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Human Expedition Campaign (questions regarding lore and characters)

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Sep 23, 2004
Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I am working on fan-fiction campaign that focuses on Human Expedition in Kalimdor and I have few questions regarding the lore. My campaign would follow Jaina and others from landing in Kalimdor to Battle of Mount Hyjal. I haven’t played WoW, though. And I haven’t read all the lore books either. Hence, it is a bit challenging to come up with named characters that would stay true to the lore.

For Human Expedition, there is currently only one named hero, Duke Lionheart, who is plausibly accompanying Jaina. And he dies in the first mission Night Elf campaign, so he cannot to be present during Battle of Mount Hyjal. Human Expedition heroes in third and sixth Orc missions, Cry of the Warsong and Where Wyverns Dare respectively, are generic randomly named Archmages, Paladins and Mountain Kings. I’d like suggestions regarding other named humans who could have plausibly been part of the Human Expedition. I was thinking Halford Wyrmbane, as he “presumed” wow.gamepedia to be secondary leader of the Human Expedition. Any thoughts?

I also need named heroes for Warsong Clan for the battle shown in the last Orc mission, By Demons Be Driven, and possibly also for Warsong Clan’s earlier violent encounters with the Human Expedition. Right now I have settled for Gargok, Kelm Hargunth and Kergul Bloodaxe, but again, any critique or alternative suggestions are welcome.

Finally, I need heroes, preferably Nathrezim, for Burning Legion and their controlled Undead Scourge. Those dreadlords would lead parts of the Undead Scourge that Human Expedition encounters and defeats somewhere between death of Grom & Mannoroth and The Last Guardian Interlude. In other words, mission would take place parallel to early-mid Night Elf campaign in Ashenvale forest. For now, I have settled on dreadlords Gorgannon and Diathorus the Seeker (and I have disregarded Anetheron because he is too high ranking commander in the Burning Legion to be defeated before the Battle of Mount Hyjal). But again, any critique or alternative suggestions are welcome.

All feedback and any further information or links to reading are welcome
Many thanks


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Jun 4, 2009
I think you should just be creative give names and character (development) to those heroes with random names from the RoC campaign. Reading the wikis helps but having to read books and or getting information directly from WoW is not only overwhelming but a waste of time. If you have a message you want to send with this fan work, just do it the smart way, stay true to RoC first and foremost.
You don't need a lot of characters, just some for every faction but having specific roles. If you put in too many, there will be less screen time for them and won't become memorable, just a guy/gal there like any other soldier.
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Hey @Dreacon, your campaign sounds like it is going to be awesome. :)

For your first question, Halford Wyrmbane is a pretty good option. He was definitely there at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and he helps Jaina in some of the quests for BfA when she needs to rally Kul Tiras to her side. There are a couple of other great options too. Archmage Tervosh is the other archmage that was with Jaina on Theramore Isle from Vanilla til Mists of Pandaria. There is also Commander Samaul, Captain Garran Vimes, Captain Wymor, and Lieutenant Aden who were all pretty significant NPCs/quest-givers on Theramore Isle/Dustwallow Marsh. Definitely take a look at The Missing Diplomat quest chain (one of my favorite quest chains back in the day). And as an extra, don't forget Pained. She isn't with Jaina until the Battle of Mount Hyjal, but she's a cool character nonetheless. She was really mysterious from Vanilla until Mists of Pandaria, because there was no lore for her. She was just some random night elf in Theramore with a badass sword. People thought she was Aegwynn. But in the novels they end up explaining some of her backstory. Sadly a lot of these people die during the fall of theramore :( But I'd imagine most of them were with Jaina since the battle of hyjal, especially those added in vanilla WoW.

There was also the Tides of War novel, War Crimes novel, and the Attack on Theramore/Fall of Theramore scenario that happens just before Mists of Pandaria was released. Here is a list of some NPCs that might be nice for reference:
Attack on Theramore NPCs
Tides of War Characters
War Crimes Characters

If you need some more Warsong NPCs, you might want to take a look at the Warsong Offensive faction in WoW. That faction was created for the horde that followed Garrosh to Northrend (so they might not technically be Warsong Clan members), but it isn't clearly stated whether they are or aren't, so you can take creative liberty. Also take a look at the Kor'kron.

For burning legion, you can also take a look at the pit lords in WoW (Annihilan) and Liches for the scourge.

Good luck! Hope this helps!
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