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Melee Mapping Contest #2 - Poll

Cast your vote up to 5 entries:

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My votes and places are:
1. Silverwind Clearing
2. Avoj
3. Aridity

Actually "Avoj" is a close second and the third (Aridity) is a bit more off.

The Silverwind Clearing is totally awesome and I can definitely see it becoming a standard melee map.
Avoj has a few weak spots but its a great map all together and deserves my vote as well.
Aridity is probably not a map that I would play right now but the concept is good enough and I believe that with a bit more work it can turn into something special.

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Level 4
Dec 17, 2010
WOW just looking at them all in the editor gave me so many ideas . . . crazy art talent in many of the maps. I played through 3 or the best looking ones in the editor, well... ones with amazing doodad placement and creative implementation of models, etc.

Although I have to play through my finalist list, Glowing Doom and Aetherium were iNsAnO awesomesauce to play.
Level 28
Nov 12, 2007
At this point it seems like it would be beneficial to write a vB Code addon that locks specific users out of voting for specific poll options. ^^
That would be easier for us, yes haha... don't know about how hard it would be to write that, though.

@RFWH we can't vote for ourselves because of the contest rules. That specific vote won't be considered in results calculation. Instead of being banned you will receive a malus (small subtraction of points) at the end.
Level 3
May 3, 2018
@Anachron - Silverwind Clearing looks like it would be a fine melee map. The only mark against it is that it's kinda generic: it feels like it could have been a map back in RoC back in 2000. It'd be a good map, but there's nothing about it that really stands out, whereas many of these other maps present actual twists on the normal 1v1 formula.
Level 29
May 21, 2013
I would like to say that is nice to read everyone opinion. All opinions are very good if they are explained with an honest intention.

Is nice the talking, debating, sharing opinions, also we have to fill time till the 8 of october XD, so please continue.

About the competitive aspect, well that aspect will be judged by knoledge of the judges.

The knoledge can be gained by tutorials, videos of competitive gameplays, and experience.

Since this is a public poll everybody can vote any map with any criteria.

Is good to see that people likes diferents maps. I have to say that mapping is quite fun, like arming a puzzle of many pieces.

the sumary of the maps that I did, is on page two, I hope everybody likes it,
if somebody couldn´t see it well here I put a link to that post.

Melee Mapping Contest #2 - Poll
Level 10
Mar 4, 2016
Yeah this contest give me so much fun, I joined this contest and tried to make a map it was fun though making the whole map even it haven't met my expectations. And playing all the entries gave me much fun it's been a long time since I last enjoyed playing Melee maps.(I played with only AI though )But the fun that it given to me was unique it's not the typical fun we experience everyday it is something that can make me smile beyond those realistic consequences. Arigatō, kōun


Map Reviewer
Level 24
Nov 2, 2013
So it hasnt been easy, in a positive sense, to come up with the maps to vote for. In the end, I went with (in no particular order)
Logging Camp
Silverwind Clearing
Bloodmyst Quarry
Deserts Edge
Ruins of Azshara.
These are just maps where I think that have put balance first, and got it right. I could say the same about Torn World and Avoj, but in the end I only had 5 votes so some maps had to be left out.
Level 7
Dec 19, 2014
Nah, Avoj is pretty unique. After all who would name their map after the plural of "grandfather"... in latin :D
I am pretty sure that your map is the winner (i also voted for you). I'm impressed about everything in your map and i was firstly wondering how you made these diagonal cliffs and then i found out that you've imported special models that cause it. Also the method to make the abyss tile to Dalaran sky was very interesting. If you put some beautiful statues into the middle part and continue the building there a bit more it will be icecream on the cake. Here you can find some good statues:
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Level 14
Sep 4, 2018
Gotta love when editor corrupts textures after opening ::certain:: map, seems like everyone who downloaded the zip will see it wrong on like 8 maps that use 'Fall Tree Wall' trees and dark grass texture and not even know something is wrong. :sad face: :should do something about it: :i dunno how nobody sees this as a problem: :D
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Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Gotta love when editor corrupts textures after opening ::certain:: map, seems like everyone who downloaded the zip will see it wrong on like 8 maps that use 'Fall Tree Wall' trees and dark grass texture and not even know something is wrong. :sad face: :should do something about it: :i dunno how nobody sees this as a problem: :D
It happens with some maps if you run them after another. It works fine if you exit the game/editor and start it again for each map.
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Level 26
Oct 2, 2011
Aridity is probably my favorite in the runner-up lineup, despite the fact that the map could probably use some polish.* [...]

* - Aridity: The three 'roads' out in abandoned territory could try to look a bit more roadlike. Get some abandoned caravans, footprints, burning wreckage, etc, out there! The middle red dragon camp is a bit weird - not even a health fountain or a marketplace or some other relevant map resource for the dragons to be guarding? Also, given the desert theme, why no oasis in the middle? If this is a confluence of roads in the middle of the desert, why no oasis, no buildings, etc.

Appreciated! :)
Those are not roads though, it is dried out rivers. :D
I had a dragon roost for the dragons to guard at first, but I find them so awkward in melee gameplay, so I decided to scrap that and give them a strong item reward instead.
Level 21
Nov 6, 2013
Oh yes. Judges are finalizing their review and @Naze will soon have everything ready for a final countdown. The results thread should be up by the next weekend, if everything goes as planned. It was really a great contest and I want to thank everyone who participated in any way. Hope there will be a lot of you ready when a 3rd melee mapping contest will be announced.
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