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Campaign Project Recruitment (Decorator/Lore Freaks..etc)

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I'm recruiting people for my campaign project, which I'm planning/already put so much effort into it's making..

The Recruitment:

1-Modeler (✓)
2-Terrainer (✓)
3-Skin-maker (✓)
4-Voice Actor (✓)
5-Decorator (Vacant)
6-Lore-maker (Vacant)

7-Trigger-maker (✓)
8-Icon-maker (✓)
9-Secondary Voice Actor (Vacant)
10-Scriptwriter (Vacant)

What is exactly needed right now:
- A Decorator (Someone who will receive terrains and decorates it with appropriate doodads)
- Lore-maker (Someone who's familiar with Warcraft Lore who will help me with the storyline of the campaign)


- Will receive +Rep and your name forever be placed in the credits mission of the campaign (Like TFT's credits after you beat the game's campaign)

Contact me via visitor messages/replies on this thread/PM me if you wish to join.

Best Regards

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