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Mur'gul Warlock

Model portion of THE FLAMING SKULL OF WADDLES's contest entry in Hero Contest #8 - Tavern Hero. Bundle includes the Mur'gul Warlock, its projectile art, and all the special effects used for all of its abilities.

Check out our entry here!

Feel free to use and edit as you please, so long as you credit us.

Conflagrate Missile (Model)

Dark Respite Orb (Model)

Dark Respite Target (Model)

Fel Meteor (Model)

Fel Meteor Caster (Model)

Fel Meteor Indicator (Model)

Hero Mur'gul Warlock (Model)

Hero Mur'gul Warlock (Old) (Model)

Hero Mur'gul Warlock Portrait (Model)

Hero Mur'gul Warlock Portrait (Old) (Model)

Noxious Cloud Effect (Model)

Noxious Cloud Explosion (Model)

Noxious Cloud Missile (Model)

Whirlpool Missile (Model)

Looks good, and performs flawlessly. The missile is nice too. Only some textures seem a bit stretched, and some don't fit so well together. But certainly approved.


Arena Moderator
Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
How was this not uploaded previously? Oh well.

I'll assume nothing has changed & just copy/pasta my critique from the Hero Contest #8 Poll

Kyrbi0 said:
+Pretty cool; while I had some strange issue overall, each of the constituent elements was just great. A primitive truncheon, a shell-shield, a Gul'dan-inspired back-spine-rack (with non-human skulls, noice), a cool Lure and a giant toothy maw.
+The animations were where this guy really shined. The "vomit", the "lure", the epic Channeling, the expressive Death, the gaseous Dissipate; good stuff.
+The SFX were also very cool; I didn't notice til I opened them up in Magos but the Noxious Cloud & Conflagrate fireball both have creepy eyes/faces on them. The re-worked Incinerate was nice, and the Cloud was dense & seeming 'choking'. FelwoodRocks.blp for the meteor was neat. The 2nd best was the spinning souls on the Meteor-Channel.
+The style was pretty fitting to the game; in-game textures really helped that.
+The (in-game) icons chosen for this were PERFECT, all the more because they were (3/4) unused as ability icons. Loved it.
+WhirlpoolMissile.mdx was probably my favorite. Having him barf up a sea-ball was just great.

~I had some weird sort of issue with the model as a whole. Not sure what it was. Weird bipedal Mur'gul (except they're mutants anyway...)? Weird loping run? Stiff cape? Unsure.
~There was an awful lot of green on this guy's SFX, and not much else.
Level 2
Sep 3, 2020
Good day... I am attempting to use the newer version, not the (Old) one... But... There seems to be a problem? In-game, he just looks like a magic carpet with my team color... v-v

I think I imported the things correctly and fixed the path, but it's not working! Right now only the old one works! v-v

What is wrong, please? Am I being a moron?

Thank you!
Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Any chance this still gets updated because it doesn't have a swim animation like it's other mur'gul kins, it was walking above water. Well great work of it anyway 👍.