Map submission by other.

Should we barred user from upload a resources that are not belong to the,?

  • Yes (Could avoid multiple resources)

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • No (So I could spam/flood the map section)

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • I don't know (I am too retarded to think about it)

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Leave it to the staff (None of my concern)

    Votes: 3 18.8%

  • Total voters
Level 31
May 3, 2008
The case of user submit other user resources are getting out of hand.

It not only hard to prove if the user have the main author permission or not, any user could easily fake it. And if there is more than 1 user submit the same resources, a high chances of same resources publish by 2 different user in approve status (If the staff that does the approval work are 2 different staff).

So let's discuss this matter.

Remember to vote so the admin and map mod could have seen the voice of the people itself.
Level 18
Sep 27, 2005
My opinion is simple, and I usually do this:

- See if it's a known map from an well known author that is retired -> That I approve
- A random map taken from battle net and uploaded -> This I don't approve, especially if the author is active

IMO, that's all, the rules state this:

* You created, or
* You have the creator's permission to upload here. A map publicly hosted on is considered permission to upload. However:
o The author can request it to be removed at any time, and
o You must give credit to the original author, and comply with any conditions of previous developers.
+ If you edit an open source map, any edited versions must remain open source, unless you have permission otherwise from the author.
Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that your voting options are so bias. You are basically giving the vote options:
"Yes, I agree with everything you say, Lord Septimus, and I want to save the Hive from imminent doom"

"No, because I am a stupid idiot who wants to burn down the Hive"

"I don't care because I am retarded for not thinking about it" - I think you should remove the "not" part of this statement. It just makes more sense.

Now, map should be allowed to be submitted even if they weren't made by the submitter. For example, if a certain user is really inactive/has abandoned the Hive others can submit his work with proper accreditation. If a user gives someone the rights to his map/lets him modify it and the modification is significant it's just as good as another map so this should be allowed as well.

If the rights have been "stolen" the author can complain and if he doesn't care/has abandoned the warcraft universe does it even matter? All that really matters is that the map is good.
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
First of all: The word "the,".

Second of all: Yes, it'll prevent multiple resources, thefts and other things. Just let the original creators upload it and not some 'friend' or someone who 'had his/her permission'.
Level 17
Jun 17, 2007
A map being approved just because it's publicly hosted on is a terrible idea. It's like extracting skins and uploading them, with the justification of "It was from a map hosted publicly on". I also don't think maps should be allowed approval if they're just hacked/edited versions of other maps, unless you have an absolutely valid screenshot of the author giving you permission. I know I was fairly angry when my map was edited and uploaded here, and I'm fairly relaxed most of the time. Just search "Azeroth Wars" or "DBZ Tribute", and you'll understand what I'm referring to. I'm sure there are many others, as well.

Slightly off topic, but still revelant to the map section: BH has been doing a great job of moderating the map section, but he'll still easilly be overwhelmed with little (or without) support from other map moderators. Actually, that tryout/temporary idea that was suggested in a different thread is seeming quite acceptable now. Basically, map moderators would be given a week or so to prove their exceptional ability of moderating maps. If they proved themselves they would stay, if not they'd be removed.
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May 3, 2008