Mordor Great Hall

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"...and there on a hill of slag and desolation stood a tower of wicked orc-make, crowned with a ring of horns and about it hung banners of the Red Eye."
- Loremaster of Lindon

Mechanically, this model is functionally a Great Hall / Town Hall, it's got three upgrades and working animations for each

Keywords: Lotr, lord, of, the, rings, rpg, orc, demon, evil, blackrock, mordor, dol, guldur, war, ring, building, base, main, structure, ogre

This pack includes two versions of the same building:
- Mordor Stronghold
- Evil Stronghold (No Mordor Flag)

Check out @Loken Ironwolf's sound pack, containing the Mordor Building sounds!
Loken Ironwolf's Evil Building Sounds Pack

- v1.0 none

Evil Great Hall (Model)

Mordor Great Hall (Model)

MordorStronghold1 (Icon)

MordorStronghold2 (Icon)

MordorStronghold3 (Icon)

A great orc building model with neat texture usage. Works in-game. Approved!