many LotR maps.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
I clearly remember listening to Staind while making a Brood War custom campaign. When I was younger, I also sampled some of Linkin's Park songs and used that as character lines in Brood War mission briefing rooms xD ("I can't hold on, it's all too much to take it"). Around that time, I think, when I was doing my first World Editor experiments, I was listening to Nirvana a lot.
Also listened a lot to Tiesto when I played Counter-Strike 1.6.
But of course, there was a lot more (bands, artists, soundtracks) but I can't pinpoint it exactly when or in what context related to any game.
I definitely have some music and songs that I personally associate with my Warcraft 3 experiences, definitely.

As one example, I developed an RPG in 2004 while singing the death egg music from Sonic Battle anytime that I had the map file open. In my head, that song still belongs to that map, now.
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Level 23
Mar 29, 2004
When summer comes around and it's time to replay The Founding of Durotar, I always slam on A-ha's Minor Earth / Major Sky. I must have bought the CD about the time the 2nd and 3rd missions came out (patch... 1.13?), so it was on regular rotation while I was enjoying those for the first time.