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Jul 16, 2017
Jan 27, 2014

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vypur85 was last seen:
Jul 16, 2017
    1. Solu9
      Aye. Been busy as well.
      I started school last August. Some 3D College here in Denmark, so the time to map or follow this forum hasn't really been there.
      I'm usually online all day though just in case someone need me for anything :)

      Do you have any plans on taking up mapping again?
    2. Solu9
      Hey vypur! :)
      Long time yeah indeed. I am not really active here anymore as well. Just hanging around really and posting from time to time in my Concept Art thread.

      What have you been up to?
    3. Solu9
      Hah no worries man.
      I held my "official" birthday yesterday. And right now I need to kill some time before my better half gets home :)
    4. Solu9
      Sounds fine to me.
      I still feel you have the basic idea and the last say when it comes to changes. But co-owner kinda has a ring to it ;)

      I'll see what I can do. So just throw an update my way when you feel like it.

      Open source is quite alright.
    5. Solu9
      You mean your Alien Shooter map?

      If so, yeah sure.
      Heh well triggering is not really my strong suit as you surely know so I'm perfectly fine by not working on that.
      The other stuff you mention I can help with, just give me a call.
      I will note that the types of tiles you use are tough to work with, although I understand why you use them.
    6. Solu9
      Actually I have so many products that I lost count. I always get a new idea I want to test so nothing ever really gets completed.
      I think the hashtable questions covers 4 maps so far which all are just on test level.
      -a minigame map
      -a racing map
      -a 3rd person strategic multi unit map
      -a way over ambitious 25+ maps 3rd person sandbox rpg shooter.

      So.. yeah no actual product to show off :)
    7. Solu9
      Hey vypur.

      In the rep comment you asked "where is your map". What map? :P
    8. 759tricker
      thank you bro, for helping me, everytime.
    9. Kazeon
      okay, sorry for misunderstanding, but I think it's normal because almost all dictionaries translates it as a bad thing..
    10. Kazeon
      I have googled very carefuly about that word and resulted it's a bad meaning.. don't know what you are thinking with that cursed word..
    11. Kazeon
      so you call me "anal dude" ? watch your mouth before I report you
    12. Nestharus
      my aura struct is pure code. auras are completely disabled.

      you have the aura there for the ability (peroson learns it), but it has a range of 0 and can't target anything

      in fact, AuraStruct can't run with standard auras as they break a wc3 native :(, so you have to disable all auras if you use AuraStruct
    13. Heinvers
    14. Heinvers
    15. Heinvers
      Welcome to THW. Enjoy your stay.
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