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Lore question about mount hyal and trolls in war of the ancients.

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Level 8
Mar 2, 2014
First question:
What was so important on mount hyal that they stated in book that if kaldorei resistance retreat behind it all will be lost?
I have just world tree in my map because I tough there was always some big tree but lore police is already hunting me for that:grin:

Second question:
What type of trolls existed in war of ancients? Like..forest, dark, jungle and frost trolls.

I did my research but they just skip war of the ancients.
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The Dark Trolls would 100% exist since the Night Elves evolved from them, this is before the Sundering so I'm assuming the other types of trolls would exist in the eastern part of the continent in the climates that would later form the Eastern Kingdoms.

As for the first question, I think the World Tree was planted after the Sundering on top of the remains of the Well of Eternity.
Level 35
Sep 17, 2010
Before the sundering the zandalari were the main force on kalimdor, but under the foot of azshara, the other tribes (gurubashi, drakkari and amani) scattered to distant lands after the war with the aquir was over, dark trolls were hidden before their split that ended with their evolution to kaldorei; Mount hyjal was an strategic point, but there was no World tree yet
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