Increase Max Life with Triggers or JASS

Level 7
Jul 12, 2008
M8, u can easily change max life by setting an upgrade lvl to upgrade + 1. Make the upgrade from those who give +Max life and it will work perfectly. Or do something in JASS. Sry i don't know JASS, i can't show u anything
Level 16
May 1, 2008
Increase the max life for a Unit/hero?

Hmm this is simply possible with the WEU

  • Actions:
    • Advanced - For (Your Unit) Increase life maximum by (What you want)
Problem with this: If you work with WEU for this trigger, the normal WE cant read this trigger and it belongs to flase, because its a WEU Trigger.

Dr. Boom
Level 16
Mar 3, 2006
Ok here is what I need.

I have a hero with 10 max hp and when he levels up I want to get his max hp and add this amount to his current max hp so his max hp will be 20 and on lvl 3 he would be 30.

if he get bonus hp, so lets say at 1 max hp bonus then his life will be 33 max hp.

You add the bonus to the base hp at level 1 which will be 11 and when he reaches level N his max hp will be N*11.

So in general:

(BaseHP + BonusHP)* LEVEL