Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm POLL

Which map is the best one?

  • The Souls of Paradise

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • A Terrible Nightmare

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • Parallux

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Jungle grave

    Votes: 2 14.3%

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Oct 2, 2011


Ghastly Realm
Contestants are to create a map that has to deal with ghosts/spirits/souls and the like.
The entire map can for example take place in the realm of the dead.


  • Each user can only vote once in the poll. (remove this for a multiple choice poll)
  • You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has the same IP as the author then the vote will not be counted and it may result in the disqualification of the entry.
  • You cannot create multiple accounts to vote for an entry in the poll. If a voter has been found to be using multiple accounts none of the voters votes will count in the final result.
  • You cannot bribe users for votes. Contestants who break this rule will be disqualified and given negative reputation.


  • First Place: 45 reputation points and your entry on the award icon
  • Second Place: 30 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 15 reputation points and an award icon
  • Finished entry and judges: 5 reputation points



  • Rex.
  • Quilnez


ThemeDoes the entry comform the contest theme "Ghastly Realms"?20%

The fun factor: Does the whole package create an enjoyable experience for the player?
e.g. Are the spell effects satisfying, is there replayability, is the plot compelling, ...?
AestheticsIs it good looking terrain-wise? How polished are the details such as preview pictures, title, in-game texts and icons?30%
TriggersDoes the map run well performance-wise?
Factors which influence this category are: efficiency of the triggers/coding, memory leaks, etc.
  • 65% of the winner shall be determined by the contest's appointed judge(s).
  • 35% of the winner shall be determined by the results of a public poll.

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Jul 1, 2008
Hey guys,

I must say these are pretty cool maps. I would like to comment on them, to explain how I voted, as I invested quite some time to play through all of them.

First of all, good job to you all for creating these in such a short time! Some modifications look pretty impressive, and I would say, each of these maps has a unique, new feeling to it.

Please do not feel offended by criticism, I dont want to hurt anyone. Please correct me, if any comment of mine was not correct - I may have simply missunderstood your map and/or may have been too stupid :)

At first, I played The Souls of Paradise

- The terrain is original, and the endless sky behind it looks pretty cool and the whole design matches the theme.
- I was kind of annoyed by the camera movements though. The map was somehow slow but then again pushed the cam to somewhere else, and despite I like using camera perspective a lot myself, I somehow was annoyed by this mechanic.
- I dont want to sound too negative but the game play was a bit tedious, because the areas where highly repetitive and you provided too many hints. It literally left nothing for the player. The fights were not really depending on much skill and the boss fights especially really only depended on players hp, which made it impossible in certain situations. Some more balancing would have helped a lot here, or maybe some more skill-dependent abilities.
- In the end, I died in a boss fight because of no hp pot left and I though, that this is a good map, but there is still a lot of work to do to make the game play fun in my opinion.

Second, I played Parallux

- I was pretty much amazed by the whole game design, as it truly looks finished and like a new game. The intro looks really good and you used pretty much every trick from custom fade filters and UI to custom animations and what not. I was really impressed.
- However, unfortunately the game play was not that much fun after some minutes. First of all, I like the simplicity a lot. This was relaxing a lot. But then, after some time, the puzzles seem too easy and hard at the same time. Hard, because in my case the alternate animations of the tile objects were almost invisible (high graphic settings enabled). Easy, because in the end it came down to trial and error, and most of the times, the only thing, I had to wait for, was that incredible slow movement speed. So after all, this made it really hard to play through. It would have been better, if one had to think much more and wait much less. I do understand that creating complex puzzles is a lot of work though.
- I had to invest quite some time to understand how you created that map, I am still impressed as I am writing this! Very good map, but unfortunately, I found it too boring in the end

Third, I played Jungle grave

- After 30 minutes of gameplay I looked into the editor and wanted to find out, why or if I got stuck and how you achieved that labyrinth design. I must say, the design is pretty effective and also quite fun to play for a while.
- I somehow managed to get stuck even after looking through the triggers as there is no bloody lady spawning unfortunately. This "killed" the fun for me, because I could not play further.
- I liked the tiny conversations and the very first 10 minutes of game play were exciting. So, if I would not have been stuck and if there was a bit more of a "guiding thread" through the map, I would have liked this map a lot. It was the most warcraft3-ish game design, simple but effective. If there was more guiding, it would have been quite exciting to play for longer. This is still a good map for a quick game, as it is fast and easy and exciting.

Last, I played A Terrible Nightmare

This game was thrilling and scary! Good job, especially the teddy bear and the child collector gave me several thrills! The whole atmosphere of the map is really dense, because you use sound, music and light in a very effective manner. I liked this a lot! The search light of the child collector is really scary!
- The game is pretty fun and addictive, and these protectors make it a bit cozy as well. I actually enjoyed it for a while. For the reason of being more complex as the others, It took me some time to get used to it, and it is good you placed that little save zone at the beginning.
- Unfortunately in my case the witch stayed invisible even if she seemed to attack and did never apply any damage to me. Also some buildings did not spawn sometimes and then sometimes they worked. So either I was being stupid or there are still some bugs in the game.
- I like the overall theme and design and that every thing matches so well to it, like these desperate one liners, that npcs throw at you.


In the end, I voted for "A Terrible Nightmare", because the atmosphere, especially the sounds and that scary search light amazed me a lot and matched very well to the contest theme. "Parallux" was second for me, as the game design was really great.
Thank you for creating this, in the end, it was nice to play through all of them.

Good luck to you guys :)
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For my vote I mostly looked in gameplay. Constructive code critique takes too long and isn't worth it, and for most design things I'm a noob myself.

The Souls Of Paradise:

Though the much-effect style isn't really mine, and sometimes I just got impression it's just a bit too much of "special things", once can see you've definilty put some work into terrain.
And it does also fit the theme.

Gameplay was not very asking. I was healed each time at some HP amount, so I never could die. It was very boring, too. Simply fighting random units in always the same way...
When I used (I think) the frozen ability thing, just all enemies insta died, even they were not even close to me. Gameplay has no repetitive factor for me, sorry.
I'm not sure I can name one strong and really good point in the gameplay. Most points were too weak or just not good. Btw, a little bug, I could enter the 2nd circle, before I even killed the SpecialUnit.

Credists should be specified I think. Also say for what you give credits, not only to who.


Terrain looks pretty solid and clean. To fit the theme it maybe could be a bit more creepy or spooky, idk, but to fit the gameplay I actually very like your atmosphere.

Pretty smart idea, the puzzling. To play it multiple times, though, it has too few dynamic interactions with the environment, but for this time now, it was nice and interesting to play it.
Movement is path-tile based, probably to achieve clean and centered moves. How ever it feels also a bit unsmooth then, that new orders get pretty much lost if you press arrow keys in between the single tiles.
I am confused a bit by the color counter on top right, like when a yellow one gets ++, or when blue, or so. It seemed random for me.
The green timer could reset when you re-enter it.
It was maybe nice, if the final tile which brings you to the next level was marked a bit different from normal tiles-- just to optimize overview.
I have played 5 levels, just because of time reasons, but I can definitly say I enjoyed to try it out.

Jungle Grave

Really cool atmosphere. Nice music, paths and deco.

Gemplay seemed interesting in first 10-20 seconds, and then became boring pretty fast -- and never changed.
I hoped something to happen, but never got to a point. After talking to some people I opened up triggers to look for the story,
but then decided to quit it, because it made no sense for me to go on. :(

A Terrible Nightmare

I liked the visuals, the sounds, the whole atmosphere. What I saw was good -- though I must say I didn't see the whole game.
After already like 10 minutes I died, and lost the game, and was not in mood to play again wc3 (not because the map was bad).
I think something just touched me and I died, I'm not very sure. Anyways, the concept, the world and the units I saw was pretty good for me,
and it all seemed that you put some good ideas and effort into the the map structure.


I didn't check everything and also not all technical aspects, so forgive me for no detailed reviews, but I just wanted to have a rough idea of each map.
I had to choose myself between Parallux and Nightmare, and I choose Nightmare. I found the concept a bit more theme-aimed, and somehow even convinced me that
the gameplay has some good content, even I didn't see all. But again, not really a technical decission:). Anyways, good job all, I think everyone could build his own atmosphere in terrain pretty well.
Though the much-effect style isn't really mine, and sometimes I just got impression it's just a bit too much of "special things", once can see you've definilty put some work into terrain.
And it does also fit the theme.

Gameplay was not very asking. I was healed each time at some HP amount, so I never could die. It was very boring, too. Simply fighting random units in always the same way...
When I used (I think) the frozen ability thing, just all enemies insta died, even they were not even close to me. Gameplay has no repetitive factor for me, sorry.
I'm not sure I can name one strong and really good point in the gameplay. Most points were too weak or just not good.
Yeah, sorry, I did not work on the triggers much and I don't have much knowledge about triggers, so it is not too enjoyable! I think Parallux is great. I took a look at it's gameplay and it's triggers, and I can say it is amazing!

Thanks for spending your time for this map!
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for the feedback! It's so awesome to hear that you found those particular elements interesting. The fact that the Guardians made it more "cozy" is an incredible win for me!

Beneath is my review of the other submissions. They include the positive, negative and some suggestions:

The green, gloomy tone was very appealing to the eye, and went really well with your choice of music.
The first npc I encountered was the woman heading towards the cemetery. This immediately piqued my interest; it was sort of like when Alice met the Rabbit. This was within the first minute as well, thus a great way to draw in the player!
I really liked your way of handling npc interaction. It added to this "old school rpg dungeon" feeling I had throughout the entire session.
I also am a fan of your ending, it was quite unnerving to say the least!

However, there's no sunshine without rain.
Regarding the ghosts, my first thought was that their damage radius/AoE should be smaller, especially since they are so fast. The fact that they are unspottable in the black mask, add to this, in my opinion, unnecessary difficulty.
Although I am a huge fan of unforgiving gameplay, there is a lot that you can improve regarding the overall difficulty. There were instances where ghosts came out of nowhere and there was no time to dodge them. If you decide to keep the ghosts the way they are, my suggestion would be to add another way to recover your health.

Overall, I really am a fan of your map! After completing the game I felt that I wanted more. I feel that there is so much you can do with this particular map. Perhaps side stories that trigger other side stories, items that you gather to trigger side quests or spawn npcs, anything really to further add to the mystery and create more depth; more replayability.

An incredibly serene map, with relaxing music and good use of sound effects. The atmosphere kept reminding me of Antichamber!
I feel like the map delivers what it's supposed to: a relaxing and peaceful experience with really interesting puzzle mechanics.
Speaking of mechanics, your way of introducing them really impressed me, and I kept getting amazed that you actually made this in Warcraft 3.

However, the slow pacing got to me after a while. It feels really slow to play, especially in the later levels.
With the introduction of timed events, it felt really frustrating when you had to go back to reactivate the timer (especially in level 14), as it took such a long time.

That is essentially my only complaint: the pacing. The map is gorgeous and I got to level 15 before having to quit the game. I feel like this map would really benefit either from smaller levels or increased movement speed. Basically faster pacing.

I remember following your progress in the other forum, and I must say that your terrain is stunning! There's so much creativity!
You have a good idea for a plot. It's simple, yet interweaves with some gameplay elements beautifully, mainly the soul abilities.
How you obtain the soul abilities is really nice, it gives you a sense of reward.

The gameplay itself could use some work, as there’s really nothing besides the soul abilities that make the combat stand out. As these are stripped during boss fights, there’s nothing to do really but to watch them auto attack each other.
Watching all enemies spawn one by one became a little tedious after a while.
I’m not sure how I feel about typing in order to initiate a boss fight, as I feel like it should be initiated within the game, if that makes any sense.
I don’t know if it’s different on hard, but on normal, I was healed every time my hp got low, so I never needed to use a single potion.

I had a good time though! If you're interested, I have a few suggestions!
Regarding the combat, there should be some form of self-sustainability, like for instance blinking or life drain. Combine these two and you might end up with some exciting combat!
Regarding the enemy spawn, my suggestion would be to either make it more fluent by increasing the spawn rate, or by spawning more than one at a time. You could also make the enemies spawn in as you fight them, which could make things more exciting.
Lastly, regarding the boss fights, my suggestion would be to give the boss the select hero and sell items abilities, and have it sell an item ("initiate boss battle" or something) which then activates the trigger. Then, as it is purchased, remove select hero and sell items, and start the boss fight.

BUG: By pressing ESC during the end credits I restarted the game with a level 10 Jaina. After 5 seconds or so, the game ended.

My vote ultimately goes to Jungle Grave, as I felt that there's so much potential there, and it really resonateted with what I personally find interesting.:) Know that I had a BLAST playing through ALL of the maps that were submitted. They are all indeed unique, thank you for creating these!
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Jan 8, 2010
Do note- I have not read any other reviews and this is all coming from personal opinion (as a review should be!)

The score system will be as follows (and the same as the contest demands, obviously):
  • Theme - 10 points
  • Gameplay - 20 points
  • Aesthetics - 15 points
  • Triggers - 5 points

The Souls of Paradise

- PrinceYaser
  • Theme - 6/10
    • The theme of the map was okay, but it didn't seem 'gloomy' or 'ghastly' but more spirit like. Ethereal and magical but not really ghastly.
  • Gameplay - 8/20
    • Unfortunately I did not enjoy the gameplay. The spells were cool, but the simple fact is that it was very one dimensional. I'll go through a few things that could improve the game.
    • Firstly, allow spells to be cast during boss fights! Using the cool spells against the regular enemies just feels wrong :( It would really help gameplay to be able to use your skills more often.
    • Next: Reduce waiting times. Waiting 10-20 seconds for enemies to spawn, then killing them in 20. After that, waiting for 5 seconds for boss to spawn, then going afk while you fight him. Then waiting 10 seconds for getting the soul, then 20 seconds to open the door. I think that roughly 1/2 of the total play time was waiting. Reduce those numbers a bit :)
    • Also, why heal when you get less than 300 HP? I played on Easy and if it were not for this trigger, I would've died many times. The bosses need to be toned down if you do not want the player to use abilities. I feel that this trigger was maybe put in for testing purposes and was never removed? In any case, it needs to be removed and we need to have to fight for ourselves :p
    • The boss summoning effects were cool :)
  • Aesthetics - 8/15
    • The map looked a bit plain in most parts. I was not a fan of the ground style (floating pads? I'm not sure how it was done to be fully honest.) The background of the map was cool, it really gave off that magic impression I talked about in theme. Perhaps making that color much darker would help give the ghastly and gloomy effect that would help the theme :)
    • The Soul holders (giant goats :p) were pretty cool.
  • Triggers - 2/5
    • They were not game-breaking which saves you from the 1/5. But they did leak semi-frequently. I'm not sure if you have been referred to something like this, but here you go: Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts. That should help a lot :)
Overall: 24/50
-- You could use some work, but I'm sure you'll come around :) Look into those memory leaks and try to fit the theme a bit better :) Gameplay could be improved by fixing those things I mentioned above. Waiting times are usually a big no-no unless you've got some really cool cinematic, but watching the channeling animation for 10 seconds is a bit over the top :p Good luck on your next entry for a contest and don't give up!

A Terrible Nightmare

- Ungoliath
  • Theme - 10/10
    • This map certainly fit the overall theme. Fog, dark colors, night time, and creepy models certainly all played together to create a gloomy effect. The theme was hit well.
  • Gameplay - 15/20
    • The map had its moments. I understand that the camera angle was used to engage the player in the world (which it did a good job of) but it did take away from the gameplay a bit. The camera swaying into my current guardian took away from the fun of the game, as I hit my arrow keys to turn and he simply followed right into the camera again. This was not always a problem, but it was not all that uncommon.
    • I also encountered times where I was running around the map not doing much. Looking for gold or lumber or fragments. I am not deducting points for this, because it really only happened frequently on my first play so I will chalk it up to not realizing I have something else to do :p
    • That being said, the map had a unique feel to it, which was good for gameplay. The way in which you built structures seemed to fit the game better than placing structures like in vanilla Warcraft.
  • Aesthetics - 13/15
    • I liked the look of the map, as I said before, it was very gloomy. Ability icons fit well. I particularly liked the models and the addition of moving trees. The grayness of the grass contrasted a bit with the cobble road, somehow making me see a brownish/greenish outline on the road (which is not there :p)
  • Triggers - 3/5
    • 'Step into the circle and say the word' did not work. I was in the circle and selecting talk, but he continued to say the same thing.
    • The camera was a bit wonky sometimes. I noticed it fly back when it thought I would not be able to see (a great idea) but there were certainly other times where I could not see and it did not pop back. My camera cut through a hill once :p
Overall: 41/50
-- Good job :) I wanted to give you a bonus point for the blink182 reference (the little sheet model - the Son I believe) buuuut that would tie you with someone and isn't fair huh? :p


- Tickles
  • Theme - 9/10
    • I like the way you made the map, though it is fairly simplistic. The simplicity fits well with the map. On the downside, with as simple as it is, it can get a little repetitive, taking away from the overall scene.
  • Gameplay - 16/20
    • Very cool concept. There are a few things that seem unnecessary. As an example, at level 6, getting the yellow activator (that allows you to pick up what I would call 'keys'?) it is unnecessarily far away. The player needs to walk down and around, when it wouldn't hurt the game to just walk straight there. I argue that it would in fact, help the game.
    • It is very unique though. I personally do not like puzzle games a ton, though I feel I am still rating you well :p
  • Aesthetics - 12/15
    • Again, I say that it is simplistic. However, flashy would not fit the map. I feel that aesthetics should not be a main focus of this map, so taking off many points for that would be unfair.
    • Ah, I just turned on my music volume in game xD Yes, the music certainly adds to the game, so I now feel confident giving you a 12/15.
  • Triggers - 5/5
    • While I did not dive into your triggers deeply, they seem solid. I played for a while and saw no bugs in play and did not witness any oddities at all.
Overall: 42/50
-- Very nice map :) It is unique and seems that you have put a lot of time into it. Gameplay is not entirely engaging, but it is a puzzle map :p I enjoyed how it taught you each step without actually displaying in text what you needed to do. The intro sequence was very cool :) Great job overall.

Jungle Grave

- Guramax
  • Theme - 10/10
    • The map certainly feels ghastly and gloomy. The color palette helps create this effect, as well as the blighted ground effect all over. Well done :)
  • Gameplay - 13/20
    • The gameplay was decent though I really did not like the spirits. Sometimes they are literally unavoidable. Also, sometimes the spirit can fly right over you and deal no damage. Anyways, I understand that they are meant to limit gameplay a bit and give the player a reason to hurry, of which they do well.
  • Aesthetics - 12/15
    • Lots of copy/pasting (for obvious reason) but the original region you copied is fairly nice looking.
  • Triggers - 4/5
    • Seems there's at least one leak in 'create unit at tmpPoint facing (position of unit)' at the position of unit. But nearly everything else I looked at seems fine
Overall: 39/50
-- I think that this map is really cool. I did not enjoy the spirits hitting me when it felt unavoidable, but I admit that there were definitely times that I could've dodged them :p The gameplay is okay. Well done and good luck in the future :)

Final Places:
  1. Parallux
  2. A Terrible Nightmare
  3. Jungle Grave
  4. The Souls of Paradise
If the creators are looking at this review, please check out your individual details :) I left some replies that I think can help if I thought that your map was lacking. Great job to everyone and good luck in future contests! :)
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Dec 19, 2012
Since i failed to complete my entry, as a compensation I'm going to post a full review (my first attempt) for the contest maps, which will based on the official judging procedure. I'll be pretty straight toward the map review.

The Souls of Paradise


Map take place in soul realm, overall it fit theme decently.


Spell effects look good, 3 difficulties for you to choose, which add a little replayability. Though, gameplay is boring. Plain auto-attack for bosses, almost plain auto-attack to normal monsters. Spells are usable to normal monsters, and removed while in boss fight? Another thing is, auto-healing while low hp, which makes me invincible, I don't know if you make it intended, or accidentally..


The terrain is pleasing and well looking. Appealing spawn effects for bosses, detailed toward the channeling animation while opening doors and obtaining orbs. But the terrain doesn't bring strong enough ghastly feel to me, more toward frost realm, with some animals bones appear around. Spells icons are fine, though there appears few grammar mistakes.


Few noticeable leaks, in trigger "FrostSoulChannelingEffect", "Magic of the Frozen Stone", "FrostSoulSkeletonSpawn" etc.. I didn't look into it too deep, but overall trigger is not really good, nor really bad.


A nice map with pleasing terrain, there are still a lots of room for you to improve, keep it up.


A Terrible Nightmare


I have nothing much to say here, definitely fit into the theme.


You have interesting ideas combined together to form interactive with mystery feeling, yet not losing the ghastly theme. A nice story plot as a start, with enough information provided at the start of the game. Discovering the environment, with the addition of secret quests, increases the replayability of the map. In addition to the sounds, create a spooky and horror feeling. I've only play in single player mode, but game gonna be more interesting if play with others people, as well as making game more easier to be played with.

There are still minor things I'm still confusing : How can I bring mini fox to mother fox? What do the lost souls do in map etc.. Game can becomes monotone after player for a while, keep searching for keys, trying to avoid witch and others. Perhaps its because game is designed for multiplayer. Another thing would be, sometimes my vision would get blocked by my guardian, which is pretty annoying. Nevertheless, you've create a great map.


For terrain, a straight feeling for me would be a half dead forest. Fog blend nicely into the environment, decorations are at right places, no spamming could be spotted. Rest details like game text and icons are done nicely.

Yet terrain remains almost same all overall the place, tile too. Perhaps a few more terrain which different from the others and a few more tile combination could bring more variation toward the terrain.


Triggers are not good. Repeated actions occur everywhere, leaks, inefficient. Some triggers are unjustified to me, like "A Terrible Nightmare", "Wanderers ON" etc... Using loop can greatly reduce the trigger length.


A great, interesting map with horror theme to be played with. Map can be more fun if play with others.




I wasn't sure, if your map fit into the theme or not. For me it more like playing a puzzle game in another dimension. But based on your description, it should be acceptably for me that it relates to "ghastly realm" theme.


Gameplay is simple, understand at a glance. At start it is pretty fun to play, but slowly I'm feeling boring. Mainly due to the slow movement speed of the shepherd. I can see you're adding new element after a few stages to keep up the freshness of the puzzles, it did work, but only for a short term for me. I've experienced that I need to force myself for completing the whole game (sorry if that hurts you). Almost no replayability. But still, you've developed a fun and unique concept for player to play with, just need more polish, add more ideas into the gameplay to keep up player interest.


I can say you did a really well done job for the terrain. Nice decoration, it give a really different inspiration to me. Terrain appear to have some changes after proceeding a few levels, and in last few levels appear to have thunderstorm and tornado effects, which illustrate your effort invested into the terrain very well.
Game interface is another great part of your map, plain black, increases the feel of your map.


Repeated triggers spotted, but couldn't found any leaks. Overall triggers are short and simple, efficiency can still be improved. Like storing (Picked Unit) into a variable.

I've encountered a bug in level 15, which the I couldn't walk to the yellow arrow, but it doesn't affect the gameplay. After game ended, my mouse is missing :(


Overall, a great map with great potential, this map is one of the rare map that have no icons, no spells, totally rely on gameplay. Unfortunately the gameplay need to be improved more for player to be more enjoyable, that the only downside of it.


Jungle Grave


A game take place in jungle, overall the map give fair enough ghastly feeling, but can be improved more by putting more effort into the terrain.


Gameplay still need more improvement. Plain searching, avoiding ghosts, wandering around aren't gonna make game fun. Few items can be picked up, until the end I still don't know what does the "Ripped Map" do. If you can implement more elements into the gameplay, polish more for your current elements, then your map would definitely brings up to another level.


I can see you're tried your best for decorating the terrain, and it ends up with decent look. For more improvement, try to avoid repeated spamming the trees around, try to avoid mirror terrain. These are the 2 main problems facing with your map. A more darker, ghastly terrain can definitely give more feels, as well as brings up your theme marks. Playing a good looking terrain map is also one of the enjoyment for player :) (at least for me)

There are still minor problem for texts, "Panic Dash", I think you mean "Panic" or "Panic Rush"? And the description doesn't fit into the map, which I think you forgot to change it. Icons are fine for me.


Leaks are obvious enough at a first glance, "Region Triggers" are full of leaks, and other triggers too. Repeated actions occur.


A map still need much improvement in every aspect, especially the gameplay. As I said previously, try to implement more ideas into the map.


Final Scores

A Terrible Nightmare : 81/100
Parallux : 73/100
The Souls of Paradise : 55/100
Jungle Grave : 54/100

My vote goes to "A Terrible Nightmare", a really well done map for me.

If any of the words offended you, I apologize. There is only 1 thing I can guarantee, my words definitely have no offense toward anyone, all are purely my opinions.

Good job for all contestant, at least you guys made it into the end :p (which I failed to do so), keep it up!
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Apr 2, 2013
I shouldn't have to say this, but guys, come on. It's been over 3 months since all the entries were finalized and since the poll went up.

If you signed up to judge the contest, thanks for helping out, but please get them done literally as soon as possible. If you can't find the time to review four maps, just four maps, you shouldn't be judging. 3 months delay is unacceptable.

@Rex. @Quilnez Will you guys deliver within 5 days or no?
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